Friday, August 8, 2014

Video Release - His Imperial Dubwise (Extended)



WWW, August 8 2014 - This is the official video for the extended version of His Imperial Dubwise. The video was produced August 7/8 2014, the music a few months earlier.

The track can be downloaded for free at:
Available: High Quality MP3 and CD Quality Wave Audio

Now, perhaps you are interested in not just the music but the other contents of the audio (and video) as well. A very good thing indeed.

Please read on.

This video -as well as the audio- contains historical footage that has -perhaps unfortunately- lost not one ounce in relevance. It contains a message for all, but since this was taken from a speech in front of world wide evangelists there is an extra dimension for those (that claim to be) Born Again Christians and yet can only come with negative statements concerning His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I Of Ethiopia.

Here are some questions, adressed in the music and even stronger in the video:

Why is it that your average Christian can only say about the Emperor, that he "is not God"? Could it be the propaganda machine of the "Christian Industry" that tries to keep it's customers -the faithfull- far away from the Freedom Sounds called Reggae Music and the knowledge about the Ethiopian Connection in the Bible? Could it be the result of a form of racism that claims how there is a "Judeo-Christian Civilization" in what the Rastaman and many others have rightly identified as Babylon System? Could it be, that a true "Judeo-Christian" Civilization has existed almost from the day our Lord was crucified and rose again?

Where Ethiopia is mentioned almost at the first page of the Bible and in many passages afterwards, a pattern arises that can not be ignored by serious scholars of the Holy Scriptures.

Moses' wife was Ethiopian and Jah punished the racists who protested against that marriage.

The first official representant of any government that heard and accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the Ethiopian Noble Man, who brought back the gospel to a country that was already serving the Most High through the knowledge of King Solomon.

Talking about a real "Judeo-Christian Civilization"!

And so, this video is many things.

First and foremost, this is a wake up call for all born again Christians who think that they are serving God when they denegrate Haile Selassie. Where only portions of Billy Graham's introduction of Haile Selassie to an audience of world-wide evangelists back in 1966 is used, listening to the whole speech (without music) would definitely break down that wall of ignorance even more.

In the same time, this is a wake-up call for those that think Rastafari and Christian livity do not go together or worse: must fight each other. You know who you are, warriors in what is definitely not the good fight even though you might think you are fighting the good fight.

Equally, this video is a livication (rather than a deadication) to all people of all colour who do fight the good fight. The fight against racial injustice, the spiritual fight against spiritual wickedness in high places.

A livication to Billy Graham, who back in 1966 introduced Haile Selassie as "Chief of State who can greet us in the Name of Jesus Christ". In a time where in his own "christian" country apartheid and "christianity" was seen as similar, Billy Graham pointed to a different direction. Check this video:

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