Monday, July 19, 2010

Dubroom Online, July 19-25 2010

Dubroom Online, July 19-25 2010

Dubroom Online, July 19-25 2010

Dubroom Online, July 19-25 2010


WWW, July 19 - With a very special podcast, some nice MP3 files and a couple of wonderful free and legal Net Albums, the thirteenth episode of Dubroom Weekly is definitely not full of bad luck. Quite the contrary, I would say!

This week's podcast is indeed a very special one. The show loosely features the work of "just" three names, but these names are not the least: Conscious Sounds Studio, Vibronics and the Italian Dub collective BR Stylers with vocal works of Prince Alla, Jah Free, Tena Stelin and many more plus thunderous Dub versions. Once again, give thanks to the UK Dub masters for their permission to feature their works on Radio Dubroom.

Two brand new releases, too: The UK based East Park Reggae Collective being one of the biggest surprises in this all. Also, we feature the debut of Jamaican vocalist Denno, who is aimed at spreading consciousness in the Dance where this is so much needed.

There's reviews of tracks which have been featured on Radio Dubroom before: Sheya Mission, Mykal Rose and Pama Intl. On top of that, a crucial vocal track by Alborosie and Prince Blanco on a Dubmatix riddim.

That's not all, though: the 2008 release "Dub Forward" by the Swedish based Lion Dub band is another gem that you can download in this week's edition of Dubroom Online. Dub Akom, the French dancehall/reggae band is there, as well as two brand new releases from Net Label land.

All-in-all, I hope you have a healthy doses of crucial Reggae for another week!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

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