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More often than not, the word "spiritual" somehow refers to the supernatural. But is this a one-on-one comparance?
A meditation.

Gal 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
Gal 5:20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

Just this year, Jah told me to be more open in a certain part of what I do for Jah, which has to do with spiritual warfare. Demonic things, supernatural things.

And we often think, how the supernatural and the spiritual are interchangeable concepts.

But, looking at this scripture from the Book of Galatians, witchcraft -a thing we often see as supernatural and rightly so- is called a "work of the flesh".

There's much more scriptures that say the same thing. Somewhere in Collosensians Paulus says that all these things are just for the satisfaction of the flesh!

We can hardly call the flesh "spiritual", so what's going on here?

I will not pretend I know what's going on, but I do think I tasted a little bit from what is going on.

When you are spiritually dead, not yet born again, you can be involved in all kinds of supernatural things. Witchcraft, whatever.

But it is just to satisfy the flesh.

Using supernatural stuff in order to get yourself some revenge over some stupid carnal fuss-or fight, for example. Brag about being able to see UFO's all the time, is another thing. Just to be sensational, for it sure..... FEELS good.

But these feelings are all carnal.

Even the eastern mystics who completely deny themselves carnal lusts (and some of them actually manage to come very far there) are -by trying to save themselves- serving yet other carnal lusts.

The feeling to be enlightened, for example...

So, I'm not saying I know it all or so. I don't. But I do know there's a difference between supernatural and spiritual and even though there are overlaps and thing, I think that for those who are born of spirit -you know who you are- this is a relevant piece of information.



WWW, July 25 2007 - Every (wo)man is born Body Soul Spirit. A body with sin, a soul that is fragile and will get hurt, and a dead spirit.

When we are born again, we are born is spirit. This means, born of the Holy Spirit! That is something which we can not really understand, but it means in practice that we have been given a new spirit.

This spirit is self-conscious, but we are not always aware of that, for our perception is usually only in the soul and the body. Our spirits will communicate with the Holy Spirit of the Living Jah, also called the Spirit of Yesus Kristos Who Is Jah In The Flesh anyway.

Our spirits are, the word says it, in the spiritual dimensions. These are connected with, yet totally different from our 4 Dimensional world, also called the "physical" or the "natural".

We are also set within this spiritual world, and most of the time we will not realize this on the conscious level as our bodies are not made for such things on a long term scale.

Our spirits know what to do, when to pray what to pray, when to fight, which weapons to use, where to be. Our spirits are born of Jah and what is born of Jah cannot sin.

For there is a war.

Jah people, spirit people, do not fight flesh and blood. But I and I will fight down strongholds, false doctrines as well as spiritual "fortresses" of evil, will set the captives free who are being held captive by these forces of darkness.

But how?

As said, we already know.

We don't have to learn, we have to learn what we know. We don't "have to be", for we ARE.

Jah Warriors, are spiritual warriors. Some of them do not know who they are yet, but this doesn't mean they are not soldiers fighting for their spirit is fighting.

Gradually, the Lord is showing us more and more about our spirits. Gradually, at HIS initiative (not our's, never look for a fight if you are not led to do so), we will be led towards levels of consciousness within our souls, too...

As our souls get more and more connected with our spirits and less and less with the sin in our flesh (not: our flesh), we will gradually learn to fight on a soul-conscious level too...

Still, we don't fight flesh and blood.

But the enemy definitely fights against our flesh and blood!

He will come with temptations. And temptations can be many things! He might tempt us with proposals to cool it down with that Burning Fire Within. He might tempt us with our trauma's, try and trigger them to make us commit sin or become a mindless slave.

And the reason the enemy will attack us in our soul, is because he cannot find us in the spirit. Our spirits, born of Jah, are with Jah in Eternity. And this means, that our spirits have always been with Jah even though we might think we are only born again for such-and-such time. That is how solid our spiritual position is.

The more we fight against temptations to make us obey the sins in our flesh, the more we will fight the good fight, the spiritual fight of Go(o)d over (d)evil, the more we will be revealed things on our soul-level, the level in which I write this piece of meditation.

It's nothing personal, though...

The enemy might use weapons against us that seem to be aimed at us personally, and as a matter of fact they really are, but they are directed at us because we are being positioned strategically by the Most High Himself.

The battle we fight on a personal level, namely, is not just related to the sins in our flesh and overcoming it. That is just what we have to do, the reason why we have to do that is much more interesting to check out as it will greatly motivate us to not deal with the sins in our flesh.

Jah Jah uses us in a very big war, that has many different battles. And we are led from battle to battle.

This is why, sometimes, "out of nothing" we can receive a temptation. A temptation to listen to a lie, for example. A feeling of depression. People start yelling at us for no reason.

The enemy will always tell us that the temptations, the battle we are in, are related to us not being good enough and all that BS from the pit of hell.

But it has nothing to do with that.

One reason why the enemy tempts us, is because we are in his ways. The Lord JAH has put us in a place, often without us knowing it ourselves, where there is a battle for a specific reason.

Another reason why the enemy tempts us, is because the enemy is evil and darkness is his covering. Darkness being the absence of light. Evil being the absence of good.

You could say, even that darkness and evil are an illusion, they really are nothing at all, they are the absence of something. You don't "turn on the darkness", you don't "build a ruine".

Because these things are so, that is why the evil one has to deal with the light still. This is why the evil one has to deal with good, too. Because the enemy is also a parasite.

The enemy cannot come up with his own energy, for example. He needs I and I to suck dry. That's why he wants to tempt people sexually, for example. For the sexual energy is life energy, and that is what the enemy must have too.

Or that is why he imitates our Culture and our Art.

The enemy must feed on us, for Jah doesn't feed him.

But Jah does feed us!

And that is why we must be carefull. We must be carefull for the enemy wants to steal the blessing that Jah gives us. Jah will surely not bless the enemy, and that is why he has to try and steal it from us.

I can give many examples how these things go...

But they are all related to the fact that we are newborn creations in Jah, nothing else.

So let us fight the spiritual fight, against the temptations, let us carry the fruits of JAH Spirit, Yesus Kristos in us.

JAH is good.

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