Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book: Earth's Earliest Ages by GH Pember (Review and Free PDF Download)

WWW, January 2011 - Originally written in 1876 as an answer to the then rising philosophy of Theosophy which gave birth to the modern New Age and New World Order movements, "Earth's Earliest Ages" is much more than that. You can consider this a classic, yes the classic on topics that have to do with the Biblical account of the time of creation to Noah's Flood. And, no, this is not you average "Creationist" idea or cowardish knee-fall to the theory of evolution.

In fact, G.H. Pember explains in a way which can even be understood in today's English how the Bible tells us that the famous words "In the Beginning" do not refer to what is usually called the first creation day. In other words, there is a huge amount of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.

There was a civilization ages before the creation of Adam and Eve, a creation which might very well have been on several planets of our solar system. The Bible gives an account how the earth was not created "empty and void", but was rather made that way as the result of a judgment of the Most High which came on the then angelic civilization of which Lucifer, now known as Satan, was the predominant person. It was his fall that cause the earth to get into the state which we can see described in the first verses of the bible.

Pember also goes in-depth concerning the events described in Genesis 6. A time before Noah's flood which the New Agers refer to as "Atlantis", and Jesus Christ called "The Days Of Noah". It was in that time, that the Nephilim came to earth as the result of a wicked fornication between fallen angels and female human beings, the "daughters of Adam". These events, described in the Bible as well as the Books of Enoch and the Kebra Negast to name just three ancient books cause the Most High to send the flood over the earth.

A very interesting and more than recommended book for everyone even remotely aware of the relevance of Earth's Earliest Ages. In times wherein the only two options seem to be that either we believe everything was created about 6000 years ago or we hold to the ridiculous evolution theory which is brought as fact by the established educational institutes, it is of the utmost importance to know just what the Bible actually says about this topic.

Get the book in print, which includes extra material and is edited a bit, or download it for free in the original scanned version (PDF): it doesn't matter how, but please: get it!


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