Thursday, June 26, 2014

Radio Dubroom 2014 Chapter 7: Daughters of Zion



WWW, June 2014 - The seventh chapter of Radio Dubroom 2014 is a livication to all the Daughters of Zion, sometimes getting no attention and sometimes getting the wrong attention. Dignity and consciousness form the main vibe in the one hour and twenty-or-so minutes of this non-stop mix of Roots Reggae and Dubwise. Lots of Dubwise.

The set starts of with a Vibronics Dub, from the album Dub Italizer, a classic until this very day. Second is Lady Shelly, welcome to Canada, not in the least because of some recent publications concerning the trouble Queen Ifrica got from blind warriors fighting Rasta without knowing who they fight against. 

What follows is a selection of UK and EURO Dub and Roots, from Sweden to the UK to the Netherlands. Vibronics, Zion Train, Slimmah Sound, Dubcreator and Goldheart Music are all present. And the Mad Professor, too, with a track from the excellent "Inspirational Sounds of Mad Professor" album released through Zion Train's Universal Egg label.



01. Vibronics - Positive Dub
02. Lady Shelly -Welcome to Canada
03. Judy Green - So Much Confusion
04. Judy Green - So Much Confusion Dub
05. Sheya Mission - Summertime Dub
06. Sheya Mission - Summertime
07. Sheya Mission - Feels Like Rain
08. Sheya Mission - Feels Like Rain Dub
09. Sis Sanae - Free Jah Jah Children
10. Boney L - English Girl
11. Boney L - English Girl Dub
12. Vanya O - Oh Jah Dub
13. Vanya O - Oh Jah
14. Mika - Tonight
15. Mika - Tonight Dub
16. Nishka - Who Jah Bless Dub
17. Nishka - Who Jah Bless
18. Sis Omi - Judgement Come
19. Sis Omi - Judgement ComeDub
20. Boney L - Jah Music
21. Boney L - Jah Music Dub
22. Aisha - Creation Dub


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