Monday, July 28, 2014

Presenting A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection



WWW, June 28 2014 - With 16 Tracks released and another 14 already done and scheduled for release, the year 2014 is definitely one of my most productive these last five or so. In this update, I would like to expand a little bit on these releases and my "Ariwa Sessions" (work title!) project as well as a number of other things.

Yesterday was the official release date of a virtual 7" featuring Ras Kitchen, which included an official videoclip as well, the second official video clip I did with one of my productions. I'm hoping that this release will raise at least a little bit of support for this remarkable Jamaican brethren.

This year is a productive one thusfar, that's something I can safely say. Both in quantity and, I hope, in quality. I've been sharing some unreleased tracks with some producers and I got positive feedback. A couple of brethren who are close friends of mine could not even recognize my mark, which is, well, remarkable. 

It's not just the fact that I've been shopping licenses (and attached recordings) that made my music change significantly, or the fact I'm using different effects and a lot of additional techniques that were previously unavailable for me. Not just the fact that all of this is enormously inspiring as I am able to reach deeper (or higher, if you will) levels. It's not just the fact that I am absolutely learning enormously, just by trying and applying things.

It's also the new hardware: 64 Bit, 8 Gigabytes of RAM and some more impressive computer tech-know that goes beyond my comprehension but something to do with dual core Intel whatever. The system is now running more or less smoothly after an initial two weeks of enormous frustration with hanging sound devices, Windows 8 with bizarre ways of denying you access to your own computer's hard drive locations and what have you. For an old-skool guy who started with MSX computers and MS-DOS back in the 1980's, it can be very frustrating to have to deal with gadgets designed for people who do not know how to deal with hard drives, programs, even files, and not knowing how to bypass these gadgets or "apps" as they're called. 

But I did it.

My programs (not "apps") are functioning, the few programs that do not work on this one do work on an older computer which I have here, so I should be technically ready to produce.

In fact, I am.

Even more: I'm grateful for the music that is already out there. 

Thus far, I have only released a couple of discomixes, one of which a mini one. The rest is stricktly dubwise. It's absolutely my intention to release more full length lyrical tracks with Dub mixes and I can say that because I already have the full length lyrical recordings plus licenses right here in the Dubroom. I'm not going to drop names here, because that's a thing I do in an upcoming album that is already mixed and mastered. It has the truthful title MESSIAN DREAD PRESENTS A HEAVYWEIGHT DUBWISE SELECTION WITHOUT OBJECTION, about which more later in this update.

I've been uploading my music at a number of Online Music Distributors (OMD's) these last weeks as well and wrote an article featuring some of them. They all have their pro's and con's, but that is what that article was about and I know the difference between a repeat and an echo, at least I think I do, so I'll leave it at that. Just one little thing, though: that article will -Jah Willing- definitely get a follow-up. 

Here is where the current musical productions can be found, if you want to take a look: - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK - CLICK

Next to a number of tracks which are scheduled for release in the coming weeks, and the many vocal tracks which I hope to be able to produce later this year, I felt myself drawn hard into what I privately call my "Ariwa Sessions". It's just a private work title so don't take it too literal. It's the result of my purchase of Mad Professor's Reel To Reel Reggae Volumes One and Two, the latter just released by Loopmasters this last July 2014. For the non-technical reader: this is a wealth of material straight out of Ariwa's studio's to be used in own productions. 

I already released a three track EP with extended Dubs called "Reel To Real Dubwise", but at this moment I have fourteen different riddim tracks which -after just a little bit more tweaking here and there- should be ready to be transformed in a full length Dub album. This album will sound like a combination of Mad Professor's work and that of myself, which it actually is. A virtual Ariwa session for me. I want to take my time with this, because this is material that not just deserves to be treated with respect, it simply demands it.

All this work in the studio that I'm kind of busy with since around May this year is now starting to show public fruit. I'm not really promoting my releases like I used to do, just through the various OMD's and a forum here or there, but I'm really grateful to see that sometimes as quick as twenty minutes after a new release is published at the Dubroom, the downloading starts from all over the world right here at the Dubroom server or it's mirror at Kim Dotcom's 

One of the planned releases is a full length Dub album entitled MESSIAN DREAD PRESENTS A HEAVYWEIGHT DUBWISE SELECTION WITHOUT OBJECTION. It's a rather lengthy and little bit theatrical title, but truthful. This is a twelve-track Dub album which has many, many vocal parts in the tunes and definitely gives an indication to things I hope to be able to release later this year.

Click For Large Image (1500x1500)

The album features well known and even legendary names like U Roy, Kojak, Dillinger, Trinity, Prince Jazzbo, Dennis Alcapone and Horseman. Also featured is Iration Steppa's Dan Man plus singers like Seamus, Ras Khaleel, Tallis and a female DJ called Piracy. At a later stage, the Dubroom will pay in-depth attention to these vocalists but for now I just mention these names. 

Then there is what I consider to be a more than excellent backing vocals by a UK based Dubstep singer called Aiva and another non-Reggae UK based vocalist called Mandy Edge. Both singers definitely give a touch to the music, because they are talented and skillful where Reggae by it's very nature can absorb elements from other musical ways without even losing a millimeter in authenticity. I like to think that this is an accomplishment in my more recent material.

Here is the track list:

1. Dennis Alcapone - Dub The Dub You Dubwise (4:15)
2. Dan Man - Blaze The Dubwise (3:41)
3. Dillinger - Dwell In Love And Dubwise (3:45)
4. Trinity - Light Of This Dubwise (3:55)
5. Kojak - Prevailment Of Dubwise (3:43)
6. Messian Dread - Loving Dubwise (3:46)
7. Prince Jazzbo - Rastafari Dubwise (3:29)
8. Seamus - Babylon Dubwise (5:15)
9. U Roy - Mash Down Satan Dubwise (4:00)
10. Horseman and Dan Man - Robber Dubwise (3:39)
11. Messian Dread - Crazy But Dubwise (3:43)
12. Lone Ranger - Rock And Come in Dubwise (3:48)

In fact, I am so happy with and grateful for the fact I'm able to release this work that I'm currently looking into several possibilities of having the material presented on physical CD as well as (free) download. Just a service for people who would like a CD with full artwork wrapped in cellophane sent to them by mail. The CD, by the way, will have a few extra tracks which are already released to make it into a full 70 minutes Dub experience.

13. Messian Dread - His Imperial Dubwise (4:03)
14: Dennis Alcapone - Dub To Be Conscious (3:54)
15. Horseman and Dillinger - Dangerous And Dubwise (4:16)
16. Dillinger - Dwell In Love And Dubwise (Ext.) (5:26)

The Artwork is already made and at the moment I write this, I've just concluded an upload to since they have this print-on-demand service just like, where the CD is already available. However, Shipping and Handling costs for one CD there are 15 dollars to get it in the Netherland where I live. I'm not going to actively promote the CD at Reverbnation since I think 22 dollars is a bit too much and this is only a service to people who would like the extra dimension of having the physical CD with Artwork (click to enlarge a little). 

Since I have to wait about ten days before the CD can go live at Amazon, I'm just mentioning the whole CD project here in this newsletter. I've probably made a mistake or two as well in my Amazon submission, so it might even take longer than that before I myself have a copy and can decide if it is ready for promotion or in need for change.

Something else that was on my mind but never really possible is to work on video clips. 

Thus far I've done just one, and a promo for my Reel to Real Dubwise EP, but Jah Willing there will be more as I'm trying to discover just what you can do simply by using Windows Movie Maker. Making a YouTube video is a good way of getting something across, like a musical track or a message or both, and hopefully this will be a regular with new musical releases.

Well, hopefully I've summed up about everything and added some new information as well concerning the current musical projects I find myself involved in. Looking forward to your feedback!

One Love,
Messian Dread


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