Friday, September 19, 2014

Music For The Roots And Dub Massive (Radio Dubroom 2014 Chapter 8)



WWW, September 2014 - One hour and twenty minutes of not just pure niceness, because some of it can only be heard at this podcast and yet other selections are not yet released or released only on vinyl. This is a special selection that you just cannot afford to miss out.

The set starts with a track from the recently released Heavyweight Dubwise Selection LP, followed by a fine track with to-the-point lyrics from the Irie-On-Air Net Label. From the Original Dub Gathering another fine track with ditto Dub, followed by a track that can/could only be downloaded hundred times. This is a track about an upcoming duo-release from the Dubophonic and Dub Key Net Labels. 

The segment that follows contain two tracks from's Dub Dynasty and two from Moa Anbessa, recently reviewed in the Dubroom. All tracks with their Dub version, of course. Of course! There's one excellent Dub from the Dub Reservoir Net Label in the segment, too.

The show closes with a Discomix by Horseman and Dillinger, one by Seamus Ikonya which is on You Tube and a Discomix featuring Kojak at the microphone stand. That track has -just like the previous one- a Dub one the recently released Heavyweight Dubwise LP and is currently unreleased. 

Hear it here!


01. Messian Dread - Loving Dubwise (Free Download)
02. Echo & Reverb All-Stars - Tres Caravelas (Free Download)
03. Echo & Reverb All-Stars - Christopher Colonus (Free Download)
04. Fu Step- Holidays (Free Download)
05. Fu Steps - Holidays Dubwise (Free Download)
06. Red Star Martyrs - Roots Rock Rebel (Discomix) (More Info)
07. Moa Anbessa and Prince David - Watch Dem (Vinyl Release)
08. Dubwise (Vinyl Release)
09. Dub Dynasty and Prince David - Evil Fe Bun (Vinyl Pre-Release)
10. Dubwise (Vinyl Pre-Release)
11. Dub Dynasty and Ngoni - We Got Jah (Vinyl Pre-Release)
12. Dubwise (Vinyl Pre-Release)
13. Barbes D and Emanouel - King Of Dub (Free Download)
14. Moa Anbessa and Jules I - Jah Calling (Vinyl Release)
15. Dubwise (Vinyl Release)
16. Horseman and Dillinger - Dangerous and Famous (Discomix) (Free Download)
17. Seamus Ikonya - Babylon System (Unreleased Discomix) (Video)
18. Kojak - Prevail (Unreleased Discomix)


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