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WWW, October 2008 - As the financial crisis reaches what is called the "real economy", many Americans have critique against their government who is practicing what they call "Socialism". This very same word can be used to summarize the critique against the recently released New Age movie "Zeitgeist II".

Capitalism versus Antichrist?

I was born in 1965, in Europe. Until I was about 25 years, I lived with the fact that about a couple of hundreds of kilometers away from me was something called "The Iron Curtain". This "Curtain" divided Europe in a western part that was functioning under what was called a "Capitalist" system, and an Eastern part which had "Communism".

When the Soviet Union fell and Germany re-united after the fall of the Berlin wall, it was said that Communism had been defeated and Capitalism had prevailed.

More than Europe, the USA were -and are until this day- a symbol for Capitalism. Many people in the USA even speak of Europe as living under a so-called "Socialist" system and they are not referring to the former Communist countries there. They are speaking about countries like the one I live in, the Netherlands. I can also understand why this is seen as such.

Socialism can best be described as an in-between form of Communism where everything belongs to the State and Capitalism where everything is in the hands of entrepreneurs who can make money.

As I wrote in the opening paragraph, when I check out the critique against the political measures concerning the financial crisis and when I check out the critique against the New Age movie Zeitgeist, I basically see the same critique. And in this critique, which can be summarized by saying the word "Socialism", I taste a kind of worship toward that other side of the paradigm, the one called "Capitalism", or often "Free Market Economy".

When I hear Alex Jones reviewing the movie Zeitgeist, I hear him hailing up competition, jealousy, greed, even scarcity. Where Alex Jones calls himself a Christian, he can hardly say that it is good for mankind that there is many people who do not have food because there must be some scarcity in order to create a "healthy free market". Or that it is okay with him that thousands and thousands of people die in his country because of "Free Market mechanisms in Healthcare".

My critique against the New Age Movie Zeitgeist would not be that they make propaganda for Socialism or Capitalism, but that they make propaganda for the Antichrist. And indeed, being born under a "Cold War Consciousness" where Communism was portrayed as the Antichrist System, to me it is not new that the Capitalist "Free Market" Economy was hailed up as Gods Own Answer against the Satanist Communists.

And I strongly disagree with this.

There is something very wrong about Capitalism, and I would call it as Satanic as the Communist or even the Socialist system, and much of that evil can be seen when you observe the current financial crisis.

A "Free Market", for example, makes sure that only the fittest of the fittest shall stand. Only when you have the character of an entrepreneur, who dares to take risks and has enough insight in trade, who has money too, will you like the Free Market.

That very same Free Market does not give this freedom to people who cannot go further than to make themselves available for work, so they can be hired, for money, by the entrepreneurs.

When I hear the American presidential candidate say to an employer that he can "live the American dream and do with his money what he thinks best for his employees", I wonder why that American dream would be that one can decide another one's life just like that.

People like me, who are handicapped and have not even a perspective for a paid job, are even worse of in a Free Market system. If I were to live under the Capitalist System such as in the USA for example, I would not be able to do what I do. I would have been dead, frankly.

I have to think about these things, when I hear the critique of Alex Jones and others to the New Age movie Zeitgeist. I have to think about these things, when I hear people praising the Free Market as if that is the Law of JAH Himself.

Is Socialism, like here in Europe, the answer?

Of course not.

The Answer will be given at the moment, that Bright Day, when Yesus Kristos comes to end Babylon, Capitalism, Socialism, Zeitgeist-ism, every ism.

And in this time, this become pretty well clear. Crisis here and there, the total bankruptcy of the Matrix that people believe to live in is scattered before our very eyes. Out of this Chaos, will come the New World Order, and that New World Order will be downstroyed by the Creator Himself.

Amen, and Sela.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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In the "Sugar and Spice" tradition, this release contains two steppers tunes, each one with their own specific vibe. From an upfull Dub of Ireness, we go over to a much more militant and solid tune in almost eight minutes of Dub Niceness.

Lover Dub starts off rather joyful, only to get into some serious Dub mixing after just a few seconds. As the drum and bass play an upfull line, taking a break every now and then, all kinds of instruments and effects are taken to their limit. Upfull, but not lightweight!

As the introduction roll is soaked in echo's, only the first few tones of the horn section are heard before they fade in even more delay. It's the start of a serious steppers tune, warrior style.







This hard steppers track breaks through the 4th dimension with excessive use of the echo device. As the drum and bass play a more-than-solid line, the tempo of the delay keeps changing.

DUB In 4D plays as much with time (the fourth dimension) as it plays with the music. It's best enjoyed when played at maximum volume!






Some build on the Rock, and some build on the sand. It's all about foundation, or: The Base. To be more specific: about a group who call themselves "The Base". We know them better under their Arabic name Al Qaida.

This group is said to be led by a guy called Osama Bin Laden and is generally considered to be responsible for the terrible events at September 11, 2001 as well as a lot of other terrorist activities.

Al Qaida, however, is nothing more than a CIA project which can be verified by diving into history. September 11 was nothing less than an Inside Job which can be verified by diving into the enormous wealth of information that has been uncovered by many researchers.

When the official investigation into September 11 was held, almost everyone did their best to keep the truth from surfacing. Some tried to speak the truth, but they were removed from the room by police.

This solid One Drop track is based on an audio clip taken at the official 9/11 hearings. A man is removed from the room, but as the police grabs him, he managed to shout: "Remember This: Your Government Funded And Trained Al Qaida".

A Who Train "The Base"?






This four-minute track combines a relaxed atmosphere with some rather intense DUB mixing as all kinds of effects are applied over an Ire riddim.

The tune is a celebration to the fact that DUB Music started in Jamaica and has become the source of inspiration for just about every self-respecting producer of contemporary electronic music.



Saturday, October 18, 2008



This is the 5th track of the album "Showcase".

"Consider I" is a heartical prayer to Jah. A prayer that naturally follows the lyrics of "Yesus Messiah".

Starting of with a few lines of Dub, in which it becomes clear that this one is faster and more danceable than the previous one (of the album). At a certain moment, the horns starts playing a theme and the singing begins.

During the vocal part, there's some Dub style mixing going on as well, but not too much. The more heavy mixing comes as soon as the last line is sung and soaked into a reverse effect that takes you straight into some heavy, heavy Dub.


Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in WAV
Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in MP3
Get "Showcase"
Download "Showcase" in Lo-Fi MP3




Two DUB tunes: a militant Hardcore DUB and an Ire tune. They symbolically represent two different spiritual situations as we move forward to Mount Zion.


A Hardcore DUB, also known as Last Iwa Steppers. Spiritual warfare galore in this one, as we trod upon the flying serpents in the Holy and All-Powerful Name of the Divine Saviour Yesus Kristos!



After a storm, there must be a calm. Walking with JAH will often bring you to green pastures, where you can eat and rest. This DUB is an audio-picture of such a green pasture. Everything cool, you know. Don't worry, for the Good Shepherd protect His sheep of His pasture, and others too.




Creating a new set of music in the Dubroom Studio involves a lot of work and a lot of time. Months will pass, before some substantial material is produced.

Here's how it works.

A basic riddim is constructed and a basic Dub is mixed to see if there's some vibe in the tune. This is done about 50 times before they're voiced and worked on to a deeper level. So yes, that takes a year.

This track is such a riddim. Basic, the result of about 5 hours work.

Niceness still, you know...

It has a little bit of experimentation with a voice machine and some serious abuse of the flanger, a cool One Drop rhythm and a relaxed bass line.

May it brighten up you day, as it's mixed with love for DUB and intended to be a little blessing for whoever might hear it.





Before the term "Gospel Reggae" was patented on the Internet in order to build a certain subdivision of what is generally called "Christian Industry", the term would refer to Reggae Music created by a Christian with contents expressing that Christian Faith.

And in fact, there are still Christian Reggae Artists who would refer to their music as "Gospel Reggae" without actually being part of that Industry.

This track, carrying an up-tempo steppers Drums with a "stepping" bassline as foundation, could be described as authentic "Gospel Reggae", not in the making-money-of-Christianity kind.

Listen to the lyrics, if you want to know what "Gospel" means, and listen to the music when you want to hear what "Reggae" is!


The eyes of Jah
Go over the children of man
Just to see
If anybody overstand

Jah Jah plan

There is not one
That does overstand Jah plan
They have all together
Become filthy

The eyes of Jah
Go over the children of man
And He knows
Nobody understand

The eyes of Jah
Go over the children of man
Just to see
If anybody wants His plan

Salvation, salvation

If anybody overstand
That Jah is the Saviour
If anybody take His plan
Cause Jah is the Saviour

He will live on
ForIver, Iver more

Give thanks
to Yesus Kristos
Cause He is
The Saviour

Download Files:






Time for some meditation with this easy One Drop track. Two different mixes, one of them carrying the full lyrics where the other one is mixed completely in DUB Style.

The lyrics deal with the situation of the world today, and our response to that.

Download Files:





This one has a Steppers Drums in a traditional Roots Rockers style, using a lot of different chords and some lyrics that celebrate Reggae Music. It's a big-up and a sign of respect to Jamaica as well, because it was there that Reggae Music originated from.

Every mix has it's own touch and flavor, but especially the Cultural Dubmix is different as it has extra bass and a harder bassdrum, while the mix is ultra-long which obviously requires a different approach in the mixing.

Download Files:








This is the first track of the EP "From Messian Dread With DUB".

A Cool and Dreadly Drum and Bassline form the foundation for this opening track. Lion roaring, Vocal parts, a few jingles here and there and long, long echo's form just a few ingredients.

Download Files:

High Quality (320 Kbit) MP3 (12 mB)
CD Quality WAVE Audio (54 mB)



This is the second track of the EP "From Messian Dread With DUB".

The tempo is slow, the bass plays an ever-changing still monotonous line and accompanies the drums that play a traditional One Drop rhythm. All kinds of effects come in several layers and combinations, leaving no instrument dry.

Download Files:

High Quality (320 Kbit) MP3 (11 mB)
CD Quality WAVE Audio (48 mB)



This is the third track of the EP "From Messian Dread With DUB".

Up-tempo and highly danceable, yet mixed in a heavy DUB style. The drums play an unorthodox Rub a Dub style, the bass plays a more traditional kind of line. Every now and then they take a break, while all kinds of effects enter in and out.

Download Files:

High Quality (320 Kbit) MP3 (10 mB)
CD Quality WAVE Audio (42 mB)



This is the fourth track of the EP "From Messian Dread With DUB".

An up-tempo Rub a Dub riddim, played and mixed in a traditional style. Nuff reverbs on the snare, the riddim section coming with echo's, voice dropping in an out hailing up Dub music and chanting down MTV

Download Files:

High Quality (320 Kbit) MP3 (8 mB)
CD Quality WAVE Audio (34 mB)



This is the fifth track of the EP "From Messian Dread With DUB".

An up-tempo Steppers, starting with a heavy echo on the opening Drum Roll, then the riddim section plays, echo's come in and the Drum and Bass take over. And while they play the echo machines run like crazy over about anything they can get into their hands.

Download Files:

High Quality (320 Kbit) MP3 (12 mB)
CD Quality WAVE Audio (55 mB)




click on the cover for a HiRes version

This EP carries four different mixes of the same riddim as "Rockers Reasoning". It's a steppers rhythm with some intense snaredrum playing.

There's a discomix (Vocal-Dub), and something which we call a Dub 'n' Discomix (dub-vocal-dub). Both come with full lyrical parts. There's also two heavy DUB mixes available on the EP, each with their own particular vibe.

The word "maranatha", by the way, incorporates one of the shortest prayers. It's a plea to Jah to come again and bring justice and equality on this land.


Too much injustice on this land
Too much inequality in this land
Too much sufferation on the land
Too much inequality on this land

There don't seem to be no one
Who does overstand

We need some justice
And equality
We need some justice
On this land

Oh please Jah Jah
Come again so I ask
Oh please Jah Jah
Come again or so I beg

Jah Jah come
Come again

Oh Yesus Kristos
Oh Jah
Please come again


1. Discomix - WAV MP3
2. Dub 'n' Discomix - WAV MP3
3. Massive Online Dubmix - WAV MP3
4. Dubroom Steppers Dubmix - WAV MP3



click on the cover for a HiRes version

Giving thanks can be done in many different ways. In this case, three. Three different mixes of the same steppers riddim, from some heavy Dubbing to full vocal parts.

The music is down-tempo, but because there's so much happening in the rhythm the feel is actually very lively.

There is singing as well as toasting. The lyrics are all about worshipping JAH and proclaiming His Authority over all there is.



Come give thanks and praises
Unto Jah
Come give thanks and praises
Unto Jah

He is the King of kings
The Lord of lords
The Creator

So Who Say
That Jah is not
Earth Rightful Ruler
He must be crazy

Cause Jah is the One
Who created all of us
Jah is the One
In Who I put my trust

Jah is so loving full
He is so merciful
He set the captives free
For all eternity

Praises to Jah on high
Praises to Jah Almighty I
Praises to Jah on high
Praises to Jah Almighty I

He is so merciful
He is so righteous
He is so holy
Come let's give thanks and praises


Come make we do it in a Rub a Dub Style
Come make we do it in a Dance Hall Style
Come make we do it in a Roots Man Style
Come make we do it in a Dub Man Style

Give thanks and praise
Unto the Most High JAH! Rastafari
King of kings and Lord of lords
Earth Rightful Ruler

Come mek we give thanks and praise
unto the Most I Jah Rastafari
Almighty I


1. Give Thanks In Dub 'n' Discomix - WAV MP3
2. Give Thanks In Dubwise - WAV MP3
3. Give Thanks In Discomix - WAV MP3



click on the cover for a HiRes version

Although the theme and lyrics of this Four Track EP are rather serious, as the titles suggest there is a healthy dose of humor too. You could say, here we have an example of Serious Spiritual Satire.

The music is up-tempo (186 BPM!), yet contains the relaxed atmosphere that typifies the Reggae Rhythm even in realms that reach the sound barriers. A riddim clearly inspired by early 1980's Black Uhuru material: especially a track called "Darkness" come to mind.

Four mixes: two completely different dubs and two discomixes with the full lyrics, each with their own particular flavor in the mix. Some have an occasional jingle in the mix.


For the sake of His Name
JAH JAH people beware
So you won't cry in vain
When the trouble is there

Don't you build on the sand
Better build on the Rock
So when storm hits the land
You will stand up dreadlock

Don't you work with the mystery
Let JAH work fruit on you
Don't you call it a ministry
When money's working for you

I don't see the apostles
Work your industry way
Where your favorite gospels
Say what you have to say

People dig through the lies
It's not JAH Who they serve
They are working for satan
He's the god that they serve

So take heed to this warning
Cause the time is so dread
When you can't stand this calling
You just got to be dead


1. Authorized DUB Version - WAV MP3
2. Christian Industrial DUB Version - WAV MP3
3. Christian Industrial Discomix - WAV MP3
4. Authorized Discomix - WAV MP3



Time for some meditation besides the still waters with this relaxed One Drop riddim.

Looking for peace, looking for rest. Trying to find it in these big buildings called "house of the lord"?

No chance...

So, checking back to the Scriptures. These are pointing out the Lord JAH Himself to find rest.

The mix is long: almost 9 1/2 minutes. It starts of with a vocal part, goes over in DUB, back to vocals and ends with more Dub mixing. The tempo is slow and the bass is deep.


When I walk in the streets of my hometown
I wonder where the money come from
They are building big, big big buildings
And calling it a "House of the Lord"

But if I want inside
Them really got to check I out
And when I conform the give me no peace
And when I don't conform they give me no peace

We just long for some peace oh Jah
We just long for some rest oh Jah
We just ask for some peace oh Jah
We just long for some rest oh Jah

And when I read up in my Bible
Inna the book of life
I man read all the things
That Jah Jah say

He said I'll give you rest
If you put your trust in I
So we got to trust Jah
That's for you, and I and I and I

Jah Jah give us some rest this day
Jah Jah give us some blessings
Jah Jah He is the One I say
Yes Jah He is the One I say

So I don't deal with your shitstem
Of your denominations
You want to put to I and I
A spiritual slavery

Yes it is your system
Deception and trickery
So count me out
I'm no part of your mystery

Your mystery, Babylon, will fall
Your mystery, Babylon, will fail

I call on the Name of the Father
I call on the Name of the Son
I call on the Name of the Spirit
The Three-In-One

I know He guide I
Protect I along the way
Because I know Yesus Kristos
He is the Only Way

And I don't care what they say
In their system
And I don't care what they do
In their system
Cause it's bound to fall
Their system
Yes, bound to fall!
Their system




A heavy Hardcore DUB Steppers serves as the foundation for this four minute long explosive Bible Reading. It's the first part of the 91st Psalm, chanted in a militant style that goes well with the thunderous drum and bass line.

These words are words of comfort for those who know themselves to be persecuted, rejected, downpressed: keep the faith in Jah the Most High for He will perform Justice for your very eyes.

The track is credited to Me Sion Dread, which is a deeper layer in the name Messian Dread. It has the same riddim as "Dub Down De Dragon"




More music that didn't make it to my album "Showcase".

This is an up-tempo steppers track, a traditional Rockers Reggae rhythm with full lyrics and DUB mixing, too. There's both singing and toasting in the first part, by the way.

The lyrics contain long parts from Psalms 2 and 53, quoted in many Reggae lyrics because of their relevance concerning the situations in the world today.




Another riddim from my 2006 sessions that didn't make it to the album "Showcase".

This one celebrates Reggae Music and especially Rub A Dub, which could best be described as a certain style of Dancehall. But not the kind of Dancehall that sounds more like Hip Hop and usually celebrates violence, immorality and hard drugs. We see enough of that on MTV.

It's a joyous tune, starting and ending with DUB parts while the middle contains the full vocal part. The lyrics are pretty simple, kind of easy to sing along too.

Just good vibes, seen?


Gimme Rub A Dub Music
Gimme Rub A Dub Style

I Don't Want To Listen
To Your MTV
Gimme The Roots And Culture,
I Wanna Feel Ire

People Dem Move And Groove
Feeling Ire All The Time
Cause The Dancehall Is Playing
Everyone Feel Fine

I Don't Want To Listen
To Your MTV No More
I Don't Want To Listen
To Your Propaganda No More





Five minutes and five seconds of solid spiritual Roots Music, in a one drop style. Full lyrical track with lead and backing vocals, followed by it's DUB version.

The riddim is the same as my track 2006 - A DUB ODYSSEY, and "The Message Is In The Music".


(JAH JAH love ya) Mi bredrin
(JAH JAH love ya) Mi sistren
So why don't you love Him back instead

(JAH JAH love ya) Come see it
(JAH JAH love ya) Come feel it
He is the One Who came for us all

(JAH JAH love ya) Mi friend
(JAH JAH love ya) Enemy too
Come let us bow down before His throne

(JAH JAH love ya) Come hear it
(JAH JAH love ya) Come near it
There's no more pain, there's no more war

(JAH JAH love ya) From Zion
(JAH JAH love ya) Come Zion
The Lion of Judah shall break every chain

(JAH JAH love ya) Yeah, Lion
(JAH JAH love ya) From Zion
You gave us the vicktry again and again

(JAH JAH love ya) No worry
(JAH JAH love ya) No hurry
They who believe do not race this race

(JAH JAH love ya) With teachings
(JAH JAH love ya) With true things
Trust in the Man from Galilee



WWW, November 2007 - When Saul was possessed by an evil spirit, David would come and play music to drive the duppy away. What is the role of music in spiritual war?

Just recently, I released a tune called "Rhythm of the Spiritual Warrior". It is a heavy Dub tune with lyrics identifying the spiritual warriors and more important: what they do.

It goes like this:

    I come to chant down Babylon
    I come to chant down the Serpent
    I come to Dub Down De Dragon
    Inna the Name of Yesus Kristos: JAH!

    This is the Hardcore Dub
    Heavy Heavy Hardcore DUB
    This Is The Rhythm
    Of The Spiritual Warrior

    I come to chant down the Dragon
    I come to chant down Babylon
    I come to free up the souls of Jah Children
    Once more, once more, once more...

It took me two weeks to create the tune, and it wasn't because of a lack of inspiration or something like that. I had to go through immense spiritual warfare. It seemed like no method was spared from the side of the enemy to keep me from working on the tune.

The theme of the tune isn't what it is for nothing, you know...

But why did the enemy take this tune so serious? How come, after all a musical tune is just a drum and bassline with some stuff on top of it, right?


Some years ago, I heard a remarkable story. Two people took LSD or a substance like that, and started to play my music. I don't know which tune or so, and it was a while back as well, but as soon as the music started to play they had a life-changing experience.

Expecting to have some kind of psychedelic experience because of the drugs and the music, the two sat down and waiting for what was to come. They did not expect what was about to follow: it was Yesus Kristos Himself Who appeared to them!

Obviously, there is a connection between spiritual things and music.

Just like music plays a part in the process of healing the soul, raising consciousness and providing energy for JAH Children to live another day, there is also the Rhythm Of The Spiritual Warrior.

It's not just that I can witness this myself, we can also see it for example when Rastafarians come together to play the Nyabinghy rhythm as a part of their spiritual warfare against Babylon Queendom.

The Bible is full of examples too wherein music plays a part in the spiritual warfare that takes place because Satan and his workers fight against JAH and His creation. One look to the Book of the Apocalypse reveals how seven musical instruments announce the coming judgement of JAH over the wicked ones, for example.

And what to say about David, a skilled musician and spiritual warrior who used his music as part of his warfare against evil spirits that tormented king Saul? Or the Israelites using music to break down the walls of Jericho?

Being the DUB musician that I am, I obviously use the rhythm of the drum and bassline in my spiritual warfare too. I have seen many times, how music broke down the power of evil strongholds in places where this music was played. Sometimes with a band, sometimes alone with a multi-track recorder, I have seen the "Saul effect" many times.

Recently, I witnessed how someone was delivered from a whole set of evil spirits in several hours. It happened in my studio, where also people come together to reason and pray.

We had been playing music all afternoon, praising Jah and doing spiritual warfare in the process. Playing music has an effect on the soul, which when it's controlled can be used for spiritual things and that is exactly what I was doing.

You see, some people might close their eyes or bow their knees to give their prayers strength. More power to them, I would say. For it is a way to use our body to get our soul in contact with the spirit.

When you are a spiritual warrior and a musician, it is obvious how music can play a very big role in the function of spiritual warfare as the soul of the spiritual warrior is very important in the process.

We are created in the Image of Jah, the Trinity. We are created body, soul and spirit. After we become born again, we get a new spirit and this spirit is perfect, because (s)he is born from Jah. Our bodies carry sin, and carry our individual souls as well.

Spiritual warfare, the word says it, takes place within the spirit realm. Our spirits are the active part of our little trinity of body soul and spirit. Because our spirit is connected with the Holy Spirit of JAH Who also dwells within our body, our spirits have no need to be taught and are in perfect communication with the Holy One, with JAH.

However, we are also soul and body. Our bodies carry sin and are what the evil ones call "containers" for our spirits and our souls. The spiritual battle is usually because of the soul, too.

And that is where the music enters!

For music is all about the soul. We see the workers of Satan's Queendom using music big time, enslaving billions and billions of souls throughout all times and spaces. Some even claim, that Satan himself (before he became Satan, that is) was an angel that had to do with music!

Music can take the soul to a lower level, but also to a higher one. Within Reggae and Rasta Culture, we called this "Ire Ites", or High Regions, Heights!

I can't really say when I first started to be aware of the spiritual elements of certain musical works. But I do know, that it was around 1994 that I learned how I myself was a part of this as well.

In that time, a few years before I would step my first steps in Cyberspace, I was basically doing nothing but making music and doing spiritual warfare. Every day, I would wake up to go to my little "Dub Room" as I called it, and would start to make music.

I would make a riddim, then run it through my mixing board where I would voice and dub in the same time. I have 100's and 100's of tunes on cassette that I will never release but they were done in that time.

I noticed, how I worked out certain spiritual knowledge and insight in the music itself. Not just in the lyrics, though. The whole musical work would be dealing with it!

I would for example make a tune about a specific situation. I would chant words in the microphone, but I also would use my hands on my mixing board just like a prayer warrior would hold her or his hands up high to Jah for the very same reason: to add power to the spiritual event that the warrior originates.

Sometimes, these words turned out to be prophetic. Sometimes, they would touch a person directly. A small circle of friends who I shared my musical works with, often told me about their experiences.

Other times, I would simply be fighting down demonic presences in and around the house I was living in at the time. I would make music with a prayerful heart, I would fight spiritual battles too.

Around 1994, I even developed my own style of Reggae and DUB that has to do with spiritual warfare, and I call it the "Hardcore Dub" or sometimes "Last Iwa Steppers" (Iwa= Hour). The music is intense because of an unorthodox combination of chords, the drum and basslines are very militant.

The music takes my soul into a state of spiritual warfare in such a way, that I can not do it without music as fast as that. Of course, I don't need anything to do spiritual warfare, because my weapon is Yesus Kristos Himself, but this is the way He works with me.

Or, to put it more precisely: the way He lets me work!

The battles and experiences I am currently involved in, are much harder than what I was doing back in 1994. In retro-spective, I can see that I was still somehow in a "school of musical spiritual warriors", if you will.

It only had been like 4 or 5 years before that, that I was delivered from demonic possession myself. I was possessed from a very young age, and even though I became born again in august 1985, it would still take like 5-7 years before I would be completely free.

After being completely delivered, after I had to cut my dreadlocks somewhere in 1989 because of sins, after realizing I was -and still am- a Separated One or Nazarite, Jah told me that it was time to get serious.

I got serious, back then. Of course I grew my dreads again, because I am a dread and the fact that Jah told me to cut them before did not mean He did not want me to have dreads. He "just" wanted to teach me that I have to be myself, I have to walk in accordance to my calling.

My calling is to be a Separated One or Nazarite, and in my case this means I am a spiritual warrior who listens only to JAH and only does what HE tells me to do, so you can not hire me to do spiritual things for you.

This is what I was working out in the days when I started to learn about the deep connection between spiritual warfare and music. Especially when this music is created by a spiritual warrior and destined to be a tool in spiritual warfare.

Back then, I knew I was fighting against demonic presences and I also had supernatural manifestations going on (they seem to follow me throughout my life), but little did I know of what I know now.

I didn't know about flying serpents, for example. Now I see them "all the time", around people and simply flying their ways. Flying Serpents are a sign of the times, and they seem to be first filmed near Roswell New Mexico, somewhere in... 1994!

But I did know, that I was developing a way of spiritual warfare when I was developing my "Last Iwa Steppers" or "Hardcore DUB" style.

I know, especially in retrospective, that I introduced myself on the spiritual battlefield as I was -in my music- talking directly to spiritual entities, and they would listen!

In the meantime, over 13 years have passed and in that time I obviously grew. I am much more conscious of the power that I have in my hands so to speak, when I produce music.

The enemy is aware of this, too.

That is why it took me two weeks to produce the tune "Rhythm Of The Spiritual Warrior".

As soon as I would start on the riddim, an enormous "cloud" would cover my house. A cloud with spiritual poison gas, if you will. It would have an effect that make me very, very tired. I had to fight down the effect of the cloud (I have no other word for it) and fighting it would absorb all my energy too.

However, all of this is spiritual warfare and so I was doing spiritual warfare. It was obvious, that the enemy and his workers did not want this tune to be published. And it was obvious, that Jah had given me the order to fight them down while I was producing the tune.

The tune is also made as a tool in spiritual warfare. No, don't think that you can put the tune on and the demons will flee. No way. Don't even try to experiment with it, because when you play with fire without knowing what you do, you will surely get burned.

Don't think you can manipulate the power in the tune in anyway. Being a spiritual warrior in the Kingdom of JAH is something completely different than being a Warlock in the Queendom of Satan, and the Weapon of the spiritual warriors in Jah Kingdom is Yesus Kristos Himself.

Yesus Kristos will not have Himself be manipulated in any way. So it is HE, Who decides just what will happen with the tune, spiritually spoken. You cannot manipulate Yesus and make Him do what you want Him to do just by playing a tune, oh no!

On the other hand, I do know that Jah uses the tune. You see, there is a specific reason why I produced this tune and why it is named "Rhythm of the Spiritual Warrior". And when you come so far in this article, I think that you really want/need to know.

The tune is my direct answer to a number of spiritual warriors who are fighting on the side of the Queendom of Satan or Babylon. They are cursing my brothers and sisters, putting spells on them so that they will not be able to move forward.

I am talking about serious spiritual warfare here. It involves spells, and even covens of witches and warlocks. Some pretend to be "Christian", maybe some even think they are "Christian". Some attack me, others attack my brothers and sisters who I know to be involved in spiritual war too.

I knew, that the "cloud" I spoke of earlier in this article was a cloud sent to me to keep me from fighting this battle. You see, my major assignment in this spiritual war is to free up the souls of Jah Children. Additionally, I have to assist other warriors in their battles, as they assist me in my battles. For we are all fighting the same war and fighting on the same side, too!

It happens all the time, and it is caused by the fact that we are living in occupied territory, spiritually spoken. When you are Jah child, doing Jah works, whatever you do will expose Babylon and Satan for what they really are. And they feel it BIGTIME, especially the spiritual warriors.

Yes: Babylon and Satan have their musical spiritual warriors, too.

One of them even boldly uses the Dubroom Midifiles and gives them satanic titles, without permission of course, as true sons of Satan will do, in a desperate attempt to curse Jah Works.

Another one will use her coven to put spells over us. We saw this, too. It was the "cloud" that I witnessed and it was also over the heads of some of my fellow spiritual warriors.

The "cloud" would cause fatigue, but would also come with supernatural manifestations in the lifes of my fellow spiritual warriors and myself. Even stronger: sometimes there was even a mention of natural manifestations as "useful idiots" (to use the jargon of Satan's spiritual warriors) were indeed used.

I knew I had to make a statement. A statement that could be heard in the natural and felt in the natural, too. The reason for that is, that the spiritual warriors of Satan are not able to see spiritually in the way that Jah Warriors can do.

Satan's warriors think differently than Jah Warriors and this has everything to do with the level of consciousness. For a spiritual warrior on Satan's side, all (s)he can do is carnal things even when it is done in the spiritual realms.

A spiritual warrior on Satan's side usually deals with her or his soul-consciousness. when they do have a consciousness in their soul of their spirit, they will use their spirits to satisfy the needs of their souls. To them, it is very much a game of survival.

Satan's warriors fight, basically, for themselves. They have given their soul to Satan in exchange for some carnal pleasure, whatever that pleasure may be, and they wish to keep their pleasure going on which cannot be done when there are too much of Jah Warriors around.

On the other hand, they do need Jah Children too. Satan's spiritual warriors are usually vampires who fight to survive... Just like this spiritual warrior on Satan's Side needs my music in order to exist!

So that is why Satan's warriors will localize a few of Jah Warriors, and will try to feed of them. They will try to suck the energy that Jah gives His warriors, but not so much that they will die.

All of this is currently going on BIGTIME in the lifes of some fellow spiritual warriors and myself.

As said, I needed to make a statement. A statement, wherein I identify myself, and also clearly tell what I am doing.

Being a spiritual warrior on the side of JAH has nothing to do with doing spiritual ritual to feed my carnal pleasures. It has nothing to do with showing some macho-strength either.

It has everything to do with chanting down Babylon and the Serpent, and with liberating the soul of Jah Children.... once more!

I truly don't know what plans JAH has with the tune. Really, I don't. I just know a little bit. I know that tune is and will be used to free people, mystically. Who, what, when? I don't know. I just know that it is dangerous to experiment with it, but if you love JAH and want to get to know Him, the tune might just help you getting into a state of prayer.

Music touches the soul, it comes from the soul. When our soul is conscious of our spirit, when our soul is conscious of who we really are in Yesus Kristos, this music we play active or passive may just make that connection kind of clear on the soul level.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

(This article and attached tune will be the topic of an interview on Zephnet, Monday November 12, 2007, JAH WILLING!)

click here to get the tune

WWW, January 2008 - This morning, when I checked out the feedback on the Dubroom, it happened again: "Haile Selassie Is Not God", some comment read.

Haile Selassie means "Power of the Trinity". Obviously, for Christians it is not so difficult to identify the Lord God and Saviour Yesus Kristos, because is it not so that He told us: "Unto Me is given all power in Heaven and on Earth"?

But this self-proclaimed Christian who wrote the comment on the Dubroom, was not denying that.

He, or she, was referring to the Ethiopian Emperor Tafari Makonnen, who was crowned Haile Selassie in the 1930's. And to the fact that many, but not all, within the Movement named after Ras (Head) Tafari, believe that this Ethiopian Emperor is in fact what his name and title mean.

The Ethiopian Emperor himself, however, never claimed to be what his names and titles mean. In fact, he strongly denied being Jah and boldly proclaimed to be a Christian himself. The Emperor did make claims of being a descendant of King David, though, a claim that many believe to be true.

In spite of popular belief, not all Rasta's believe the Ethiopian Emperor to be God, either.

Take Gadman, the leader of the biggest Rasta Organization in the world. In an interview with Jamaican Radio Station IRE FM, he made statements concerning the fact that he made a differentiation between the Emperor and Jesus Christ and how one could only be saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Yours truly is also of the belief that the Ethiopian Emperor is not what his names mean, which is widely known. Being the transcriber of the authorized transcription of Gadman's interview, being the Webmaster of a website where the Emperor can be heard denying he is Jah, I can hardly be "accused" of believing His Imperial Majesty to be JAH.

So, what made this person write that comment which provoked this article? An answer may be found in a comment on yet another website, where someone posted the following description of me:

Messian Dread, a Zeph Daniel close, Rastafarian, etc. Yeah right, he's someone I want to listen to. (LINK)

The comment was made by a self-proclaimed Christian who apparantly did not agree with statements I made concerning Michael Tsarion, a New Age propagandist and apologist for such evil men as Aleister Crowley.

Apart from the fact that for the sake of this article it is not so important who Michael Tsarion is and so on, it is interesting to read the ad hominem argument as it came. If you can't win the argument, you start attacking the person and this time I was being accused for being a "Rastafarian".

It's very interesting, to read how apparantly "being a Rastafarian" is a reason for a self-proclaimed "Christian" to not listen to what I have to say.

What is so wrong about "being a Rastafarian"?

Sure, it could very well be that this person's admitted refusal to check out just what I am saying led her or him to the idea that I somehow believe the Ethiopian Emperor to be Jah. "Don't confuse me with the facts", I read between the lines there...

However, since Zeph Daniel was mentioned, I do not necessarily jump to that conclusion easily.

Zeph Daniel is a talk show host, among many other things, and I have appeared on his radio show a couple of times. I explained how not all Rasta's believe the Emperor to be what his names mean and therefore you cannot define the Movement of Rastafari as a religion based on worship of the Ethiopian Emperor.

Just like many Arab people believe in the god of Islam, Allah, not all Arabs do. Therefore, to say that all Arabs are Muslims is an untrue statement and yet a variation on that theme can be found time and time again in statement and comments from self-proclaimed Christians on what they claim are "Rastafarians".

So, it could be that the self-proclaimed Christian did not want to be confused with the facts about the Movement and person of Rastafari and simply chose to attack me for who I am rather than what I have to say.

That would definitely explain the comment I read this morning.

However, I have also noticed that within certain self-proclaimed "Christian" circles, it is not enough to deny the Emperor to be Jah anyway.

Simply speaking positively about the Emperor, can provoke an "anathema". Trying to place his personality and function in a biblical perspective because of the Davidic bloodline, is being seen as "worshipping" too.

"Haile Selassie Is Not God", is the message. The one-and-only message, so it seems!

Don't even bother moving forward by trying to find out just who he is, since he is not Jah. Don't try pointing out to the special place Ethiopia has in the Bible, either.

What is it, that makes self-proclaimed Christians curse the Emperor and Rastafarians regardless as to whether they believe the Emperor to be Jah or not?

It is my strong conviction, that this has everything to do with something that "all" Rastafarians would agree to.

For it is not so, that all Rastafarians believe the Ethiopian Emperor to be JAH, as just a little bit of research will reveal to every genuine seeker of Truth. The Dubroom website is actually ministering to these very seekers of Truth by providing nuff evidence to proof the undeniable fact.

But there are definitively things that "all" Rastafarians would agree to, things not in agreement with "Christian Correctness" as defined by the western forms of organized "Christianity" and it's offshoots.

One of these things is the identification of what is usually called "Western Judeo-Christian Civilization" as "Babylon System". In addition to that, "all Rastafarians" would identify Haile Selassie's Ethiopia as a true Judeo-Christian culture or civilization!

By doing so, Rastafarians express a total rejection of a paradigm that is so prominent within the structures of western Christianity. A paradigm that dictates people to defend a Church-and-State system responsible for keeping people in mental slavery ever since the Roman emperor Constantine "legalized" "Christianity" in 325 AD or thereabout.

The European colonialism that followed in itself can be traced back to the destroyed foundations of the ancient Tower-of-Babel, a fact that is often used by New Age "researchers" such as Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell in order to discredit what they will call "Christianity".

These propagandists will point out to the alleged Christianity of warmongering presidents and popes as some kind of definitive proof that Yesus Kristos and His Message of Salvation is to be rejected as fiction. Self-proclaimed Christians will confirm this idea by basically agreeing with the identification of "Christianity" and apply bizarre reasoning to defend these self-proclaimed Christian downpressors.

The Movement of Rastafari definitely takes a separate position in all of this.

Founded in Jamaica by descendants of Africans whose fore parents were taken as slaves on ships that had names like "Jesus", the early Rastafarians knew too well how the Jesus that was worshipped by their slave masters could never be the real Most High God and Creator.

They knew, that -unlike Europe- Ethiopia or Africa is mentioned in the Bible straight from the start, where it is listed as being part of the Garden of Eden. They knew, that -unlike Europe- the first church outside of Israel was located in this very same Ethiopia, as this very same Bible tells us through the Book of Acts.

This particular knowledge is spelled out in the very same Bible that the Babylonians who defend their Church-and-State system as "Judeo-Christian" claim to uphold. The Bible makes it very clear, how the Good Lord God Jah looks on that system as a "Beast" and in especially the last book, called Revelation or the Apocalypse, even announces it's ultimate destruction at the very return of Jesus Christ.

Still, we see people who claim to be Christian, who claim to know all about the Divine Saviour and believe themselves to be Born Again through His Holy Spirit, strongly defending a system that is so clearly condemned by the Most High God Himself!

Their only comment about a true Judeo-Christian king who himself pointed out to Yesus Kristos continually, and about a Movement inspired by this Emperor to be prophetic voices in the identification of the western "Judeo-Christian" civilization as Babylon and her upcoming downstruction, is one of utter and total rejection.

Instead of moving forward after realizing how -indeed- the Ethiopian Emperor is not Jesus Christ by trying to discover just who he was if not Jah, these self-proclaimed Christians team up with New Age researchers such as Michael Tsarion and write totally irrelevant and unnecessary comments about the Dubroom and the writings of yours truly.

They are obviously offended when their beloved "Judeo-Christian" system is identified for what she really is!

It's really not about worshipping the Emperor as God. It has been sufficiently proven how not all Rastafarians worship the Emperor as God and therefore that particular belief cannot be used to describe a whole Movement, so there is another reason why Rasta is attacked by self-proclaimed Christians.

I believe, it has to do with identification.

We can hear time and time again, how the West is supposedly built on "Judeo-Christian values and morals", how for example the founding father of the United States of America were supposed to be Christian and how very Christian the constitution of these United States is supposed to be.

Or we can hear it in the absurd claims of the European royal bloodlines that claim descendance from Jesus Christ and wear supposed Christian symbology in order to "proof" their case.

Self-proclaimed Christians who have an allegiance with this system we have identified as Babylon, will usually get very mad and angry whenever their beloved system is exposed for the antichrist shitstem that she really is.

Just like their fore parents who went to Africa as "teachers" of what they called "Christianity" to the "undeveloped savages", they will continue exposing their superiority complex to those "pot smoking, emperor-worshipping Jamaican hippies" and not only refuse to check out things for themselves, but perpetuate the myth of a "Judeo-Christian" Babylon.

I think, that it is time for everyone who truly know themselves to be born again through the Holy Spirit to actually start finding the truth out for themselves rather than relying on so-called "researchers" with their pack of lies to attack a Christianity that has nothing to do with the true Message of Yesus Kristos.

I think, that it is time for every self-proclaimed "Christian" to check out just what I am writing about the Emperor, about Yesus, rather than perpetuating lies about Rastafari and insults to a Christian brother who happened to be Emperor of Ethiopia and chose the name "Power of the Trinity" to express who he was really worshipping!

Give Thanks, One Love
Messian Dread

Thursday, October 9, 2008



WWW, December 2007 - WWW, December 2007 - In the Old Testament, you can find several books filled with all kinds of rules. It's called "The Law".

Are we supposed to obey this law?

Start reading in Exodus somewhere, and you will see the start of a really long list of commandments and prohibitions that will cover almost every aspect of life.

We call it "The Law". Some also call it simply "Moses", as Moses is widely seen as the writer of the first five books of the Bible.

This law was given to the children of Israel by Moses, when they were in the desert traveling from Egypt to the promised land. It contained a summary in the form of what we know as "The Ten Commandments", but the whole of the law is recorded in four books: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

The law is really very strickt. It contains a lot of rules concerning all kinds of things and even the least of all violations could lead to a -painful- death penalty.

Many people will read The Law and shake their heads in unbelief: "who can keep up with the rules in this law?", they ask themselves. Not without reason, because the Law says that if you violate one point, you are a violator of the whole law!

Just an example: if people would have sex without being bound in Holy Marriage, they would have to be stoned to death because of adultery or fornication.

Abut 2000 years ago, a Man walked on the face of the planet. He was not just a man, though. He was born of a virgin and He was JAH Himself: the Creator coming in human form.

His Name was Yesus Kristos, Yeshouah Mashiach, Jesus Christ.

He came to "fulfill the law", as the New Testament explains. He was there, to actually do what was written in the Law. He was there, to do what nobody else could do before or after Him.

Just browse a little bit through the law, my dear reader, and ask yourself: "how many violations have I already done in my life?"...

That's not the question people were asking when Yesus was walking among them, though. They would browse through the law to see what the other one was doing and they would be using that law to downpress people.

The New Testament tells us about an event, in which they took a woman because this woman had sex with a man she was not married with. They did not bother the man, though, but just the woman.

They took the woman to a place to get stoned and it was not a Dutch coffee shop where they took her to. To be stoned meant that you would die because of the many stones people throw at you. A thing which you can still find today in certain countries, by the way.

Yesus was there too, watching the hypocrites who in themselves had violated almost every point of the law already.

When the people were about to stone the woman, He wrote something on the ground. Too much speculation over just what it was that He wrote down. It's not important, otherwise it would have been mentioned. What was mentioned, is Yesus Kristos explaining the law to the stoners.

He said to them: "Let He That Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone".

Obviously, nobody was able to do it....

There was another event, in which a rich young man came to Yesus Kristos and asked Him: "What must I do to get eternal life?"

Yesus answered Him by saying that he had to keep up with the whole law. The rich man then claimed, he was doing exactly that. So the Lord told the rich man some more. He said: "Go and sell everything that you have, give it to the poor and follow Me".

The rich man turned away from Yesus. He knew, he could never do it.

The Bible Teachers of that time were -among other groups- called the Pharisees. They loved to study the bible. They knew every verse by heart and they would even add a few of their own.

Yesus told them: "You study the Bible because you think there is eternal life in that Bible, but you do not know Who is talking to you and you do not want to come to Me".

The Bible in that time was what we now call the Old Testament. The New Testament had still to be written. And there is a huge difference between the two, even though they do not contradict.

Where the OT speaks about orders and condemnation, the New Testament explains to the fullness just why the law was given and how we are supposed to deal with it.

Where the Old Testament starts with the Law, the New Testament starts with Grace!

You see, the law is good and contains nothing but truth.

Still, it is not designed to be obeyed.

It is designed to be broken by all, and fullfilled by One.

What Yesus told the rich man, was a thing this rich man was unable to do. He had already fooled himself into thinking how he was somehow a follower of the Law and so he was convinced of his own righteousness, as the law also says: "He who keeps the Law is Perfect".

What Yesus told the people who wanted to stone the woman (and not the man), was a thing these people did not want to know. He showed them how hypocrite they were, thinking they could use the law to kill other people where they themselves were as sinful as the woman they were about to kill so violently.

What Yesus told the Pharisees, was that you could not find eternal life in the Law. In the Books. In the Bible. You can study all you want, and know all there is to know, even "believe it to be true", and still miss out on that eternal life.

Yesus showed the people without the shadow of a doubt, that they (we!) are all unable to do what we are supposed to do according to the Law.

But He showed more!

He showed Himself. Everything we cannot do, is what He did!

Now, obviously, this is the very heart of the Gospel Message. Yesus lived the life we should live, and died the death we should have died. He became our Substitute and in Him, we are obedient to the Law and declared justified.

And we did so, legally, 2000 years ago!

One would assume, that every sinner will jump for joy when they hear the blessed message of redemption. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

Within what might loosely be called "Christianity", there is a growing number of people who expose the very same mentality as the ones described in the previous paragraphs.

They will claim that Yesus is not JAH, they will claim that "Christianity" really is a form of Judaism, they will claim that the Law is still in effect and supposed to be obeyed by all. They will even claim it is possible to obey the law and become perfect in this body.

How is it possible that people can claim to be "Christian" and not see Who Yesus really is and what He has actually done for us?

In my opinion, this has to do with something the Bible calls "A Great Delusion".

Somewhere in the New Testament, you can read how the apostle Paulus writes about it. He says something to the effect of "If you do not love the Truth, JAH will send you a Great Delusion which will make you believe the lie":

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2Th 2:8-12

The apostle reveals a very important principal here.

At first glance, it might sound kind of logical: if you do not believe the Truth you will believe a lie. But the principal goes deep, as Paulus basically says that Jah will amplify (y)our love.

When you love the Truth, Jah will give you more love for the Truth. He will guide you higher and deeper and will even grow His fruits in you so that you will do good things.

When you love the lie, that says "you can do what Yesus did", Jah will also give you more love for the lie. Just like the Antichrist who sets himself in the temple (that is the human body) and proclaims himself to be god, you will also think of yourself as on the same position as Yesus.

And because Yesus is Jah, when you claim you can obey the law you are actually claiming a place that only Jah can take. You will believe the exact same lie as Lucifer who said to himself he would rise above the Most High and become god.

Now, how can the law be a Great Delusion? Was that law not sent by Jah Himself, and is not Satan the father-of-lies? Is the law a lie?

Well, the apostle makes it clear that the Delusion we speak about here, does not originate from Satan. No, this is a thing that comes from Jah Himself and therefore it is a serious thing.

You can fight against attacks and misleadings from Satan, but when the Lord God Jah Himself is behind it, there is not much you can do.

You can not fight Yesus Kristos, Who is JAH!

You can not fight Yesus Kristos, Who is the Truth Incarnate!

It is an undeniable fact, that the Old Testament law is given by Jah Himself. The rules and regulations recorded in the first books of the Old Testament are all good, and if everyone would live according to that law the world would really be a better place!

But, as said, there is only One Who was able to keep up with the law. Only One, Who could live it up. Only One, Who... fulfilled the law!

Yes, Yesus fulfilled the law. The book of Hebrews explains this to the fullness. It even says: "What Is Fulfilled is Not Far From Vanishing".

Yes, the law had a place and a function, until it would be fulfilled. Just like a prophecy: it is valid until the time in which it was fulfilled. But when it is fulfilled, it has lost it's function and will only have a historical relevance so that we can understand/overstand the times we are living in.

Yesus fulfilled many prophecies, Yesus also fulfilled the law. He showed, that He is the Only One Who is able to Live it Up. This means, that Yesus is really JAH Himself, for Who Is Righteous But JAH alone?

The law was given to us, so that we would see just how big our sins are. So that we shall see, that we are completely unable to live it up, even if we want to. So that we shall see, that there is really not one who is righteous but Jah only.

We can, as some do, try to keep up with as many rules as possible. We can fool ourselves into thinking that Jah somehow will "balance" our good and bad deeds and make a decision based on that balance. We can... believe a lie!

But we can better decide to love the Truth. And the Truth is, that the law is fulfilled. What we are unable to do, Yesus has done for us. And when we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour, when we acknowledge that He is really JAH HIMSELF, He will make us born again.

We must be born again, not try to live up to a law that has already been fulfilled and "try to make the best of it". We must be born again, because our state shows that we are unable to live it up.

If we do not acknowledge that Yesus is really Jah, we are saying that people can actually become perfect without Jah. When we claim, that Yesus is not Jah and that "Christianity" is some sort of "Judaism 2.0", we are taking the place of Jah for we claim we can do what only Jah can do.

For Who is righteous but JAH?

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread

Spiritual Masochists: Don't You Want To Be Free?

Spiritual Masochists: Don't You Want To Be Free?

In the Kingdom of JAH, there is many mansions and there is many functions. One of these function is the spiritual warrior.

A spiritual warrior in the Kingdom of Jah has several missions, and one of them is to free up the souls of Jah Children. Souls in bondage by demonic activitey, or souls in bondage by tramua's.

I was blessed to see this many times. I have seen people getting free from bondage that sometimes was there since they were born. I am talking about victims of trauma-based mind control, for example.

Sometimes, it happens that people come to me with problems they have. These problems arise mainly in the psycho-social realms, at first glance that is. They feel captive by the ones who traumatized them in the past, or even today, and they will want to get rid of that feeling...

This is when they call in the help of ones they know to be spiritual warriors. Spiritual warriors go in spirit and fight down the spiritual entities that more often than not are at the core and roots of the problem that these people have.

I want to tell you a story that happenned to me throughout this last year. A thing that I have seen before, but it is also a thing I think I should share in public.

Sometimes, Jah sends me on a spiritual mission which takes a while. In this mission I go in spirit (meaning I make a conscious connection between my soul and my spirit) and I deal with the spiritual aspects of the matters that matter.

In this one particular mission, Jah sent me out to free up the souls of different people. I discovered a lot of filth, truly truly a lot of filth.

But there is no filth too filthy for Jah.

Or is there?

After I did what I had to do, which was to break down the chords around the people, I sent a message to the ones I had been fighting for. I told them, that they were now free to walk in the freedom because spiritually there was nothing that kept them in the prison they were in.

One person took this opportunity with two hands and did the non-spiritual things that were neccesary to walk in that freedom. I discovered two weeks later, just how much of an impact this had as this person could really move forward in life. A recent visit to this person was hearticaly confirming the joy of Jah Freedom to me.

Praise JAH!

Another person wasn't happy at all, though. The spiritual war I had to do for this person was fierce and intense, but in the Power of Yesus Kristos I did manage to break down the spiritual stronghold that slave masters put around this other person.

This person did not take the opportunity that was given. After I broke down the prison walls around this person and gave the same message as I gave to the other one, there was an initial joy. Ofcourse, for JAH Freedom has a beautifull sound and sight!

But Jah Freedom is not for the weak hearts. Is not for what I have come to identify as "spiritual masochists". You see, some people love to be bound spiritually. They love to be under the submission of Jezebels and other wicked ones.

They love to complain about what happenned in their lifes, they love to sit on their bottom and feel the abuse given to them again and again and again. Sure, they long to get what they see free people have, but they themselves refuse to step in that freedom.

Yes, I have seen this first hand and I am kind of shocked.

It was a huge lesson for me to learn. A huge, huge lesson. And I do not like to learn it, but on the other hand I have to learn it because I want to walk in truth and not in my own opinnion.

Somewhere in the Bible, there's a mention of "counting the cost" before you build a house. This principal does not only count towards building a house, but it goes for just about everything in the Kingdonm of JAH.

There is so much waiting for I and I and that kingdom, but we will not get it in the same way as Babylon and Satan "gives". For Babylon and Satan don't ask, they just impose. Impose their slavery, their trauma's and even possession of demonic entities.

Spiritual masochists?

Yes, they are there!

They -more or less- love the slavery and the bondage that satan gives them. They love the fact that they do not have to think for themselves, and they are pampered everyday.

On the other hand, they do see the freedom that others walk in, and so they will ask spiritual warriors to fight for them still. But when these warriors then start to fight and free up the souls of such spiritual masochists, it turns out that this was not the freedom they wanted.

What they wanted was a continuation of their situation, just without the bad feelings they will get every now and then. Feelings that make them realize how they will never be able to reap the fruits of freedom, because they choose to stay in what was known to them in the first place, namely their spiritual bondage.

Yes, I came to identify them as spiritual masochists. They refuse to be reformed by their new way of thinking, a way of thinking that Jah gave to them, they refuse to walk in freedom and build some thing, and it goes further.

I have recently came to know that there is actually people who pray to the Most High to bring them back in the slavery Jah set them out of. The story about the Israelites in the deserts wanting to go back to Egypt comes in mind and it is really, really true.

However, when you are a spiritual masochist and you call in the help of a spiritual warrior to be set free, just because you happen to have some inconviniences in your existance of being a spirutual slave, you are only making it worse for yourself.

It might sound harsh: but freedom is not free.
Freedom comes with a price.

And spiritual warriors only make the spiritual setting so that one can walk in that freedom. But the one who is being set free has to do the walking.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Then count the costs.

Leave Jah Business alone if you choose to walk in your weakness. Please, I ask you for your own sake. For if you call in the help of spiritual warriors and you are not walking in the freedoom they fought for, it will get back at you.


Freedom or slavery.




WWW, September 2007 - When Jah says that mankind has changed worship of Creator into worship of creation, did He also refer to the "bible-believing" Christians?

In the first verse of the Gospel according to John we can read: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with JAH, and the Word was JAH". Reading on just a little bit more will reveal without the shadow of a doubt, that John refers to Yesus Kristos when he speaks about the "Word of Jah".

It's a deep, profound teaching that John gives there. A teaching of which the implications unfortunately have gone lost to a large portion within what is generally kown as "Christianity" For they will identify the Word of Jah as... The Bible!

People can debate without end about topics, putting scripture against scripture in attempts to "convince" their opponents. People will "expose" "false teachings" just by quoting a few Bible scriptures. People will even study the Bible in order to get themselves some name and fame and power over others!

Never mind the fact, that there is no original manuscript left. Never mind the fact, that the (per)versions contradict each other and themselves. Never mind the fact, that the canon itself isn't even mentioned in the Bible and nobody can really explain just why "the Bible" is "right".

People who criticize "Christianity" will often refer to the fact that with a little bit of intelligence, you can make the Bible say just about anything you want the Bible to say. And it's true, especially when you realize that there are countless of (per)versions that will help everyone to read what they want to read.

But even if we would have the original scrolls, it would not better. The apostle Petrus wrote, that people were twisting the writings of Paulus as well as the other scriptures, and he was referring to the original manuscripts there.

We are give a wonderful example within this very same scripture. We all know about the Pharisees, how they knew their Bibles inside-out and how they loved to use that knowledge to get power over other people. How they even fooled themselves!

When Yesus faced the Pharisees, he told them: "You study the scriptures because you think there is eternal life in there, and you don't recognize Me and don't want to come to Me" (John 5:38 ).

We see this very same mentality within what is commonly known as Christianity. It can be recognized in the phrase: "The Word Of God says...", followed by some quote. A quote from a (per)version, that is. For the original manuscripts are lost.

We see, how many try to put Jah in a book, subsequently study that book, and somehow think that this the key to eternal life, the key to God, yes... God!

We see, that when John writes how the Word is Jah and became flesh, many will de facto believe that this is about the Bible rather than about Yesus Kristos Himself.

Now, why is that?

Why do people need a book, even if it is a translation or (per)version of a manuscript, of which the originals have long been lost? Why do people... need something in this creation and treat it as if this is God Himself?


Asking the question, is answering it.

Oh yes, we all know about the critique from the "bible-believing Christians" about the believe of many of my Rasta brothers and sisters that the Ethiopian Emperor is JAH. But they themselves believe in a book and call it the Word of Jah, Which we know is JAH Himself!

So why do people need that book? Why do people use that book as their Gateway to God? Yes: as God?

Obviously, it has everything to do that we are -in our natural state- unable to reach Jah. Since the fall, we are cut from direct contact with our Creator and all we had left was our place within Creation.

Still, the Creator maintains His Creation. He reveals Himself through Creation too. Jah even steps in His Creation and shows Himself to us many times.

He does so, through the Bible and through the Ethiopian emperor. He does so, by revealing Himself all over creation!

In the last verse of the gospel according to John, the apostle states that Yesus did so many things that if they would all have to be described, the world itself could not contain the books.

So we know, yes, the Creator has really done a lot of things to reveal Himself. But as soon as Jah reveals Himself, a particular law of nature comes into action.

It is the law of decay, that came into place when Adam and Eve ate from the fruit and became initiated in the mystery of iniquity. It is the law that dictates, how nothing in this creation is eternal. How nothing in this creation can last forever. How nothing in this creation is perfect.

It is, if you will: the law of sin.

It is, if you will: to have the knowledge of good and evil, which means nothing else than to have only a partial knowledge of good rather to have something on top of "knowledge of good". (SEE: "TO KNOW GOOD AND EVIL")

Our partial (dis)ability to "see good", which obviously means nothing else but to "see JAH", requires us to initially be confronted with some thing in creation which will refer us to the Creator Himself, Yesus Kristos!

We need something in this creation to show us The Way.

We need a witness.

We need a tangible witness.

We need a tangible witness in this creation in order to find the Way to the Creator. And as a matter of fact, we have a multitude of witnesses around us. From the Bible to the Ethiopian Emperor, from Spirit People to -in fact- the whole of Creation itself.

And this is exactly where many, many people stop. They hear the voice of the Creator clearly through the mouths of His many witnesses. Tangible, audible, visible, you name it. There is no speech or language where His voice is not heard!

Creation itself is a witness. Creation itself is a messenger.

But in some sick variation on the theme, many people are tricked and believe that the messenger is in fact the sender. Many people are tricked into believing, how creation is in fact the Creator.

The mere fact that we need something in this creation to point us out to the Creator, has been transformed by the forces of evil into the very worship of that creation itself!

Our partial disability to see Jah, to "know good", makes us worship that which we do see as if it is JAH!

It makes us worship creation rather than the Creator, even if that creation itself is conscious witness of the Creator and points out to the fact that it is only a witness.

For example: The Bible.

For example: The Ethiopian Emperor

But none of these witnesses are perfect, none of these witnesses in themselves are able to bring us in contact with the Creator.

None of these witnesses ARE Jah!

They can only... show us the Way!

So, then, what is that Way?

Obviously, here we have another question which has the Answer contained in itself. Obviously, there can not be a Way to the Creator if this Way is not the Creator Himself.

Obviously, that Way is Yesus Kristos, JAH manifested in the Flesh.

HE is perfect. HE is without sin. Whether you know it or not, Yesus Kristos is (the Way to) JAH. Whether you know it or not, you can only be in contact with your Creator though (the Door, that Door Which is) the Creator Himself!

Let us therefore know, that we live in a fallen creation. We need a witness, Jah uses witness to speak through, but a witness is a witness.

The Bible is such a witness. It's an imperfect witness, and can also be used to teach false doctrines. It can be used, to manipulate people and is used by Babylon System as the ultimate propaganda tool in what is called the "Judeo-Christian Civilization".

The Bible points out to Yesus Kristos, quite specific. The Bible says of itself, that there is no eternal life in it. The Bible witnesses of itself, that it contains only a description of an aspect of what Yesus Kristos really is doing.

It's not the Bible, that teaches me anything. It's not the Bible, that saved me. It's not the Bible that dictates what is true or not. This is all reserved for the Word of God Himself, and:

The Bible... is not the Word of God!

Yesus Kristos is the Word Of God!

This simple truth opens up the whole Bible, all of a sudden.

When you read stuff like: "Your Word Is A Lamp For My Foot", this really means "Yesus Is The Light".

When you read stuff like: "The Word Of God Is A Two-Edged Sword", and "The Sword Of The Spirit Is The Word Of God", this really means that "Yesus is a two-edged Sword", that "Yesus is the Sword of the Spirit".

Yes, some people really claim that the Sword of the Spirit is the bible. They claim that the Bible is a two-edged sword and a light for our foot. They really think that the devil is afraid for a few Bible Scriptures and that reading the Bible will give us eternal life.

Therefore, when you would use the words "Word of God" and "Bible" interchangeably, I would say that my Bible is JAH.

It is JAH, Who teaches me. He teaches me through the Bible, through creation, through revelation and experience. It is JAH, Yesus Kristos, Who is my Weapon. It is JAH, Yesus Kristos, Who is the Lamp for my foot. It is JAH, Yesus Kristos, Whose teachings are written in my heart.


One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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