Saturday, May 24, 2014

Radio Dubroom 2014 Chapter 4: Jah Wise Dub Wise



WWW, May 2014 - Featuring Michael Rose, Fred Locks, Mad Professor, Twilight Circus and a special Dub Plate version of Messian Dread's brand new Imperial dubwise riddim among many more touch and conscious selections, we're happy to present the fourth chapter of Radio Dubroom 2014.

The set opens up with Michael Rose's "Warrior" and Dub, followed by Fred Locks singing "Won't Give Up".  These are all releases by the Canadian but Netherlands based Dub producer Twilight Circus. Check them out at Nucleus Roots and Talking Dog, both located in the UK give some crucial sounds before we return to yet another Dub with Michael Rose from the Twilight Circus.

Two selections from Universal Egg's release "The Inspirational Sounds of Mad Professor" prelude a special mix of the recently released "His Imperial Dubwise" riddim by your's truly, which you can only hear in this podcast and is not available for download or streaming on any site.

The second half of this chapter opens with Moa Anbessa's excellent "Education" riddim. Presented both in Dub and in the Vocal version, which is the same with Shade of Black's perfect track "Conspiracy". Vibronics and I-mitri from a free album which will soon be reviewed in the Dubroom follows, and some material by the Maltese Net Label DUB KEY. "Dub the Streets" by the Bass Culture Players is next, while the show closes off with a solid Steppers by Mixman and D Maximillian.


01. Michael Rose - Warrior Dub
02. Michael Rose - Warrior
03. Fred Locks - Won't Give Up
04. Nucleus Roots - Jah Rule
05. Nucleus Roots - Dub Rule
06. Talking Dog - Aberation Dub
07. Michael Rose - Dub Thunder
08. Mad Professor - Fast Forward In Dub
09. Mad Professor - Creation Dub
10. Messian Dread - His Imperial Dubwise (Dub Plate Special)
11. Moa Anbessa - Education Dub
12. Moa Anbessa- Education
13. Shades of Black - Conspiracy
14. Shades of Black - Conspiracy Dub
15. Vibronics and I-Mitri - Suicide Bomber
16. Addis Youth and Apocalypse Dub Faction - Jah Never Fail I
17. Addis Youth and Apocalypse Dub Faction - Jah Never Fail I Dub
18. Jah Rootikal Steppers - Jah Rootikal Control
19. Bass Culture Players - Dub the Streets
20. Mixman and D Maximillian - Truth Dub


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