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Babylon Observer Video Research: The Psyop Program (1968)

WWW, January 2011 -- In this original 1968 U.S. Army video footage, we are introduced to the concept of "Psychological Operations", in short: psy-ops. In simple sights and sounds, the video explains just how the population of a foreign country is being targeted to, as the video states: "make them perceive things from the desired viewpoint".

The story in the video is set in a fictional country called "Host Land", somewhere in South America. In the movie, the government of Host Land asks the USA for help to fight domestic opposition, portrayed as "communists". In a room somewhere within the American embassy, a conference takes place wherein this is shown.

The rest of the video shows how the Psychological Operations are conducted in Host Land. The use of entertainers, media, infiltrations and other means are presented and explained.

The viewer of the video will not have a hard time to recognize the very same principals shown in this video in current events.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book: Earth's Earliest Ages by GH Pember (Review and Free PDF Download)

WWW, January 2011 - Originally written in 1876 as an answer to the then rising philosophy of Theosophy which gave birth to the modern New Age and New World Order movements, "Earth's Earliest Ages" is much more than that. You can consider this a classic, yes the classic on topics that have to do with the Biblical account of the time of creation to Noah's Flood. And, no, this is not you average "Creationist" idea or cowardish knee-fall to the theory of evolution.

In fact, G.H. Pember explains in a way which can even be understood in today's English how the Bible tells us that the famous words "In the Beginning" do not refer to what is usually called the first creation day. In other words, there is a huge amount of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.

There was a civilization ages before the creation of Adam and Eve, a creation which might very well have been on several planets of our solar system. The Bible gives an account how the earth was not created "empty and void", but was rather made that way as the result of a judgment of the Most High which came on the then angelic civilization of which Lucifer, now known as Satan, was the predominant person. It was his fall that cause the earth to get into the state which we can see described in the first verses of the bible.

Pember also goes in-depth concerning the events described in Genesis 6. A time before Noah's flood which the New Agers refer to as "Atlantis", and Jesus Christ called "The Days Of Noah". It was in that time, that the Nephilim came to earth as the result of a wicked fornication between fallen angels and female human beings, the "daughters of Adam". These events, described in the Bible as well as the Books of Enoch and the Kebra Negast to name just three ancient books cause the Most High to send the flood over the earth.

A very interesting and more than recommended book for everyone even remotely aware of the relevance of Earth's Earliest Ages. In times wherein the only two options seem to be that either we believe everything was created about 6000 years ago or we hold to the ridiculous evolution theory which is brought as fact by the established educational institutes, it is of the utmost importance to know just what the Bible actually says about this topic.

Get the book in print, which includes extra material and is edited a bit, or download it for free in the original scanned version (PDF): it doesn't matter how, but please: get it!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Book Download: Messian Dread - Christafarianism, or: "Don't Be A Rasta, Be Like A Rasta"

From Christafari to Christafarianism to Christafarian, what you will find in this heavily documented and footnoted essay is that this carefully created culture turns out to be an Evangelical caricature of Rastafarian culture which puts Evangelical and Rastafarian Christians in a totally unnecessary state of war with each other and amongst themselves.

A MUST READ for Rastafarians, Evangelicals and Christafarians!


Free Book Download: Messian Dread - The Mystery Of Christafarianism

THE MYSTERY OF CHRISTAFARIANISM is a heavily footnoted exposure of the Christian Industrial Complex and Christafari's role in her. The book contains 14 chapters and is over 200 pages long. It is a follow up for the essay "Christafarianism" which was published in october 2004. However, this book is completely different than that essay.


Free Book Download: Watchman Nee - The Normal Christian Church Life

Another wonderfull book containing a compilation of speeches by Watchman Nee. Nee was one of the greatest Christian teachers from later history. This book contains a set of crucial meditations wherein Watchman lays down a biblical concept of what church is supposed to be. Turns out to be quite different then your usual denominational church. Although many have turned Watchman Nee into an idol and have created all kinds of organizations under his name, this has never been the intention of Watchman Nee. His teachings remain to be priceless as they are not his teachings, but truly that of Jah.


Free Book Download: Watchman Nee - The Normal Christian Life

When I saw the title of this book, I wasn't really thrilled, but thank JAH I did read it, for it changed my life to a great degree. Watchman Nee explains some principals that a lot of Christians do not overstand completely. This is the kind of book where you read one chapter and you have enough to think about for days!


Book Review: Dread Jesus (Spencer)

This is the book that I have been waiting for, for a very a long time, so I can't really express my happiness with it's existence. It is a must read for every Jesus Dread and others interested in the relationship between Rastafari and Christianity.

The writer explores "Rastafarian Christology", by analyzing many reggae songs, interviewing many known and lesser known Rastafarians, and studying the history of Rastafari.

He finds out, that there are two main streams within Rastafari, one is inspired by Hindu and esoterically teachings, while the other group is heading towards Christianity more and more, even to such an extend that brother William describes the possibility of a "Selassian Church", as a denomination next to Lutheran and the like.

Well documented and thoroughly investigated, this book is blessed to be a good source for forming your own opinion.

I would recommend it especially for those Christians that always were told, that all Rastafarians believe in Selassie as God, as it explains the various interpretations about Yesus Kristos that exist within the movement.

Dread Jesus also contains a testimony from sistren Judy Mowatt, former member of Bob Marley & the Wailer's backing trio "the I-Threes". You can read how she described the process in her life that made her come to the conclusion that Selassie is not Yesus Kristos, and some struggles and blessings that she has experienced during these times.

This is one of the first Christian publications on Rastafari that does not contain the bias prejudice that you find so rampant in the Christian World. It's not yet another cheap description of a movement supposedly existing of weird herb smokers with long uncombed hair.

Haile Selassie's Christianity is described and studied. His relationship with the evangelical world, where well known Christian Evangelist Billy Graham invited His Majesty to open a congress in Berlin in 1966, an invitation accepted by Haile Selassie.

You can read portions of the speech that HIM held in front of 1000's of evangelical Christians, a speech not often quoted.

Good for reading, good for studying, good for meditation, good for having as resource, I want to big up this book for it can be a blessing for all Jesus Dreads worldwide.


Book Review: Chanting Down Babylon - The Rastafari Reader (Spencer, ed.)

This is the book on Rastafari for everyone who is misinformed about the movement. Especially Christians who have thus far only read Christian "exposé's" on Rastafari will benefit significantly from the information in Chanting Down Babylon.

William David Spencer is one of the few Christian writers I know with an objective view on Rastafari. His book "Dread Jesus" has become a must read for all those who are interested in Rastafari and Christianity. Simply because of the valuable interviews and analyses it contains.

Chanting Down Babylon is arguably even more relevant.

Where Spencer wrote his book Dread Jesus all by himself, in this one he is editor and contributor. Several writers from different backgrounds all contributed to what can surely be called a standard work on Rastafari.

For example: it contains original Rastafarian books. They have never been made available for a large audience before, in spite of their absolute essentiality. Chanting Down Babylon will introduce the reader to these writings, such as "The Promised Key". And with that, of course, provides the reader with some of the meditations that gave birth to this movement.

But it goes beyond that.

As said, there are several contributors to this work. The variety of their perspectives guarantees an objective picture for the reader, who is introduced to a dynamic culture.

The book explains why, in the words of Rasta group Culture, "Babylon can't study the Rastaman". Indeed, Babylon will never be able to overstand. But there is simply too much sense in Chanting Down Babylon for all others to be ignored.

So forget about all these so called "Christian Studies" about Rastafari. Forget about the anthropological and psychological "analyses". None of them truly describe Rastafari. They only make the Rastaman sing that Culture song once again.

Chanting down Babylon gives a true perspective on the movement. Because all the words in this 467 page book are written by people who know the movement inside out and some have even been there when it all started.


The 2011 Dubroom Website Renovation Project (4): Dubroom Library Renovated!

Another section is finished now: go to and read reviews or complete books, or even download books free.

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2000 Years of Western Church History in 40 Hours


I've just started listening to this series again, a series i listened to a couple of years ago. It is the western church history in 30 different parts. Below is the article i wrote years ago and the links, in case you might like to know a little bit too. Original article here:

One Love,
Messian Dread
2000 Years of Western Church History in 40 Hours

In 30 lectures, a man called Steve Gregg takes the listener through 2000 years of western church history.

To overstand the situation of "Christianity Today", it is important to know the history of the western church.

I have just spent some days listening to 40 hours of audio material. 40 Hours containing a brief history of the western church from the days of Yesus to the 20th Century.

It was very interesting to hear about the church reformers, the popes, the hermits, the missionairies and all of that. To hear how Yesus and the Apostles founded the church.

In 30 lectures, a man called Steve Gregg takes the listener through 2000 years of western church history.

Western Church History?


Steve Gregg, in his lectures, admit how he has a focus on the western church. He acknowledges how the church is surely not limited to Europe, and he admits how he himself doesn't have an expertise on it, too.

But that doesn't matter. Because the history of the western church is an important aspect of the history of babylon, and especially babylon christianity. In Babylon, you see the babylon church, the antichrist church, and the true church as well.

What is the church?

A group of people who simply knew themselves to be saved by Yesus. They came together in groups. And there were no political games. This was impossible, for didn't Yesus say: "Who-ever among you wants to be the biggest, let him be the most humble"?

Everyone who was looking for power by-passed the church. Besides, there was a tremendous persecution on all believers in the Messiah.

You can read in the bible, that the Holy Spirit of JAH Rastafari convinced people about the Truth that Yesus Kristos is the Divine Lord and Saviour.

Allready in the Bible you can read how there were differences in opinnion, and how they were solved. In the times of the apostles, this wasn't too difficult. The New Testament is filled with stories and teachings from the apostles themselves.

Churches were not really being led. Not even the apostles took positions of authority. Rather, when you closely check the writings, they were humble servants of Yesus Kristos. When they "planted churches" (as some call it today), they put tremendous effort in teaching and sharing JAH RASTAFARI message.

There was no system of "pastors" and "popes", there was no "christian industry". It was clear: YESUS KRISTOS is the HEAD. His HOLY SPIRIT added people to the church. His HOLY SPIRIT provided people with gifts and "functions", each one after their talents and charsimatic gifts.

Paulus and other apostles "appointed" elders. These elders were all humble people. They loved Yesus Kristos so much, and most of them were on the way just a little bit longer. In the local congregations these elders were being treated as brethren, not "persons of authority". They were the kind of guys that you recognize today as "Humble Lions"...

But then, when the apostles were dead, politricks started to enter. The letters and books that now form the New Testament became law-books.

Paulus warned for this, when he said that THE LETTER KILLS and WE ARE CALLED TO BE FREE.

But problems came. False teachings!

Even in the days of the apostles, there were allready false teachings. Gnostiscism, for example. Comparable with the new age teachings of today. John wrote about it and said that every spirit that denies Yesus Kristos to come in the Flesh is of antichrist. Or Hymeneisn, the fore-runner of a false doctrine we today know under the name "preterism". the book II Timothy speaks about it.

After the apostles were gone, the New Testament was being seen as the canon, and rightfully so. But the apostles made it clear, in the Bible, that they applied certain principals rather than their own "position of authority" in order to solve problems.

One of the first "rules" that came into the church after the days of the apostles, was a "rule" that "bishops" should allways be present whenever a teaching was tought, a baptism performed et ceterea. Possibly this could be good, in the sense that there was maybe a situation in which it was better when a bishop (or elder, which is the same thing) was present, but it became a rule.

This process continues until today and it results in what we know as "Christianity" or rather X-IANITY.

Throughout the whole 2000 years of western church history, you see how the "official church" becomes a body of political power. It starts with the right doctrine but, "authority" comes looking around the corner.

People stand up and claim to be persons of authority, whom "all have to obey". More often than not, these persons of authority are related or at least connected to with the "powers-that-be".

They might even speak about Yesus Kristos and so on, they might even lead people to the real Kristos Yesus. But because they sit on the SEAT OF JAH RASTAFARI, the "church" and even the "truth" become tools of enslavement.

Listening to the 40 hours of western church history, you see this pattern, this principal. It is obvious and clear.

The whole 2000 years is one big line, a pattern. The church changes from a true congregation of believers in Yesus Kristos into a religious prison that keeps the people under control of the "powers-that-be".

It starts with persons claiming authority, persons claiming things reserved for Yesus Kristos alone. Then this "authority" is being abused. Ofcourse! Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

There is only One Person Who can handle His Authority without abusing it, and that Person is the MOST HIGH, YESUS KRISTOS, RAS CHURCH!

So, throughout the ages, there is also an underground church, a Spiritual Body of Believers. People who love Yesus Kristos and who fellowship with others who love Him, too. Some of them tried to "reform" the "official church", others silently departed from it and simply trod their own trod with the Lord.

The pattern, from congregation to corruption, is the big history of the western church. And it is a pricipal too. It happens all the time.

So everytime the underground church, as I call this spiritual congregation that we name "the Body of Kristos", goes mainstream so to speak, gets organized, starts to deal with "authority", you'll see the corruption.

Today, the western church has been corrupted until such a great extend, that it is crucial to speak about leaving the Christian Industrial Complex that it has become. 2000 years in 40 hours speak volumes....

Download the MP3's

01. Introduction

02. The Very Beginning

03. Passing the Torch

04. Persecution & Ecclesiastical Development

05. Early Heresies

06. The Canon of Scripture

07. Early Theologians

08. Rome's Truce with the Church

09. Defining Orthodoxy

10. Augustine's Influence & Contemporaries

11. How Rome Became Papal

12. Principal of the Middle Ages Part 1

13. Principal of the Middle Ages Part 2

14. Principal of the Middle Ages Part 3

15. The Persecuted Non-conformistsPart 1

16. The Persecuted Non-conformistsPart 2

17. Beginnings of the Reformation (Luther)

18. The Rise of the Radical reformation

19. The Spread of Anabaptism Part 1

20. The Spread of Anabaptism Part 2

21. The Life and Legacy of John Calvin

22. Reform in France & England

23. Reformation & Counter Reformation

24. From Reform to Reason 1550-1650

25. Enlightenment & EnrichmentPart 1

26. Enlightenment & EnrichmentPart 2

27. Revivals of the 19th Century

28.The Birth of Modern Mission

29. Liberalism & Fundamentalism

30. Developments in the 20th Century

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I've did all the single track MP3 reviews in the new style now. There are in total now about 300 pages. I hope that soon the whole of will be transformed.

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Babylon Observer Video Report: Remembering the Message of Martin Luther King, 2011

WWW, January 2011 - A day after the official Martin Luther King Day on January 17, two years after the election of Barak Obama, the black community within the USA knows themselves to be on top of many lists concerning poverty, unemployment and negative profiling.

Where Martin Luther King expressed his hope for a nation that would "live up to their creed that all man are created equal", he was not far from his assasination. More than 40 years later, many black people who voted for Barak Obama know themselves in a nation that still does not live up to it's creed.

The Babylon Observer remembers and observes the current runnings, and reports...

Footage Used With Permission:
Click Here For Video Download Page


Impressions from the Buju Banton "Before the Dawn" Performance

Impressions from Buju Banton's "Before The Dawn" performance on january 2011, which was for the most part a solidarity concert to support and draw attention to Buju Banton as he is currently subjected to a trial in which he was entrapped by the DEA.

Extensive covering of the whole case can be found at the Babylon Observer Message Board: CLICK HERE

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wolf Gets Smart (Cartoon)

Babylon Observer Video Report: Iraq's Poorest Make Junkyards Their Home


WWW, January 2011 - In spite of billions of American "reparation" money supposedly aimed at "reconstructing" Iraq, about 25% of Iraq's population lives under the poverty limit.

People have to flee their houses because of sectarian violence that came with the invasion of Iraq and make the junkyards their new homes. Little children pick up trash instead of going to school, there is no running water and absolutely no medical care.

Footage used with permission:

More Information at the Babylon Observer forum:

The 2011 Dubroom Website Renovation Project (1)


As I mention on the Dubroom Front Page, I am currently renovating the Dubroom website. Finally is the time to move from the old screen resolution to a more modern one, a bigger one This is a huge process as I have to manually design and change many thousands of pages. In this thread I would like to keep you a bit updated as to what I'm up to with it.

The first thing i attack is the MP3 Portal. Currently I think I did about 25% of the pages. For a preview, I just uploaded all the MP3 album reviews. Check them out at

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I symphatize with Norman Finkelstein

If there is one topic that arguably cannot be talked about without extremist ideologies and behaviour coming to the surface, it is the debate surrounding philosophies such as Anti-Semitism and (Anti-)Zionism. Fortunately, the Dubroom is not a place where too much thoughtless slogans go unchallenged, especially not concerning these topics. Probably every member of the Dubroom Message Boards who are interested in the matters, have a different view on it and that's more than fine.

When one wants to research these matters, it is extremely difficult to find material that is not tainted by either outright Anti-Semites or Zionists like this Aaron Gissin who says things like "With the Bible in one hand and the Gun in the other, we claimed the land". He could have walked straight out of a Christian Zionist (dominionist) conference...

In all of this, I think that Norman Finkelstein is at least a voice that needs to be respectfully heard. He stays calm, has a lot of thought, has every right to talk about the matter as child of Holocaust survivors, and yes he's Jewish himself too. What he has to say about the original American settlers rings more than a bell to me. Norman Finkelstein will not deny Israel's right to exist, but he will adress all the crimes that are being done surrounding the state of Israel.

What do YOU think?

Comment on this post or go to the Dubroom Forum to add your opinion.

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