Monday, July 12, 2010

Dubroom Online, July 12-18 2010

Dubroom Online, July 12-18 2010

Dubroom Online, July 12-18 2010

Dubroom Online, July 12-18 2010


WWW, July 12 - "Dubbing is A Must", as I and I are used to say after Pablo Moses, and in this edition of Dubroom Weekly by far the biggest portion is reserved for this discipline within Reggae that gave name to this very website. Free and legal tracks from Alpha and Omega, Vibronics, Dubmatix and the Abassi-Allstars are reviewed, as well as Net Albums by BR Stylers, Dancehall Dub Plates by Mykol Orthodox and two crucial compilation albums. On top of that an extra-long Podcast containing some of the best material that's out there in free and legal MP3 Cyberspace!

There's a lot of crucial stuff available free and legally for the lover of the better DUB and (other) Reggae, as visitors of the Dubroom can know by checking out our MP3 reviews at Entitled "Reggae Blessings From 21st Century Cyberspace", the Dubroom Podcast that comes with this edition of Dubroom Weekly shows it in just over two hours worth of material.

The rest of the reviewed material too, by the way.

Dub Plates by Alpha and Omega, two album tracks by Vibronics and a relatively new release by Dubmatix in a cooperation with the Abassi All-Stars: UK DUB at it's finest, you can say. EuroDUB by the amazing Italian band BR Stylers, a very interesting compilation selected by US based Kris Naphtali complete a truly interesting addition to your DUB collection.

There's more: an album centered around the German-based Reggaeband Firetime much in the style of contemporary Jamaican Roots Music we know by such as Luciano. Last, but definitely not least is the collection of Dub Plates by known names such as Burru Banton, produced by South-American Mykol Orthodox.

All in all, I hope that you find the music as crucial as I do. The producers and artists are truly talented, and they are blessing us with making all this music available for free. Truly Reggae Blessings from 21st Century Cyberspace.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

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