Saturday, April 12, 2014

Radio Dubroom 2014 Chapter 2: The Prophets Ride Again


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WWW, April 2014 - Serious DJ chanting by Tappa Zukie, Prince Fari, U Brown, Dillinger and Trinity. Essential singers , too: Michael Prophet, Linvall Thompson, Prince Alla, Junior Ross, Cornell Campbell, Horace Andy as well as Yabby You and the Prophets (who gave the title to this chapter). That is, next to the necessary heavyweight DUB mixing by none other than King Tubby, Prince Jammy, Ernest Hoo Kim and others. This is the second chapter of Radio Dubroom 2014!

The set starts off with an introduction DUB carrying the vocals of Michael Prophet. Linvall Thompson continues to set the tone with an excellent Discomix, just before a vocal, DJ and DUB by Yabby You, the Prophets, Trinity and King Tubby's. Thunder and lightning!

The second part is reserved for the DJ's. Roots and culture, chant it out and chant it loud loud: this is what Tappa Zukie, U Brown and other are doing and they are doing it on some heavyweight DUB fe true.

Heavyweight DUB is the topic of the third part: steppers and one drop rhythms with thunderous bass lines and skillful manual DUB mixing. This is not old skool style, this is old skool!

The last and fourth part of the set is a combination of singers doing their work and the DUB engineers doing the same: That's right: time for chapter and version, Discomixes, A and B sides combined. Horace Andy, Prine alla, Junior Ross and Cornell Campbell are there. 

Are you?


01. Michael Prophet - Rock With Me Dub
02. Linvall Thompson - Jah Is My Guiding Star (Discomix)
03. Yabby You and the Prophets with Trinity - Chant Down Babylon
04. King Tubby's - Chanting Dub
05. Prince Far I - Let Jah Arise
06. U Brown - Stop Them Jah
07. Dillinger - Freshly
08. Tappa Zukie - Natty Dread On The Mountain
09. King Tubby's - Tubby's Revenge
10. JA Man All Stars- Dub Zone
11. JA Man All Stars - Hot Steppers Dub
12. Prince Jammy - Umoja
13. Prince Alla - Daniel In The Lion's Den (Discomix)
14. Jr Ross - Babylon Fall (Discomix)
15. Prince Jammy - Something Special
16. Ernest Hoo Kim - Dread At The Controls
17. Cornell Campbell - Natty Dread Inna Greenwich Town (Discomix)
18. Horace Andy - Do You Love My Music
19. Horace Andy- Rome
20. Horace Andy - Dub Down Rome
21. Horace Andy - Music Dub


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