Monday, September 15, 2014

Digital Dignity: Half a Gigabyte of High Quality Free Licensed (DUB) Reggae Samples In a New Studio Dubroom Feature


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WWW, September 2014 - Attention (DUB) Reggae producers and other visitors/users of Studio Dubroom: a brand new feature in the studio will provide you with over 560 Mb of free, legal, fully licensed high quality (DUB) Reggae Samples and Loops. We're talking drums, bass, guitars, horns, vocals, Dub effects and everything else you can think of in the field of the production of (DUB) Reggae Music.

It's called "Digital Dignity" and for a reason. There are too many online (DUB) Reggae artists that make use of jingles, loops and samples from well known or lesser known albums. For non-commercial productions that's quite a common practice but it will not lead you as a producer to the ability to release your music commercially. It's a common practice, but it doesn't really do anything else but make people think of the original.

Yes, it is better to get some dignity in your productions by getting some dignity for yourself: over half a gig of that material is waiting for you in our brand new Loopmasters (DUB) Reggae portal.

So what did we do and what can you do?

First, we've gathered all thirty (DUB) Reggae products that come with a demo file from the Sample Boutique and -second- created a page for each release. From that page you can directly download the Demo file attached to the product. You'll have to be registered and logged in to the Loop Masters website, but since that is a free thing and can even provide you with more goodies, registration at Loop Masters will not hurt you at all.

We are talking about samples and loops by Ariwa studio, Jesse "Dubmatix" King, the heavyweight champions at Drum Drops, and a lot more. A large part has authentic vocal loops and samples, but you can find some nice horns and other material.

Read the introduction page and start downloading. When you have a reasonable fast Internet connection, about 15 minutes of your time will deliver you a very valuable addition to your Sound library.

This is not a collaboration between Loop Masters and the Dubroom, this is the sole decision of the Dubroom and it is done out of a genuine appreciation with the good quality, service and prices at the Sample Boutique. 



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