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WWW, December 2007 - WWW, December 2007 - In the Old Testament, you can find several books filled with all kinds of rules. It's called "The Law".

Are we supposed to obey this law?

Start reading in Exodus somewhere, and you will see the start of a really long list of commandments and prohibitions that will cover almost every aspect of life.

We call it "The Law". Some also call it simply "Moses", as Moses is widely seen as the writer of the first five books of the Bible.

This law was given to the children of Israel by Moses, when they were in the desert traveling from Egypt to the promised land. It contained a summary in the form of what we know as "The Ten Commandments", but the whole of the law is recorded in four books: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

The law is really very strickt. It contains a lot of rules concerning all kinds of things and even the least of all violations could lead to a -painful- death penalty.

Many people will read The Law and shake their heads in unbelief: "who can keep up with the rules in this law?", they ask themselves. Not without reason, because the Law says that if you violate one point, you are a violator of the whole law!

Just an example: if people would have sex without being bound in Holy Marriage, they would have to be stoned to death because of adultery or fornication.

Abut 2000 years ago, a Man walked on the face of the planet. He was not just a man, though. He was born of a virgin and He was JAH Himself: the Creator coming in human form.

His Name was Yesus Kristos, Yeshouah Mashiach, Jesus Christ.

He came to "fulfill the law", as the New Testament explains. He was there, to actually do what was written in the Law. He was there, to do what nobody else could do before or after Him.

Just browse a little bit through the law, my dear reader, and ask yourself: "how many violations have I already done in my life?"...

That's not the question people were asking when Yesus was walking among them, though. They would browse through the law to see what the other one was doing and they would be using that law to downpress people.

The New Testament tells us about an event, in which they took a woman because this woman had sex with a man she was not married with. They did not bother the man, though, but just the woman.

They took the woman to a place to get stoned and it was not a Dutch coffee shop where they took her to. To be stoned meant that you would die because of the many stones people throw at you. A thing which you can still find today in certain countries, by the way.

Yesus was there too, watching the hypocrites who in themselves had violated almost every point of the law already.

When the people were about to stone the woman, He wrote something on the ground. Too much speculation over just what it was that He wrote down. It's not important, otherwise it would have been mentioned. What was mentioned, is Yesus Kristos explaining the law to the stoners.

He said to them: "Let He That Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone".

Obviously, nobody was able to do it....

There was another event, in which a rich young man came to Yesus Kristos and asked Him: "What must I do to get eternal life?"

Yesus answered Him by saying that he had to keep up with the whole law. The rich man then claimed, he was doing exactly that. So the Lord told the rich man some more. He said: "Go and sell everything that you have, give it to the poor and follow Me".

The rich man turned away from Yesus. He knew, he could never do it.

The Bible Teachers of that time were -among other groups- called the Pharisees. They loved to study the bible. They knew every verse by heart and they would even add a few of their own.

Yesus told them: "You study the Bible because you think there is eternal life in that Bible, but you do not know Who is talking to you and you do not want to come to Me".

The Bible in that time was what we now call the Old Testament. The New Testament had still to be written. And there is a huge difference between the two, even though they do not contradict.

Where the OT speaks about orders and condemnation, the New Testament explains to the fullness just why the law was given and how we are supposed to deal with it.

Where the Old Testament starts with the Law, the New Testament starts with Grace!

You see, the law is good and contains nothing but truth.

Still, it is not designed to be obeyed.

It is designed to be broken by all, and fullfilled by One.

What Yesus told the rich man, was a thing this rich man was unable to do. He had already fooled himself into thinking how he was somehow a follower of the Law and so he was convinced of his own righteousness, as the law also says: "He who keeps the Law is Perfect".

What Yesus told the people who wanted to stone the woman (and not the man), was a thing these people did not want to know. He showed them how hypocrite they were, thinking they could use the law to kill other people where they themselves were as sinful as the woman they were about to kill so violently.

What Yesus told the Pharisees, was that you could not find eternal life in the Law. In the Books. In the Bible. You can study all you want, and know all there is to know, even "believe it to be true", and still miss out on that eternal life.

Yesus showed the people without the shadow of a doubt, that they (we!) are all unable to do what we are supposed to do according to the Law.

But He showed more!

He showed Himself. Everything we cannot do, is what He did!

Now, obviously, this is the very heart of the Gospel Message. Yesus lived the life we should live, and died the death we should have died. He became our Substitute and in Him, we are obedient to the Law and declared justified.

And we did so, legally, 2000 years ago!

One would assume, that every sinner will jump for joy when they hear the blessed message of redemption. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

Within what might loosely be called "Christianity", there is a growing number of people who expose the very same mentality as the ones described in the previous paragraphs.

They will claim that Yesus is not JAH, they will claim that "Christianity" really is a form of Judaism, they will claim that the Law is still in effect and supposed to be obeyed by all. They will even claim it is possible to obey the law and become perfect in this body.

How is it possible that people can claim to be "Christian" and not see Who Yesus really is and what He has actually done for us?

In my opinion, this has to do with something the Bible calls "A Great Delusion".

Somewhere in the New Testament, you can read how the apostle Paulus writes about it. He says something to the effect of "If you do not love the Truth, JAH will send you a Great Delusion which will make you believe the lie":

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2Th 2:8-12

The apostle reveals a very important principal here.

At first glance, it might sound kind of logical: if you do not believe the Truth you will believe a lie. But the principal goes deep, as Paulus basically says that Jah will amplify (y)our love.

When you love the Truth, Jah will give you more love for the Truth. He will guide you higher and deeper and will even grow His fruits in you so that you will do good things.

When you love the lie, that says "you can do what Yesus did", Jah will also give you more love for the lie. Just like the Antichrist who sets himself in the temple (that is the human body) and proclaims himself to be god, you will also think of yourself as on the same position as Yesus.

And because Yesus is Jah, when you claim you can obey the law you are actually claiming a place that only Jah can take. You will believe the exact same lie as Lucifer who said to himself he would rise above the Most High and become god.

Now, how can the law be a Great Delusion? Was that law not sent by Jah Himself, and is not Satan the father-of-lies? Is the law a lie?

Well, the apostle makes it clear that the Delusion we speak about here, does not originate from Satan. No, this is a thing that comes from Jah Himself and therefore it is a serious thing.

You can fight against attacks and misleadings from Satan, but when the Lord God Jah Himself is behind it, there is not much you can do.

You can not fight Yesus Kristos, Who is JAH!

You can not fight Yesus Kristos, Who is the Truth Incarnate!

It is an undeniable fact, that the Old Testament law is given by Jah Himself. The rules and regulations recorded in the first books of the Old Testament are all good, and if everyone would live according to that law the world would really be a better place!

But, as said, there is only One Who was able to keep up with the law. Only One, Who could live it up. Only One, Who... fulfilled the law!

Yes, Yesus fulfilled the law. The book of Hebrews explains this to the fullness. It even says: "What Is Fulfilled is Not Far From Vanishing".

Yes, the law had a place and a function, until it would be fulfilled. Just like a prophecy: it is valid until the time in which it was fulfilled. But when it is fulfilled, it has lost it's function and will only have a historical relevance so that we can understand/overstand the times we are living in.

Yesus fulfilled many prophecies, Yesus also fulfilled the law. He showed, that He is the Only One Who is able to Live it Up. This means, that Yesus is really JAH Himself, for Who Is Righteous But JAH alone?

The law was given to us, so that we would see just how big our sins are. So that we shall see, that we are completely unable to live it up, even if we want to. So that we shall see, that there is really not one who is righteous but Jah only.

We can, as some do, try to keep up with as many rules as possible. We can fool ourselves into thinking that Jah somehow will "balance" our good and bad deeds and make a decision based on that balance. We can... believe a lie!

But we can better decide to love the Truth. And the Truth is, that the law is fulfilled. What we are unable to do, Yesus has done for us. And when we accept Him as our Lord and Saviour, when we acknowledge that He is really JAH HIMSELF, He will make us born again.

We must be born again, not try to live up to a law that has already been fulfilled and "try to make the best of it". We must be born again, because our state shows that we are unable to live it up.

If we do not acknowledge that Yesus is really Jah, we are saying that people can actually become perfect without Jah. When we claim, that Yesus is not Jah and that "Christianity" is some sort of "Judaism 2.0", we are taking the place of Jah for we claim we can do what only Jah can do.

For Who is righteous but JAH?

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread

Spiritual Masochists: Don't You Want To Be Free?

Spiritual Masochists: Don't You Want To Be Free?

In the Kingdom of JAH, there is many mansions and there is many functions. One of these function is the spiritual warrior.

A spiritual warrior in the Kingdom of Jah has several missions, and one of them is to free up the souls of Jah Children. Souls in bondage by demonic activitey, or souls in bondage by tramua's.

I was blessed to see this many times. I have seen people getting free from bondage that sometimes was there since they were born. I am talking about victims of trauma-based mind control, for example.

Sometimes, it happens that people come to me with problems they have. These problems arise mainly in the psycho-social realms, at first glance that is. They feel captive by the ones who traumatized them in the past, or even today, and they will want to get rid of that feeling...

This is when they call in the help of ones they know to be spiritual warriors. Spiritual warriors go in spirit and fight down the spiritual entities that more often than not are at the core and roots of the problem that these people have.

I want to tell you a story that happenned to me throughout this last year. A thing that I have seen before, but it is also a thing I think I should share in public.

Sometimes, Jah sends me on a spiritual mission which takes a while. In this mission I go in spirit (meaning I make a conscious connection between my soul and my spirit) and I deal with the spiritual aspects of the matters that matter.

In this one particular mission, Jah sent me out to free up the souls of different people. I discovered a lot of filth, truly truly a lot of filth.

But there is no filth too filthy for Jah.

Or is there?

After I did what I had to do, which was to break down the chords around the people, I sent a message to the ones I had been fighting for. I told them, that they were now free to walk in the freedom because spiritually there was nothing that kept them in the prison they were in.

One person took this opportunity with two hands and did the non-spiritual things that were neccesary to walk in that freedom. I discovered two weeks later, just how much of an impact this had as this person could really move forward in life. A recent visit to this person was hearticaly confirming the joy of Jah Freedom to me.

Praise JAH!

Another person wasn't happy at all, though. The spiritual war I had to do for this person was fierce and intense, but in the Power of Yesus Kristos I did manage to break down the spiritual stronghold that slave masters put around this other person.

This person did not take the opportunity that was given. After I broke down the prison walls around this person and gave the same message as I gave to the other one, there was an initial joy. Ofcourse, for JAH Freedom has a beautifull sound and sight!

But Jah Freedom is not for the weak hearts. Is not for what I have come to identify as "spiritual masochists". You see, some people love to be bound spiritually. They love to be under the submission of Jezebels and other wicked ones.

They love to complain about what happenned in their lifes, they love to sit on their bottom and feel the abuse given to them again and again and again. Sure, they long to get what they see free people have, but they themselves refuse to step in that freedom.

Yes, I have seen this first hand and I am kind of shocked.

It was a huge lesson for me to learn. A huge, huge lesson. And I do not like to learn it, but on the other hand I have to learn it because I want to walk in truth and not in my own opinnion.

Somewhere in the Bible, there's a mention of "counting the cost" before you build a house. This principal does not only count towards building a house, but it goes for just about everything in the Kingdonm of JAH.

There is so much waiting for I and I and that kingdom, but we will not get it in the same way as Babylon and Satan "gives". For Babylon and Satan don't ask, they just impose. Impose their slavery, their trauma's and even possession of demonic entities.

Spiritual masochists?

Yes, they are there!

They -more or less- love the slavery and the bondage that satan gives them. They love the fact that they do not have to think for themselves, and they are pampered everyday.

On the other hand, they do see the freedom that others walk in, and so they will ask spiritual warriors to fight for them still. But when these warriors then start to fight and free up the souls of such spiritual masochists, it turns out that this was not the freedom they wanted.

What they wanted was a continuation of their situation, just without the bad feelings they will get every now and then. Feelings that make them realize how they will never be able to reap the fruits of freedom, because they choose to stay in what was known to them in the first place, namely their spiritual bondage.

Yes, I came to identify them as spiritual masochists. They refuse to be reformed by their new way of thinking, a way of thinking that Jah gave to them, they refuse to walk in freedom and build some thing, and it goes further.

I have recently came to know that there is actually people who pray to the Most High to bring them back in the slavery Jah set them out of. The story about the Israelites in the deserts wanting to go back to Egypt comes in mind and it is really, really true.

However, when you are a spiritual masochist and you call in the help of a spiritual warrior to be set free, just because you happen to have some inconviniences in your existance of being a spirutual slave, you are only making it worse for yourself.

It might sound harsh: but freedom is not free.
Freedom comes with a price.

And spiritual warriors only make the spiritual setting so that one can walk in that freedom. But the one who is being set free has to do the walking.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Then count the costs.

Leave Jah Business alone if you choose to walk in your weakness. Please, I ask you for your own sake. For if you call in the help of spiritual warriors and you are not walking in the freedoom they fought for, it will get back at you.


Freedom or slavery.




WWW, September 2007 - When Jah says that mankind has changed worship of Creator into worship of creation, did He also refer to the "bible-believing" Christians?

In the first verse of the Gospel according to John we can read: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with JAH, and the Word was JAH". Reading on just a little bit more will reveal without the shadow of a doubt, that John refers to Yesus Kristos when he speaks about the "Word of Jah".

It's a deep, profound teaching that John gives there. A teaching of which the implications unfortunately have gone lost to a large portion within what is generally kown as "Christianity" For they will identify the Word of Jah as... The Bible!

People can debate without end about topics, putting scripture against scripture in attempts to "convince" their opponents. People will "expose" "false teachings" just by quoting a few Bible scriptures. People will even study the Bible in order to get themselves some name and fame and power over others!

Never mind the fact, that there is no original manuscript left. Never mind the fact, that the (per)versions contradict each other and themselves. Never mind the fact, that the canon itself isn't even mentioned in the Bible and nobody can really explain just why "the Bible" is "right".

People who criticize "Christianity" will often refer to the fact that with a little bit of intelligence, you can make the Bible say just about anything you want the Bible to say. And it's true, especially when you realize that there are countless of (per)versions that will help everyone to read what they want to read.

But even if we would have the original scrolls, it would not better. The apostle Petrus wrote, that people were twisting the writings of Paulus as well as the other scriptures, and he was referring to the original manuscripts there.

We are give a wonderful example within this very same scripture. We all know about the Pharisees, how they knew their Bibles inside-out and how they loved to use that knowledge to get power over other people. How they even fooled themselves!

When Yesus faced the Pharisees, he told them: "You study the scriptures because you think there is eternal life in there, and you don't recognize Me and don't want to come to Me" (John 5:38 ).

We see this very same mentality within what is commonly known as Christianity. It can be recognized in the phrase: "The Word Of God says...", followed by some quote. A quote from a (per)version, that is. For the original manuscripts are lost.

We see, how many try to put Jah in a book, subsequently study that book, and somehow think that this the key to eternal life, the key to God, yes... God!

We see, that when John writes how the Word is Jah and became flesh, many will de facto believe that this is about the Bible rather than about Yesus Kristos Himself.

Now, why is that?

Why do people need a book, even if it is a translation or (per)version of a manuscript, of which the originals have long been lost? Why do people... need something in this creation and treat it as if this is God Himself?


Asking the question, is answering it.

Oh yes, we all know about the critique from the "bible-believing Christians" about the believe of many of my Rasta brothers and sisters that the Ethiopian Emperor is JAH. But they themselves believe in a book and call it the Word of Jah, Which we know is JAH Himself!

So why do people need that book? Why do people use that book as their Gateway to God? Yes: as God?

Obviously, it has everything to do that we are -in our natural state- unable to reach Jah. Since the fall, we are cut from direct contact with our Creator and all we had left was our place within Creation.

Still, the Creator maintains His Creation. He reveals Himself through Creation too. Jah even steps in His Creation and shows Himself to us many times.

He does so, through the Bible and through the Ethiopian emperor. He does so, by revealing Himself all over creation!

In the last verse of the gospel according to John, the apostle states that Yesus did so many things that if they would all have to be described, the world itself could not contain the books.

So we know, yes, the Creator has really done a lot of things to reveal Himself. But as soon as Jah reveals Himself, a particular law of nature comes into action.

It is the law of decay, that came into place when Adam and Eve ate from the fruit and became initiated in the mystery of iniquity. It is the law that dictates, how nothing in this creation is eternal. How nothing in this creation can last forever. How nothing in this creation is perfect.

It is, if you will: the law of sin.

It is, if you will: to have the knowledge of good and evil, which means nothing else than to have only a partial knowledge of good rather to have something on top of "knowledge of good". (SEE: "TO KNOW GOOD AND EVIL")

Our partial (dis)ability to "see good", which obviously means nothing else but to "see JAH", requires us to initially be confronted with some thing in creation which will refer us to the Creator Himself, Yesus Kristos!

We need something in this creation to show us The Way.

We need a witness.

We need a tangible witness.

We need a tangible witness in this creation in order to find the Way to the Creator. And as a matter of fact, we have a multitude of witnesses around us. From the Bible to the Ethiopian Emperor, from Spirit People to -in fact- the whole of Creation itself.

And this is exactly where many, many people stop. They hear the voice of the Creator clearly through the mouths of His many witnesses. Tangible, audible, visible, you name it. There is no speech or language where His voice is not heard!

Creation itself is a witness. Creation itself is a messenger.

But in some sick variation on the theme, many people are tricked and believe that the messenger is in fact the sender. Many people are tricked into believing, how creation is in fact the Creator.

The mere fact that we need something in this creation to point us out to the Creator, has been transformed by the forces of evil into the very worship of that creation itself!

Our partial disability to see Jah, to "know good", makes us worship that which we do see as if it is JAH!

It makes us worship creation rather than the Creator, even if that creation itself is conscious witness of the Creator and points out to the fact that it is only a witness.

For example: The Bible.

For example: The Ethiopian Emperor

But none of these witnesses are perfect, none of these witnesses in themselves are able to bring us in contact with the Creator.

None of these witnesses ARE Jah!

They can only... show us the Way!

So, then, what is that Way?

Obviously, here we have another question which has the Answer contained in itself. Obviously, there can not be a Way to the Creator if this Way is not the Creator Himself.

Obviously, that Way is Yesus Kristos, JAH manifested in the Flesh.

HE is perfect. HE is without sin. Whether you know it or not, Yesus Kristos is (the Way to) JAH. Whether you know it or not, you can only be in contact with your Creator though (the Door, that Door Which is) the Creator Himself!

Let us therefore know, that we live in a fallen creation. We need a witness, Jah uses witness to speak through, but a witness is a witness.

The Bible is such a witness. It's an imperfect witness, and can also be used to teach false doctrines. It can be used, to manipulate people and is used by Babylon System as the ultimate propaganda tool in what is called the "Judeo-Christian Civilization".

The Bible points out to Yesus Kristos, quite specific. The Bible says of itself, that there is no eternal life in it. The Bible witnesses of itself, that it contains only a description of an aspect of what Yesus Kristos really is doing.

It's not the Bible, that teaches me anything. It's not the Bible, that saved me. It's not the Bible that dictates what is true or not. This is all reserved for the Word of God Himself, and:

The Bible... is not the Word of God!

Yesus Kristos is the Word Of God!

This simple truth opens up the whole Bible, all of a sudden.

When you read stuff like: "Your Word Is A Lamp For My Foot", this really means "Yesus Is The Light".

When you read stuff like: "The Word Of God Is A Two-Edged Sword", and "The Sword Of The Spirit Is The Word Of God", this really means that "Yesus is a two-edged Sword", that "Yesus is the Sword of the Spirit".

Yes, some people really claim that the Sword of the Spirit is the bible. They claim that the Bible is a two-edged sword and a light for our foot. They really think that the devil is afraid for a few Bible Scriptures and that reading the Bible will give us eternal life.

Therefore, when you would use the words "Word of God" and "Bible" interchangeably, I would say that my Bible is JAH.

It is JAH, Who teaches me. He teaches me through the Bible, through creation, through revelation and experience. It is JAH, Yesus Kristos, Who is my Weapon. It is JAH, Yesus Kristos, Who is the Lamp for my foot. It is JAH, Yesus Kristos, Whose teachings are written in my heart.


One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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