Tuesday, September 2, 2014




WWW, September 2014 - In Part two, Messian Dread continues to report on his experiences with uploading his music to a number of Online Music Distributors (OMD's). This time he revisited MYSPACE.com, LAST.fm, ICOMPOSITIONS.com and talks about creating an artist page at AMAZON.com. And, oh yes, a small website called "You Tube".

The memory hole. It's an absolute hole and it can give you quite a bit of surprises. This is what I got when I tried to upload my music to the revamped My Space website. I know, I know, it's obsolete and for many years I just did not pay any attention to my account. In the mean time, I had forgotten to pay my bill for dubroom.com (about 40 dollars or so) which I used for my email and the folks at NXS Amsterdam decided to sell it to another company which is now trying to sell it for about 2400 dollars last time I checked. Good to know Dubroom.org survived NXS. They shouldn't be in business anyway.


It looks good, especially when you consider that My Space has been bought by the good folks at Fox, known for their love for humanity and truth in general. I thought it would be nice to just revamp my account at that revamped My Space website but to my chagrin I discovered I could not log in due to the fact that I no longer had access to my old email account. 


Apparently, I am not the only one with this problem because My Space has this standard link that you can click when you lost access to your old myspace account. I filled in the form, and wrote the proof that I am who I am. That's pretty easy when you are Messian Dread at the Dubroom. Still it was really complicated for the person at My Space who was assigned to my case. He, she, it, did not understand what I meant so I wrote back that I would love a human reply. I got it and I got access. It took several days.

When you have a fast computer running Windows 8 or something like that, my Space is nice but it's not that nice. The reasons are obvious. "Everyone" knows, My Space is a ghost town. There simply is nobody. I have zero plays. Zero.



I had a page at LAST.fm but because of the nature of my recent productions I wanted to change things a bit more. After all, my new productions are definitely not just about me and I want to title my productions the way I title them. That's not possible at LAST.fm without creating a new artist, or in this case, label. 

So I did. 

I started to upload my new production and I got a notice. I had uploaded my Dennis Alcapone tracks and the system had recognized that name as being known. My account was blocked until it was reviewed by LAST.fm staff. Perhaps you think I was annoyed, but that was not the case. I thought this was a very, very good thing because it doesn't just give credit to the LAST.fm website but also to the artists and producers who upload their tunes. 

Of course everything was easily cleared. This was a very pleasant experience.

The website itself gives you the possibility to upload your music and make it available for free download. Nice thing, right? Even nicer is the fact that they let you deeplink to your uploaded MP3 files, just like I do on the music download page at my website. There's no limitation like with Sound Cloud, so there is another reason why it is a mystery to me why Sound Cloud is that popular.



When you're looking for plays and feedback, you should definitely try out ICOMPOSITIONS.com. This website is clearly aimed at musicians and can serve as intermediary vehicle for collaborations. You need to really look, as it is assumed people know their way with computers a little bit more than, let's say, My Space. And they do. I have zero plays at My Space, now look at what I got at I Compositions (click to enlarge):


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