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WWW, May 2009 - In what can only be described as a totally rejactabtle move, New Age Guru and self proclaimed "Truth Seeker" Michael Tsarion continued his crusade against video maker and researcher Chris White. And by doing so, he debunked himself!

A few days ago, I reported how Michael Tsarion responded to a debunkumentary: a free online video, produced by Chris White, which raised some serious questions with the teachings and methods in the countless of hours of video you can buy for a couple of hundred dollars. Video Maker and Christian researcher Chris White had his YouTube account deleted, which resulted in the dissapearance of all of his video's.

Tsarion made claims about "copyright infringment" to YouTube, but Chris White made use of the "Fair Use" policy which specifically allows the use of quotes for criticism (see previous commentary). A very obvious thing, especially in courts...

What is obvious as well, is how Michael Tsarion is not interested in the infringement of his copyrights either. Just a video search on google for "Michael Tsarion" reveals how you can see a lot of his material online. It's just, that Chris White uses some of that material to put question marks next to the many claims of Michael Tsarion. Claims, especially when seen in the context, are so outrageous that they just scream for some debunking.

Tsarion's violent and aggresive respond to an intelectual challenge of his teachings, however, partly made Chris White's debunkumentary unneccesary. The response, which started a few years ago with the statement "The only debate I'll have with that specimen (Chris White) is with my fist" and recently turned to Tsarion's public exposure of his contempt for freedom of speech, has now turned to Michael Tsarion... debunking himself!

He opened a weblog, which in the meantime has been removed, which he called "Chris White Exposed". The blog just had one posting, which ended with the words: "Christ White wants to play the 'exposure' game. Okay, fine. That works two ways:"


"Exposing Chris White", apparantly, ment that you have to expose just about every information about him, and put it online for everyone to see. Rather dangerous, threatening, especially because Michael Tsarion's foot soldiers are rather "motivated" in defending their teacher. What is the use of posting information about Chris White's "Children", his "Cat" and his "Friends", other than calling for violence?

The comments on the weblog, which included Michael Tsarion saying, "when I'm done with him, he'd wish he'd never opened his filhty mouth", all came down to the fact that Chris White is a Christian and has, from that perspective, serious questions with Tsarion's teachings. But the careful observer sees, how none of that is the real issue. Tsarion's openly deception reveals how he is not a Truth Lover at all and that he uses seriously deceptive methods to ensare Truth Seekers into an intelectual prison.

Time to take a closer look at Tsarion, therefore.

A look at his profile at blogspot, for example. Next to "Metal" as his favorite music, we see how his "interest" is "Truth". On his forum, on May 3, 2007, he says that he "never discussed" his "private life". His profile on his forum also labels his interests as "Truth", next to "Freedom" and "Justice".

So, how much love for truth is there, when an intelectual exchange of ideas is denied and the only response we see is "ad hominem" or "at-the-person"? What kind of interest for truth is there, for Michael Tsarion to call on people to put Chris White's personal information online, including that of his children, friends, even pets, and calling that the "exposure game"? Indeed, Michael Tsarion's interest in "truth" (on whatever level you may take the word/Word truth/Truth), is in something he calls a "game".

Whatever you may think about Chris White's debunkumentary, it is clear that the video wasn't a "game", wasn't an ad-hominem attack on Michael Tsarion but rather some intelectual question marks put to the quoted material. Michael Tsarion had many chances to debate Chris White, but, as we know, Tsarion only "debates" with his "fist", and so we don't have to look for a love for "truth, freedom, justice" over there either.

Indeed, Michael Tsarion does not have a love for the truth,because in this case, action definitely speak louder than words. Michael Tsarion is not interested in being debunked, because his teachings are so far away from truth, that he will never be able to stand in a movement which calls itself the "Truth Movement".

And so, Michael Tsarion debunks himself. He agitates, does not have an intelectual response to an intelectual critique but rather attacks the person who has the critique and even goes so far as to physically threaten Chris White, and his wife, and his children, and his friends...

Fortunately, though, YouTube in the meantime has seen how Tsarion is using false claims of copyright, and has restored one of Chris White's accounts. He put out a video, wherein he explains in more detail just what happenned during the last days. Take a look:

I remember when I started to expose Christafari, like 5 or so years ago, I possessed a lot of hope for an intelectual debate. Instead of that, I found myself in the midst of a smear campaign, at the receiving end of curses and insults, just because Christafari had no love for the truth but were rather interested in parts of the truth to use them for their own carnal goal.

I see the exact same principals and mechanisms at work in this case where Chris White wants an intelectual exchange of ideas and has never called on people to attack his (using Michael Tsarion's own words) "private life". Tsarion, however, only responded with (again, his own word) "fist". Michael Tsarion does not love the truth, and only uses the good intention of many who call themselves "Truth Seekers" or members of the "Truth Movement" in order to gain money and power for himself and his group.

Michael Tsarion does not stand alone, however. There are many vultures preying at the Truth Lovers, the Freedom Fighters, the ones who cry out for Justice. Where Michael Tsarion brings HP Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine" as Bible Truth, he is only following orders. All of this was planned and the New Agers call it the "Externalization Of The Hierarchy", in other words, the publication of the Mystery Religion that had been out of the public's eye for centuries and even ages.

What Michael Tsarion teaches in his boring video courses, is exactly the same as what the Luciferians, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, however you want to call the group that is described in the second Psalm as conspiring against the Lord God JAH and His Annointed, has been teaching since the days of Nimrod.

It is the "restoration of Atlantis", or to put it biblically: "the Days of Noah". The days, wherein the Nephilim were ruling and brutalizing creation until the level that the Creator Himself came down and downstroyed this act of piracy. The Days, which Satan and his minions are so desperatly trying to re-create ever since Noah's Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat.

Michael Tsarion and all the other workers of iniquity, who follow the teachings of HP Blavatsky, are desperately trying to get mankind into believing how the Days of Noah have to be restored, how mankind has once again to "move forward in the evolution" and become Nephilim, hybrid offspring of human DNA with that of the evil Watchers, of whom we can read in the Bible and in the Book of Enoch.

All of Tsarion's rather science-fiction like talking about aliens who came down to this earth and genetically manipulated primitive ape-men into the homo sapiens that we know ourselves to be now, has the very same lie as that of Adolph Hitler and his "Aryans" in his foundation. Mankind, we-the-people needs to believe that somehow we are the offspring of ancient women and "aliens" or the Sons of God from Genesis 6. Only then can these Sons-of-God or watchers take over our bodies and destroy mankind-as-we-know-it, only then can the days of Noah be restored like Yesus Kristos prophesied.

We have people like Zecheriah Sitchin, Erich von Daniken, Graham Hancock, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Richard Hoagland, and many more, all promoting this "Ancient Astronaut" theory. They all point out to the very same verse in the Bible, about the very same things we read about in the Book of Enoch, and find in archeological sites as well:

click for larger picture
Cone Heads in Peru and Sumerian Statue

This is why Michael Tsarion debunks himself. He just cannot be a truth seeker, a lover of freedom and a fighter for justice, because the teachings he follows are so far from the truth that anyone who even starts to research out what Tsarion is saying, and how he says it, will quickly come to the conclusion that all Michael Tsarion is doing, is indeed, debunking himself.

He cannot be taken seriously. None of his research is original. When he gives you quotes, these are often out of context, but usually he just likes to make statements which cannot be traced back as they're totally unreferenced.

Well, that is to say, they can be traced back: to HP Blavatsky and her "Secret Doctrine" where Lucifer and Satan are heralded as The Ultimate Benefactor of The Human Race and how that evil God Jahovah is the root of all evil and all of that crap.

Ultimately, Tsarion's statements come straight out of the text books of Babylon's very own Mystery Schools.

Therefore, his teachings are that of the very same ones that are responsible for Babylon System being in existance in the first place. His teachings about the "New Age Of Aquarius", full of peace and love, that will replace the "Old Age Of Piscus", full of religious hateret, are exactly the same teachiongs as that of the ones who have brought us the New World Order.

Michael Tsarion debunks Michael Tsarion, but you only see it when your foundation is Truth.


  1. I like how you gave out your info even your OUI and marijuana arrests. Take's the steam out of them when you show you are not afraid. Well done.

  2. Great title. Many of us could not believe Michael had the audacity to ask about White's CHILDREN. Tsarion has been silent on his blog since posting the Chris White Exposed blog. The blog has been removed too, I guess he got nervous.

  3. Thank you, yes, indeed, Tsarion's blog wherein he blatantly asked for information about Chris White's children etc, while saying about Chris White "when I'm done with him he wished he would never open his filthy mouth" is removed. I couldn't tell who removed it, though...

    It is hypocritical at least because Tsarion himself tells people to stay out of his private life, but he himself wants to put all of Chris White's private life, plus that of everyone he knows, including children indeed, on the Internet for all to see. When you combine that with all the threats spoken by Tsarion and his foot soldiers, it is really serious.

    Yes, Chris White put his info in the video, and that is showing coureage. If only for the "who cares" factor that it will give the real Truth Lover. However, I have the impression that you "anonymous" assume that I am Chris White, which i am not

    One Love,

  4. Chris White wrote nothing but complains. Where are VALID evidences on the side of Chris's Christian theories? None!!! Or maybe for Chris White - none is a lot?

    How Christian researcher Chris White can possibly be impartial and correct if he stands on the side of those, whom God itself told that the Earth is flat, the Sun is just a lamp and the stars are Christmas decoration, etc.?

    Maybe Chris White believe that this happened because biblical God has Alzheimer disease and due to dis misfortune, now this God is nothing but a moron, who forgot that IT also created Mars, Venus, etc.?

    Where was Chris' true God when people were burned just because they told the truth - that the Earth is rounded, etc.? Why, according to the bible, this "merciful" God killed 33 millions and Satan - ZERO?

    No way Chris White can defend anything of his beliefs in a fair open battle for the truth.

    P.S. Of course, we can question actions of Michael Tsarion, but it doesn't make Chris' Christian theories right.

  5. I would really like to see any proof that Chrst White is part of a group of who you claim "God" told that the earth is flat.

    More likely, you refer to the catholic so-called authorities that killed everyone who was not dealing in accordance with their philosophies. Philosophies which, as Tsarion's works show, are very much related to the fraudulent sun-worship theories which Mister Tsarion so gladly promotes as "truth".

    I would like to know where you get the idea from that these Catholic "authorities" were told by "God" that the earth was flat, I also would like to know how Chris White is related to these Sun worshippers in disguise.

    Your definition of "God", which apparantly does not go any further than describing "it", even preaching that God is an "IT" (sic), further strengthens me in the idea that you are following Michael Tsarions false premise that what is called "Christianity" is based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

    The RCC is in doctrine a "christian" version of Sun Worship, but that could not have been established by that church without doing some serious damage to first the Message of Yesus Kristos and second the historical data which clearly proof Yesus' existance.

    One example of this is the alleged birthday of our Lord God and Saviour Who created much more than the planets in our solar system, as He describes in the Old Testament. It must be December 25 in the theories of Michael Tsarion as well as the RCC, and that cannot be put on Yesus Kristos without doing damage to the historical truth which places His birth day somewhere else.

    Your statement that the Bible claims how "God" killed "33 millions" also raises a number of questions. I would like to know where you have that number from, I also would like to know if you have ever taken the time to research just who were killed and why, for example in the Great Flood, at Sodom, or in the land called Canaan?

    I will not speak for Chris White. I will speak my own observation or witness, if you will. Your statements concerning "God", "Christianity", the "Bible" and "Chris White", however, will not really stand as much as you claim in your comments.

    I love I could take your PS as a summary of what you want to say, for I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that we must test and research the researchers. This goes for Chris White, but also for Michael Tsarion. Tsarion, however, does not want to be researched. He turns to some pretty evil ways, the ways of the New World Order which he claims to fight and that is the most important issue in my observation.

  6. Hi,
    I think he (tsarion) does speak some truths, however what a tool he seems to be not being able to take it... and I agree with you Chris that his methods mrror that of what he is supposedly trying to expose.... looks like he's become what he set out against.... good luck in the future.

  7. When Chris White's critique is so unjust, I would like to know why Michael Tsarion turned to these police state methods as he uses laws created by the same New World Order he says he chants down?

    I think, Chris White's freedom of speech is at stake here more than anything else. That is, as far as I'm concerned being the writer of the original article, the real issue here.

  8. out_of_ranges@yahoo.comOctober 10, 2009 at 5:14 AM


    I referred to this page by a link at pirate bay.

    first of all lets say I'm quite new to Mr Tsarion theories,as I'm new to this website.

    So I don't have a complete perception about Mr Tsarion Theories or this website policy.

    What I think is Mr Tsarion only has stated some hypothesis about the origins (I used plural because I think he speaks about many things, not only humankind's) and I don't think he himself believes that those are absolute facts and one hundred percent true. not even Albert Anishtain claimed that his theories are the absolute truth,instead he said that "many , many tests with confirming results are needed to proof my theories but only one test with disproof result is enough to deny it" (those are not his exact words. I'm sorry for not being able to remember)even me my self was able to cast some doubts on Mr Tsarion theories or find some points in them that are not completely clarified after watching first part of 'Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation' video for second time. Nonetheless I think those are remarkable hypothesis.

    Personally I think it is not his story about the origin of man or alien manipulation on human DNA , which is real important but it is his questions , doubts and discovered uncaused similarities , which is valuable.

    and what Mr White did I assume (I was not able to watch his video because I'm living in a country which even You-tube is not accessible due to Internet filtering and also torrents downloading is so slow that maybe you cannot imagine , and I really appreciate if any one can put context of Mr White video on the web in PDF or pure text format) was criticizing some of Mr Tsarion theories and/or casting doubt about some of his references and thereby some of his inferences , which I think was an usual and normal act in the world of theories. I don't know what Mr white said about Mr Tsarion theories .if they were reasonable and justified they may be very valuable and if they where not , they may be critical them selves.

    And eventually Messian Dread (if that is the name of the writer of this article) informed us that Mr Tsarion had a very offensive and threatening reaction against Mr White ,which if is true is a real shame .And I must say , it would be a good idea if Mr Tsarion apologize Mr White officially(if he himself really did this whit out any reasonable cause)even just in order not to disappoint his own fans.

    Based on my own perception About Mr Tsarion point of view , he always tries to find out origins of something when he wants to deal with it. maybe if he really did this it is because he wanted to identify Mr White's origins!(sorry to every one if this was little ironic. I really don't want to mock anyone or hurt anyone's filling,so again I do apologize everyone)

    But what I really don't understand is the goal of this article. to cut the long story short i don't understand Messian Dread was trying to show the vulgar response of Mr Tsarion to Mr White and illustrating abominable reaction of Mr Tsarion to a person who tried to criticize him , or Messian Dread was defending Mr White critique against Mr Tsarion and rejecting Mr Tsarion theories and/or ideologies.

    If Mr Tsarion really did this(which i don't know because i have not see that web log and I'm not certain about who wrote those aggressive material on that web log and what was his reasons), that was really a bad and abominable act not only for him but for each theorist who answer their critics like this (of course I don't know what Mr White did in his video , maybe it was aggressive too).

    But if Messian Dread really wanted to depict Mr Tsarion as a person who cannot tolerate his critics , I think it is unreasonable to quote Mr tsarion's ideas and theories critically. And it is somehow unfair ,Because Messian Dread must have wanted to criticize Mr tsarion's bad manner with critics , not Mr tsarion's bad idea's.
    **please continue on next comment**

  9. out_of_ranges@yahoo.comOctober 10, 2009 at 5:16 AM

    Again if Messian Dread wanted to criticize Mr Tsarion theories and ideologies then why did Messian Dread mentioned Mr Tsarion reactions against his critic's

    which was specially an offensive one. I mean it is unfair to justify a theory depend on it's author behavior.

    Or maybe Messian Dread wanted to show both side , one Mr Tsarion Bad behavior with critics ,and the other one Mr Tsarion Bad ideology.

    In that case In my opinion that somehow makes this article similar to what Mr Tsarion probably did on "Chris White Exposed" but not that much aggressive (again I must acknowledge that I haven't seen "Chris White Exposed" web log or Mr White's video and I don't know what did they said to each other in those material and what I presumed is based on this article).because based on this article one may assume that Mr Tsarion theories are nonsense because he have a bad temper or Mr Tsarion is a very bad man based on his atheist or antichristic and nonsense idea's.

    Who can deny that history of human is full of genius persons who wasn't a saint or who had a bad manner.

    In contrast there was and still there is many good and saint person in the world who doesn't have a very famous idea.

    As the matter of the fact having a good manner and having a illumines idea's are two factor which doesn't always have a straight relationship with each other. And one mustn't be blamed for following good ideologies of another one who doesn't have a good behavior. Just imagine if peoples wanted to evaluate idea's and theories based on their origins ,then many would banned Christianity because of its discovered murder's and crimes(burning witches , tortures...).

    In conclusion only based on the material on this article I must say although Messian Dread tried to have an unbiased position in this article , it is biased against Mr Tsarion which also can be inferred from his answers to some of the comments. Messian Dread simply could write one article about Mr Tsarion offensive reaction and critique it and made another program to critique his theories. Please correct me If I'm wrong. I wish at least he had quote a summary of Mr White and his video's for persons like me to understand their (Mr White and Mr Tsarion) controversy better.

    In the end I must add although it seems like I'm one of Mr Tsarion followers and I'm defending him I don't deny the possibility that I believe some of his theories (not all of them and because those are only hypothesis I will search for any proof or disproof for his theories and I must add although I'm not Christian , I am a religious person who can't totally put aside God after years of living with that great meaning)but I'm definitely not defending him. If I can browse "Chris White Exposed" web log eventually and if I be able to send a comment there too , I will write a similar comment there for Mr Tsarion or who has written those offensive material , if i find it uncaused and offensive.

    At last I apologize Messian Dread , Chris White , Michael Tsarion and anyone else if he finds my comment insulting , and please excuse me for my bad English too.

  10. Chris White is insane, he buys into the silly christian lie.

    1. That's a statement which requires some footnoting sir...

      What is silly, what is silly christian, and what is "the""silly christian lie" specifically?

      Or is it your explanation why Chris White is allowed to be treated in the way described in this article? Just because he is "insane" after all he "buys the silly christian lie" (which apparantly is your explanbation of "insane"), it's okay to "debate him with the fist", and threaten to put information for his footsoldiers online so they can debate Christ White and his family in the way suggested my Mikal Chzarion?


      Come with argumentation, not with silly slogans. Or should I say: insane slogans? ;)


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