Saturday, August 2, 2014

Radio Dubroom Extra Chapter 3: The Genius Mad Professor


Chapter Page

WWW, August 2014 - To illustrate the words of the Dubroom's review on Mad Professor and his countless works from his ARIWA studio's with some heavyweight power Dub sounds, here is Chapter three of Radio Dubroom Extra. This chapter contains two hours and twenty minutes of stricktly Ariwa material from the early 1980's to more recent times. 

The Mad Professor has done so many things with so many singers and players of instruments that it is impossible to claim to give a "complete overlook" or whatever. This mix, too, does not give credit enough to the works of Neil Fraser aka the Mad Professor. However, it's selected with care, and mixed in a no-nonsense style without too much extra effects and jingles and thing.

Put on your headphones or even better: turn on your speakers and subwoofers and make a joyfull noise in your neighborhood. Or google the album titles that come with each title. 


01. Intro
02. Mad Professor - Superman Dub (The Next Revolution Will Be Dubwise)
03. Pato Banton - Riot (Discomix) (Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton)
04. Pato Banton - Nuff Kind A Dread (Discomix) (Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton)
05. Macka B - Cultural Dub (Hold On To Your Culture)
06. Macka B - Hold On To Your Culture (Hold On To Your Culture)
07. Macka B - Who Are The Terrorist? (Discomix) (Buppie Culture)
08. Mad Professor - Middle Eastern Affair (The Next Revolution Will Be Dubwise)
09. Mad Professor - Liberation Nation (The Next Revolution Will Be Dubwise)
10. Shalome - United Dub (Good Vibrations)
11. Shalome - United Nations (Good Vibrations)
12. Shalome - Chant Nyabighi (Good Vibrations)
13. Shalome - Nya Dub (Good Vibrations)
14. Jah Shaka - Zulu Hut (A New Decade Of Dub)
15. Jah Shaka - Morphing Dub (A New Decade Of Dub)
16. Sandra Cross & The Wild Bunch - Can't Let Dub Go (Stepping In Dubwise Country)
17. Sandra Cross - Country Living (Country Life)
18. Delana - Stylers (Ariwa '81 Sessions In The Front Room)
19. Mad Professor - Dubwise (John Peel Sessions)
20. Mad Professor - Sweet Sweet Victory (Dub Me Crazy)
21. Mad Professor - Tumble Down (Dub Me Crazy)
22. Benjamin Zephaniah - Roots And Culture (Belly Of The Beast)
23. Aisha - Carnal Mind (True Roots)
24. Aisha - Carnal Dub (True Roots)
25. Aisha - It's Not Right (True Roots)
26. Aisha - Righteous Dub (True Roots)
27. U Roy - True Born Dub (True Born African Dub)
28. Mad Professor - Freedom Broadcast (Who Knows The Secret Of The Master Tape)
29. Mad Professor - Black Heroes (Afro-centric Dub)
30. Michael Prophet - Rootsman (Rootsman)
31. Michael Prophet - War In The City (Rootsman)
32. Michael Prophet - Dub War (Rootsman)
33. Mad Professor - Version 3 (Jah Is My Light) (Afro-centric Dub) 


Radio Dubroom Extra features music which cannot be played on the Radio Dubroom podcast for legal copyright reasons. The shows cannot be downloaded. All tracks in this show (C) by artists and labels. This show (C) by Dubroom. The actual mix is hosted on and should be completely legal. For copyright issues visit

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