Sunday, June 22, 2014

Radio Dubroom Extra Chapter 1: Dread Inna Babylon, Dread Steppers Showcase


Chapter Page

WWW, June 2014 - Starting off with a selection of Jamaican steppers vocals plus dubs, only to go over into the UK versions of this militant Reggae drum rhythm: this is conscious Rasta Roots Reggae from the 1970's and beyond. Every title comes with a Dub version or is played in Discomix style (vocal version plus dub in one extended mix). 

This is conscious Reggae Music, dealing with the many trials and tribulations Jah people have to go through while still in this Babylon. A message of strength, identification, truth and righteousness. Enjoy the militant vibes when you love Jah!


01. Fred Locks - Kill Nebunechadnezar Dub
02. Fred Locks - Kill Nebunechadnezar
03. Little Roy - Touch Not My Locks
04. Little Roy - Touch Not My Locks Dubwise
05. Naggoo Morris - False Rasta Discomix
06. Dr. Alimantado - Born For A Purpose Discomix
07. Jah Woosh - Religion Dread
08. Jah Woosh - Religion Dub
09. Wailing Souls and Scientist - Face the Devil Dub
10. Wailing Souls - Face the Devil
11. Pablo Gad - Crisis Time (Discomix)
12. Pablo Gad - Going Home (Discomix)
13. Reggae Regulars - Black Star Liner (Discomix)
14. Aisha and Mad Professor - Guide and Protect (Discomix)
15. Mad Professor and Michael Prophet - Hard Working Dub
16. Michael Prophet and Mad Professor - Satan
17. Michael Prophet and Mad Professor - Jah Is My Light
18. Mad Professor and Michael Prophet - Afrocentric Dub (Jah Is My Light Dub)
19. Mad Professor and Michael Prophet - Black Heroes (Rootsman Dub)


Radio Dubroom Extra features music which cannot be played on the Radio Dubroom podcast for legal copyright reasons. The shows cannot be downloaded. All tracks in this show (C) by artists and labels. This show (C) by Dubroom. The actual mix is hosted on and should be completely legal. For copyright issues visit

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