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When JAH is good, did He "create evil"? And is there something as "knowledge of evil"? Did Satan and the wicked Watchers really create beings, and how can he appear as an angel of light anyway?

A deep meditation about good and evil.

On our planet, we deal with daytime and nighttime. We deal with the Sun as the source of light during the day, which we call Sunlight. In the night, we usually deal with the moon. When we are romantic, we would speak about having a nice time in the Moonlight, for example.

However, not to spoil the fun here, but there is something wrong with this. No, nothing wrong with being romantic, at least not when you do it in a righteous way, but there something wrong, let's say, physics-wise...

Sometimes, when there are no romantic couples around, I will say: "There is no such thing as Moon light". After an initial chuckle, most will agree. For it is a matter of fact, that the Moon doesn't have any light, as it only reflects the light of the Sun.

Usually, we will see this "Moon Light" when we live in the dark, that is: in the night. The source of light itself will not be visible for us, while at best we will see a reflection of that light within the Moon.

As long as our side of the planet is faced towards the Sun, we will be in the light. We will be able to see what we do, we will be kept warm, as we absorb it's energy: Day.

When we move further away from the Sun along the day, we will see less and less. It will get dark: Night.

Darkness, in itself, is literally nothing.

Darkness is rather the absence, than the presence of something.

That "something" obviously being light. When the light disappears, we will see nothing. We will see, that nothing can grow. Nothing can exist, even. For the light is the source of life.

This is true on our planet, where we are being put to learn about the Creator. This is equally true in the Spiritual and especially the Eternal realms.

When we look to the physical nature of light and darkness, we will see a truth about good and evil that will help us to understand that evil is really nothing, but rather the absence of something.

Let's take a look and see...

Spiritually, our creation lives in a "State of Night". We live in a State of Night. We have moved from Daylight to Night-darkness. We have moved ourselves away from the "Sun", from the Source of Life, our Creator.

In this night, we do have some light, because otherwise we would not be able to see anything at all. Most light is artificial though, and is only taking energy that really could not have been there if there would never have been light in the first place!

In this night, everybody knows about light and darkness. For everybody knows they have to turn on the light in order to chase the darkness away, if they want to do anything at all in the night. Even Moonlight, if you will, is artificial.

Because we are in this night for such a long time, people try to make sense out of the fact that the light is never really there. They think, that darkness and light must co-exist together, as they would think that the light is not as strong as the darkness.

Others would point out to the Moon and call it the Sun. How would they know, as they never saw the Sun in the first place but they definitely saw the Moon!

Yes, there is a "Moon", too. A Shining One, A Reptillian or Nagash, who calls himself the Light Bearer or Lucifer. As this damned lizard is in the Presence of the Most High, accusing the righteous, he will "absorb" the Light of Jah and reflect it to the world in darkness. And that world in darkness is amazed by this Angel of Light, who is a deceiver and has no light in himself.

Ever wondered why he is called "the Shining One"? This is why!

Obviously, this analogy can go on very deep and so it should. It is not for nothing, that good and light are similar concepts within Jah Teachings, and that evil and darkness and are kind of similar too.

Darkness, is really nothing. It is the absence of light.

Evil, is really nothing. It is the absence of good.

How did we get into this night? Why, when and how did we move away from the Source of Life, and what did we think we would gain by turning off the Light?

Did we really believe that there was such a thing as turning on the darkness? Did we really try to fill up a glass with emptiness?

Yes, we did and it worked like this.

Just before He created Adam and Eve, Jah had wiped away darkness with His Presence. This is why, as some people wonder, there was light before Jah (re)created the Sun. We were created in the Light, in Stricktly Goodness. When Jah created us, He said: "it is good", it is "light", it is "positive", it is "constructive"!

We were created with the knowledge of good. We knew Jah, we were in His Presence. We were In The Light!

We had nothing to gain, but everything to lose. And we lost it when we thought we would gain, we turned off the light when we thought we could just turn on a little bit of darkness...

Yes, there was a tree in the Garden of Eden, called: "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil".

Yes, there was a serpent, or Nagash, meaning "Shining One", who tempted Eve and Adam into taking from the fruit. And nuff can and must be said about this fruit, but not here.

And so, many people think that there is such a thing as "knowledge of evil". Especially because it seems like there truly is a knowledge of evil: the "art" or "torture", for example...

But the actual truth is a little bit different.

Taking from the tree did not somehow "add" "knowledge of evil" to us at all! It only removed a lot of knowledge of good! The light went out for a large degree. It became evening, and night...

The first thing they did, was to cover themselves. Cover themselves, as darkness had covered them for an certain degree. Cover themselves, as darkness covered them!

They didn't gain anything at all.

The same thing happened, when Lucifer became the Devil or Satan.

He was created, full of light. He was even appointed to a high position within Jah Creation, A creation full of light, full of goodness. But according to the ancient books, there was a time in which "iniquity" was "found" in him.

Iniquity is another word for a growing pile of unrighteousness. Sins. Not doing what we are supposed to do. The absence of being good.

Lucifer turned off the light and "became" the devil.

But actually, he didn't become anything at all. He lost what he had to a large degree, and the only light that is in him, is not really in him at all. It is only a reflection of Jah Light.

He is a "shiney one", a nagash, a reptillian, and we know why reptiles "shine", don't we...

The things and beings he "created", are not "created" at all either. For evil is not a creation. Evil is a corruption of creation.

We know from ancient times, that there is such a thing as the "Serpent Seed". We know about the nephilim, the beings that came into existence after the wicked watchers made it with the daughters of men.

But look closer and see: all these beings are only there, because Satan or another evil one will take something from creation and corrupt it. Satan can't create nything at all, he can only take what is not his' and corrupt it.

Much can, and must, be said about the nephilim and the "seed of the serpent", as some of these beings are called in the ancient book of Genes-is.

Today, we know a lot about it as we research the many abduction stories concerning the UFO's and how the evil ones are buisy with genetic modification in order to "create" themselves another perversion, another abomination, another corruption.

When we study all of this closer, we will see how the evil ones have to modify what is already there and are unable to produce anything out of themselves. Like the moon, they have to take some light of the Sun (creation of Jah) and reflect it, shine what is left back to earth (us!) in the hope that some will be fooled into thinking that there is such a thing as Moonlight!

Lucifer will only reflect Jah Light and make some people believe that he really is the light. He will take something from creation and somehow corrupt it in order to make himself a thing to exist, and make some people believe that Lucifer really has a creative power.

Make people believe, that "evil" can be "created" in the first place.

But evil isn't created. Evil is the absence of goodness.

But wait a minute...

Does the Bible not say that "God created evil"?


Often, the word "destruction" is translated in the Bible for "evil", and this is how people think that Jah "created" "evil", where Jah "only" says that He also destroys things. Puts them out of His Presence, out of the light, in utter darkness.

In the utter darkness, meaning, in the absolute nothing.

If you want to call that "creating evil", well, I guess you can also speak about "putting on the darkness" rather than turning off the light, or speak about "creating ruines" rather than "destroying a building"!

In the darkness, in utter darkness, the ultimate nothing, there is nothing but decay. Nothing will come in existence, but rather everything that is will perish, will be as if it never was.

Yes, we live in the night.

We have artificial light, that is light which is being transformed into light but really is a taking from creation. We have the moonlight, that is the devil himself coming as an angel of light.

We have artificial religion, that is "truth" which is really transformed into "truth" but is de facto a taking from the truth.



More than we like...

We have fake "Christians", who when you check them out are nothing but Satanists who need to dress up as a Christian in order to exist but are de facto something really different.

They take what is created by Jah, and pervert it into their own abomination. Just shed a little light on them, and you will see.

We have fake "Rasta's", who when you check them out are nothing but hippies who need to dress up as a Rasta in order to exist but are de facto something really different.

They take what is created by Jah, and pervert it into their own abomination. Just shed a little light on them, and you will see.

We have the "creatures of the night": the "nephilim", the "serpent seed", who when you check them out are really not created but rather genetically modified beings, and they need to dress up as a genuine creation of Jah in order to exist.

De facto, they are abominations. They were never created by Jah. They are not "creatures of the day". Just shed a little light on them, and you well see.

They cannot exist when the Sun comes up.

When the New Day comes.

And yes, thank you JAH, this New Day will come!

Haile Selassie's life symbolically and prophetically pointed out to it. The ancient prophets foretold it too. Even Yesus Kristos, Who is JAH HIMSELF predicted it.

JAH will come Personally. The New Day will come, and the Sun Will Shine, the creatures of the night will melt away like wax before the fire.


One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread



WWW, October 2007 - Two interviews, an in-depth article and a request to download and comment on a free track. Indeed: time for another (spiritual) update from the dread some love to hate!


Last September 30, I have been interviewed on Channel-Z Radio. The interview was very, very personal and we covered a lot of topics in just one hour. Topics which I write about and produce music about.

Reggae Music, (sighting) UFO's, the Nephilim, Spiritual Warfare, Hitler and the Aryans, our personal experiences in the system, the Christian Industrial Complex, 2012 and Atlantis.

Sure, many would say that these topics have nothing to do with each other, but obviously they do. They have all to do something with... the Truth, with Reality, with "the way things are".



For the Predicto website, and for the Dubroom, I have written an in-depth article that deals directly with spiritual war on the Internet. I tried to explain a little just what the spiritual war is, and why we are involved when we are living beings. Additionally, I tried to give some -recent- examples of spiritual warfare on the Internet, on the Dubroom Messageboards for example.

For those who are interested in more about this topic, yesterday Zeph E Daniel and I recorded an interesting reasoning/interview together wherein we go deeper into this article.

In the interview, the topic is covered to a deeper level. I speak about an infiltration on a Reggae Website where a politikal korrekt cult tries to make people Konform to Babylon System, claiming they are rebels against Babylon and roots musicians.

We also spoke about the fact that both brother Zeph-I and I were unable to konform to the shitstem, resulting in Babylon wanting to lock us up as if we are crazy.

I was blessed, because my parents did not want to go along with Babylon when they told my parents that I had to be in a crazy-house, where they would "fill me with medicine so I would either die or become a good Babylonian". Zeph had to go through a harder time, because his parents wanted him to konform to the system. He knows first-hand, and from a little age on, just how real and how spiritual this all is.

We spoke about the reason why they want to fight us down, which always has to do with KONFORMITY. Bow Down To The God Of This World Order, regardless as to whether you call him Jesus, Allah or Buddha (seen?). That is the message, and if you won't, you will pay.

However, Yesus Kristos already "paid". We are in Him and He is in us, and now we are freed to free, healed to heal, being fought for to fight for... our brothers and sisters, our fellow humans.



I've uploaded 67 tracks to the website. It's a website where musicians can upload their music, and others can download and even better: comment on the music.

One out of the 67 tracks can only be downloaded for the website. It is a radio version of my track Yesus Messiah, of which you can find a Discomix on my album Showcase and a DUB on my NET-Album "Reasonings in Dub".

Please download the track and please leave a comment. you will definitely be doing something for YESUS MESSIAH there, I assure you.




Yesus is Jah.

If Yesus is not Jah, then His Name is a lie, for His Name means JAH IS THE SAVIOUR.

So, if Yesus is not Jah, He is either not the Saviour or JAH is not our Saviour at all, for only if Yesus is Jah is when His Name is True.

If Yesus is not Jah, and He is still our Saviour, this not only means that Jah is NOT the Saviour, it also means that creation can save itself, for if Yesus is not Jah, He is a created being.

So if Yesus is not Jah, but still the Saviour, this means that Yesus showed us how to... be our own saviours.

Well, since JAH is the Saviour, here we are again in the full circle, for if we are our own Saviours, we are taking the place of God!

The "debate" as to whether Yesus is JAH therefore is not theoretical. It has too many implications one side or the other.

If you really believe that Yesus is not JAH, than you believe one or more of the following thing(s):

-1- The Name Yesus is a lie
-2- We must save ourselves
-3- We don't need salvation
-4- We have to do what Yesus did

So it is obvious: when you say you believe in a Yesus, and you do not believe that this Yesus is JAH, you are believing in another Yesus than those who believe Him to be Jah.

Let us love the Truth and be open about this. Let us not try to mix what cannot be mixed. If only for the fact that the Yesus Who is JAH is worthy of our worship and the Yesus who is not Jah is not worthy of our worship.

It is not, as someone on this board to my anger suggested, a way to say to someone else to go to hell. It is about standing for what you believe in without having to agree with the other one.

I say here without apology, that if Yesus is not Jah, I will go straight to hell. And I do not feel that those who do not believe Yesus is Jah have/will/want to put me there, even when they disagree with me.

So if you believe Yesus is not Jah and you are right, I will go to hell. But I am ready to die for what I (do not) believe in. In fact, I have been in that situation.

What about you?



When Jesus came to earth, He had to face tribulation. Everyone who walks in His footsteps, is guaranteed to have to face the same thing.

When we came to realize that we were sinners, and in need for salvation, we accepted the Good Message of Jesus Christ with thankfulness. Our hearts were filled with joy now that we found eternal security, completely undeserved.

But pretty soon, we would find that not everyone would appreciate our newly found faith. We would find fellow human beings, and even spiritual entities, on our way trying to fight us down.

In the Bible, we can read how Jesus Christ has told us how we would be treated in exactly the same way as He was treated: with scorn, persecution, hatred and ultimately... with deadly torture.

We all have to face this in some way or another. It can be, that you're rejected for "intolerance" because you happen to know that Jesus is the only Way. It can be, that you are put in prison or put to death by antichrist forces because you don't follow wicked laws that say you cannot evangelize.

It's a guarantee: when you are born again, you will have to face tribulation.

Just like Jesus.

And when such tribulation comes, it will never be a joyous thing in the beginning. Every time you're rejected because you happen to love your Creator, is another scarf on your soul.

But still there is much joy, a very deep joy to be found within tribulation. Because when you are persecuted for His Name's sake, it's not about you at all. You are persecuted because in some mystical way, Jesus lives through us and He is the One they are actually persecuting.

But since they can't reach Him where He is now, they turn on His disciples. And knowing that the time is short, we can all expect tribulation to increase on a global scale.

Realizing this -true- nature of persecution and tribulation can therefore be a source of joy. It is a confirmation, that indeed we are the sheep of His pasture. And with that, we're blessed with eternal security that nobody can take away from us.




WWW, September 2007 - The Rhythm of Reggae is more or less the heartbeat of my soul. I eat, drink and breath Reggae Music while giving thanks and praises to the Creator for JAH Music every time I do so.

Some people think that I'm doing the wrong thing, there. I beg to differ, Sir!

Without any apology, I can say that the Most High Jah used Reggae Music to call me to Him and become His son through the fulfilled Works of Yesus Kristos.

Even though I'm the son of a preacher man, even though my mother separated me for Jah before I was born, even though I grew up in the Pentecostal Church and heard the Bible from a very young age, that is.

The message that I got as a young child, was that there was a "God" and he was called "Jesus Christ". This "God" created a "Judeo-Christian Civilization" and demanded total obedience to that "Civilization": a Church-And-State System that can be traced back to the Tower of Babel somewhere in the Middle East.

It didn't matter whether I was in school or at the church, I would hear the same message. I would be surrounded by the same kind of children, even though they themselves would not think so. And they too would tell me the exact same message.

To me, the message was clear: OBEY and KONFORM to this World System!

OBEY and KONFORM to this World System, even when you are unable to.

OBEY and KONFORM to this World System, even though it is not explained to you why.

OBEY and KONFORM to this World System, even though you know for sure that you are told lies and are being downpressed.

OBEY and KONFORM to this World System, or... face the Consequences!

In my case, I was unable to OBEY and KONFORM, even when I wanted to. I just wasn't born that way, and obviously this had something to do with the fact that my mother separated me for Jah before I was born.

So I had to face the consequences. I was unable to bow down for the God of This World Order that they called Jesus Christ and I would feel it bigtime. In my ignorance I turned to what I thought was the enemy of that god, a guy called Satan.

I was unable to see, that the "Jesus Christ" who is the god of this World Order, isn't the Divine Saviour at all! I was unable to see, that the god of this World Order was really Satan and my rebellion only brought me into a form of slavery that was even worse: demonic possession.

All of this started when I was really young, like 4 years old or even earlier than that. While the demons that possessed me "taught" me their lies and gave me their "gifts", while the System and their workers would traumatize me with a wide variety of methods, I developed a strong hate against what I thought was "God".

I was traumatized so much by the propaganda and abuse, that I couldn't stand the Bible, or even the word "Jesus". I hated the one who was responsible for creating such a system and I thought his name was "Jesus Christ".

Until JAH revealed Himself to me and everything began to make so much sense.

It started, when I heard Reggae Music for the first time. I was about 15, 16 years old and I was visiting a place. Someone played a track called "Five Nights of Bleeding", by UK based DUB Poet Linton Kwesie Johnson.

The deep rhythm of the drum and bass was so familiar to me, it was like a reunion with a long lost friend. It was the heart beat of the heart with which I knew myself to be created.

I didn't understand much of the lyrics, but I knew I found the music that I was created for. Or at least, this was how this seemed and still seems to me. The music was not created for me, but I was created for the music. The music was the same thing that kept me alive, I simply knew that.

Little by little, I began to understand the lyrics of much of the music. Linton Kwesie Johnson himself is an atheist, but there is a lot of Reggae Music that has words about the Creator, and even words from the Creator as many tunes are almost complete Bible Lyrics on a heavy drum and bassline.

I began to hear the call of JAH RASTAFARI. I found out, that JAH RASTAFARI was the CREATOR, and that HE was very much opposed to the World System. In fact, the World System is an opposition to the Creator!




WWW, September 7 2007 - Last August 26, I was blessed to expose Christafari on Shortwave Radio, broadcasting all over the Carribean and Africa as well as the world over the Internet.

It was the release from a burden that I had to carry for ten years. A burden to expose and prophesy to the builders of the "Gospel Reggae Kingdom" within the larger structures of the Christian Industrial Complex.

Actually, it's over ten years. When I took my first steps in Cyberspace, it was 1996. One of the first people I met over the Internet, was a guy called Mark Mohr.

We both had dreads, and we both spoke about Jah and Jesus Christ. We were both playing Reggae Music. We both thought that we had found someone who was on the same road, but it soon turned out that we were wrong.

He was on his way to create a "Gospel Reggae" branch in the Christian Industrial Complex, and I was on my way to start a website that would promote Reggae Music. He was busy stealing and imitating my Culture, and my spiritual Identity too, in order to make himself a name and fame in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Industry, and I wasn't aware of this at first.

At first, I thought that Mohr was just another American guy full of ignorance, and just needed to know a few things so that he would know that there was no reason whatsoever to separate himself from Reggae Culture in order to be able to praise the Lord Jah in his music.

After a decade, I know better. Mohr never intended to be part of that culture. He intended to plunder it, and even infect it with a Babylonian form of "Christianity" that basically says you go to hell if you don't go to the Babylon Church and worship the Pastor and the President.

There is a Gospel Reggae Industry, Mark Mohr sells almost half a million copies of his works, while living gay in one of Los Angeles' most expensive neighborhoods. He writes negative articles about Yabby You, the Iriginal Yesus Dread, while claiming to be the "founder, leader and pioneer" of something he calls "gospel reggae".

And indeed, he is.

Mind you, though: "Gospel Reggae" definitely is NOT the same as Spiritual Reggae created by Dreadlocksmen who love Yesus Kristos.

People like Yabby You, for example.

According to Mark Mohr, the products in his marketplace are the "true Christian" alternative to "the ever enigmatic Yabby You and Messian Dread". He even tells people that God would never want them to buy any other Reggae Music than that which he sells on his "sanctified" webstore.

The Gospel Reggae Industry has become well established, as throughout the years many joined Mohr in his enterprise. I tried to reach out to what I thought were my brothers and sisters in Yesus Kristos and warn them for the true identity of the Gospel Reggae Industry and her "Founder and Pioneer", but all I met was a Deja-Vu.

It started when I was transcribing an interview that was posted on the Christafari website. It contained information about the release of Christafari's album "To the Foundation".

I heard, how Mohr was lifting himself up, marketing his false gospel and his false Christ with.

I heard, how he had deadicated a song to me, that is to say: to the ones who tried to expose Christafari for the false Christians and parasites that they really are.

I listened to lie after lie after lie, even to Mark Mohr quoting the Bible to back up his lies.

He spoke about "thesis's and books" written about "him". Actually these books are about his self-titled religion called Christafarianism".

He told his listeners how he "tried to reason", where actually it was ten years of complete rejection of any reasoning, even articles in which I was publicly handed over the Satan for trying to reason.

Listen for yourself: CLICK FOR AUDIO FRAGMENT (MP3, 566Kb)

Not really a pleasant sound, but nothing much since I know how Mark Mohr loves to back-bite on his albums. After all, he takes every critique on his fake gospel and his fake "christianity" very personal, just like his self-titled religion called Christafarianism.

But that wasn't all.

I was about to be confronted with something that was much more evil.

Mark Mohr told his listeners, how he had attempted to "plant" a "church" in Trinidad. I have written extensively in my second book on Christafari, how the "Church Planter" was more or less booed off the island and how he had written a "letter of divorce" to The Gathering, as the "church" is called.

I also know, that he is a fan of Rick Warren and has played with his band in the Purpose Driven Headquarters of Saddleback Church in California. I know, that he tried to indoctrinate the people of Trinidad with Warrens poisonous "Purpose Driven Life", and I have documented all of this too.

But I was blown away, when I heard Mohr admitting to all of this. I could hardly stop vomiting, as my head started spinning with something I cannot describe otherwise than Holy Anger.

Did I hear that correctly?

Yes, I did!

He deadicated a song on his album to the people of Trinidad and it is called: Too Much... CANNIBALS!

Listen for yourself: CLICK FOR AUDIO FRAGMENT (MP3, 566Kb)]

Yes, cannibals. Christafari will point out to their name as coming from the same root as the name Christopher. Christopher-I, planter in Trinidad, was chased away from the island of Trinidad and now he refers to the inhabitants as "cannibals".

En passant, he mentions the fact that he considers "sheep" to more "more dangerous" than wolves, that he wishes to "change" this congregation of sheep as he chuckles: "churches are allergic to change"...

Does anybody care? Does anybody even notice it?

After more or less recovering from witnessing this enormous insult, this curse on Jah's people, this back-biting in name of "jesus christ", I couldn't go on transcribing this interview. My source, who helped me out with the transcriptions, witnessed how I was confronted with this trauma big time.

JAH told me to go and find out just what was the matter and I started my Spiritual Journey called Psalm 91.

I found out what was the matter.

Mark Mohr, being the demonic possessed individual that he is, tried to trigger a trauma I carry with me from since I was a very young child. It is the trauma of being hurt by worshippers of the god of this world order, posing as "Christians" who "worship Jesus Christ". It is the trauma that is also imposed on millions of people world-wide, who we know as the "sufferers".

Again, I could do nothing but concluding how Mark Mohr was deliberately working within that Christian Industrial Complex he calls "the Church". That Christian Industrial Complex that works to get people worship the Church-and-State system the bible calls Babylon, the Beast.

Jah sent Christafari close to where I live, and a few Idren and I went to spiritually confront the workers of Satan. I said goodbye to the "founder and leader" of "Gospel Reggae". I told him, that if he would not repent, Jah would cut him down.

An in-depth report can be found HERE.

A few days later, I was interviewed on Channel Z about Christafari. It was broadcasted live and direct through Short-Wave all over the Carrib and Africa. Over the Internet, a world-wide audience was reached. the Christafari website went dead during the broadcast, as we chanted down Christafari in front of a potential audience of millions.

A report and MP3 file of the interview can be found HERE.

It's of my shoulders now.

I will close down the Christafari File, make a website about them where all the information can be found, and comments can be placed and thing, but I no longer consider it my duty to prophesy to Christafari what will happen to the workers of Babylon that they really are.

I no longer consider it my duty to try and reach out to all those workers for the Gospel Reggae Industry, who do not wish to separate themselves from that system which makes money with jesus and start promoting Reggae Music as a whole.

For me, The Gospel Reggae Industry is burned.

It is gone.

I am dancing on it's ashes.

I already see what the Gospel Reggae Industry means in eternity. I see what it means, their big Gospel Festivals and their Gospel Reggae Awards in which they praise ach other into their high heaven.

It's n.o.t.h.i.n.g. It's n.o.w.h.e.r.e.

And so, Jah set me free to live it up!

When workers of that industry try to contact me, I throw their messages straight into the thrash can. I don't even answer them no more.

When they call me to be a friend on MySpace, I simply press deny and when it happens too much I will even press "mark as spam".

When they will try to post their stuff on the Dubroom Messageboard or try to write a comment on one or more of the Dubroom blogs, these comments will not make it to the public's eye either.

The time to reason is over.

The split is now.

Those who wish to fornicate with the Gospel Reggae Industry and make money of their jesus christ are dead, as far as I'm concerned.

This is not to say that I don't think Jah will not wake some of them up so they can live. Maybe Jah will even wake up Mark Mohr himself! I definitely do not know.

And frankly, I don't really care anymore either. I thank Jah, that I can close this particular thing. I was there when the Gospelreggae industry was built, prophesying against the builders who cursed me away. And now that the building is there, my duty is over.

I choose LIFE and I choose to LIVE IT UP!

Goodbye, Gospel Reggae!

Give Thanks, One Love
Messian Dread



Most Christians would think, "preaching the gospel" means to talk about Yesus to lost sinners. But "preaching the Gospel" goes much further...

I preach the Gospel to satan. I tell him the good news that YESUS is the CONQUERING LION OF JUDAH WHO HAS CONQUERED OVER DEATH AND EVIL, but to him it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the demons and fallen angels. I tell them the good news that YESUS is the POWER OF THE TRINITY and that THEY HAVE LOST ALREADY BEFORE THEY EVEN BEGIN, but to them it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the Satanists, including those Satanists that speak of their god as "Jesus Christ". I tell them the good news that YESUS is THE ONE AND ONLY TEACHER AND PASTOR, and that THEY HAVE CHANGED THE WORSHIP OF CREATOR INTO THE WORSHIP OF CREATION, but to them it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to Babylon. I tell her the good news that she is BOUND TO FALL, as YESUS KRISTOS WILL SOON COME IN THIS DIMENSIONAL REALM TO REVEAL THE TRUTH FOR ALL TO SEE, but to her it is bad news...

I preach the Gospel to the seekers of redemption. The ones that desperatly try to seek JAH. For Yesus is Jah and Yesus is the Way. Jah is the Way.

Most of the time, I preach the Gospel to the enemies of JAH. But still I preach the Gospel. It is not about making them repent. Not at all. The Leopards cannot change their spot.

The Ethiopian cannot change his skin. Whether Spiritual or Carnal or Both. I am who I am.

When I am created to be with Jah forever, I will become born again in this life. I might even become born again at the end of this life like the sinner on the cross with Yesus.

When I am not created by Jah, I will not become born again. I might go to church and thing and think I am born again but I am not born again at all.

It is not up to us.

What is up to us is to preach the Gospel.

When I do spiritual warfare I preach the Gospel. When I reason with people I preach the Gospel. When I write a review I preach the Gospel. When I breath I preach the Gospel.

And I will give thanks for everyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear.



In the Kingdom of JAH, there are Spiritual Warriors. Some of them are known, others are not. But who are they, and what are they doing?

A spiritual meditation...

Spiritual Warriors of JAH, you know who you are. This is a meditation from the Ites of I...

Some of us are known and others are not known. Some of us are still waking up to who we are, others are growing into a deeper knowledge where they were aware of themselves.

Spiritual Warriors fight the good fight. Like all Spirit People, it has to do with our own trod in Christ as we fight down the sin in our flesh from our spirit by the means of our soul. Sure thing there. Yes, that is the good fight.

But there is more to Spiritual Warfare and it has to do with let's say the bigger picture. The picture that goes beyond our own lifes.

What is that big picture?

Well, in short: it is the story of the Creator with his creation. The Story of the Eternal One, seen from within the timely realms where we speak about a present, a past and a future. The Story of the Eternal One, in an understanding that JAH deals with things from HIS Perspective, not ours.

It is the story of mankind, fallen in sin. Creation, fallen in sin. It is the story of all kinds of beings, all kinds of warfare, as darkness is desperatly trying to find a different way to hide for the light than just to dissapear.

JAH uses angels, warrior angels even, in this war. No, not that He needs anyone to fight for Him. That would be foolishness to think. After all, He is the Creator. But He chooses to use created beings like warrior angels.

Jah also uses Spirit People in this. Spirit People, born again in Yesus Kristos and therefore born of JAH. Higher than the angels when it comes to their spirits, lower than the angels when it comes to their bodies. And within their soul there is always a lot of things going on as well.

Spiritual Warriors are ones who have learned by JAH, not in a book and not in anything other than the teaching of Yesus Kristos Himself, to connect between their soul and their spirit.

The spirits of the born again spiritual warrior, namely, is born of Jah and knows excactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Even why it should be done.

So there is no problem there at all.

When John speaks about that what is born of Jah cannot sin, does not need to be taught et cetera, John speaks about our spirits.

In our soul there is a different story.

Our souls are kind of like the nerve-center for everything. Even though our spirits and our bodies are self-aware, our main consciousness is our soul consciousness and therefore we do not always know in our soul who we are in spirit.

Jah teaches people to use their soul to listen to their spirits rather than the sin in their flesh, rather than their flesh even. We call this spiritual growth but actually it is a growth in the soul as it connects more and more with our spirits.

Spiritual Warriors are also involved in this process. Their souls and their spirits connect as their spirits, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Jah, do spiritual warfare.

This warfare is manifold. But most of the time, it has to do with setting captives free. It has to do with chanting down strongholds which are like fortresses in the spiritual realms but they have also their localities here in this world.

The warfare also has to do with breaking down Babylon. Yes, that is right. The Queendom of Lucifer in all her facets, is falling. To many of us it seems like Babylon and the New World Order are like building things, and even reaching to their purpose and goal, but in fact Babylon is heading for her own downstruction.

Spiritual Warriors fight in the spirit. They will free souls that are held captive. Souls of possessed people, for example. Souls of slaves held in bondage by their slavemasters, under trauma based mind control.

Spiritual Warriors will also be on the offense. They will agressively chant down Lucifer and his soldiers, they will fight against beings that some call "aliens", or "spirits", or "duppies", these are all the same.

Spiritual Warriors will not fight flesh and blood. But this means, the flesh and blood of humans. Like the sons and daughters of Eve, the seed of the woman if you will.

When David slew Goliath, David was NOT fighting flesh and blood. He was fighting the nephilim BIGTIME.

But the difference between David and I and I in this dispensation is that our weapons are not carnal. We will never touch the body of a demon possessed individual, a Satanist, et cetera. We will not need a physical slinger to kill Goliath. But we will fight their spirits.

Our weapons?

Well, even the Bible speaks about it. The Bible speaks about "The Sword Of The Spirit Which Is The Word Of JAH". YESUS.

I and I only have one weapon. And it is the Power of the Trinity. The NAME of YESUS. As He guides our spirits in this battle, we simply use one weapon.

Yes the weapon may look like a sword, spiritually. In the spiritual realms. But it can also look like a lasergun, or whatever. Just a beam of light. That's not important.

Our Weapon is YESUS KRISTOS Himself!



As we trod forward in what is usually called "Spiritual Growth", there is one thing that is kind of really important to know about ourselves. Or maybe I should say: three things.

In debates about the Trinity, I usually refer to the fact that we as humans are little trinities ourselves. I find the fact that we are created in His Image kind of relevant here, too.

How can it be, that we have the Father, the Son, the Spirit, all having a Self-consciousness and still One Person? Pages, pages, pages of debate...

As usual, we only have to look within to find many answers. We only have to look to ourselves in order to see how this "can" be...

Well, simple.

We are Body, Soul, Spirit, and all these three "aspects" of us have a self-consciousness.

Our bodies have a self-consciousness. We can find this out by simply realizing that our brains will tell our hearts to keep beating, for example. This is a self-consciousness of our bodies, that "we" are not always aware of.

"we"? Yes. Usually, when we talk about "me, we", we talk about that second aspect of us: our souls. In our souls we feel, we meditate, et cetera. In our soul, our personality can be found and every artist as well as music lover knows that the soul is very, very real.

We are not aware of the self-consciousness of our bodies. At least, not to the fullness. We would become crazy if we would have to keep our bodies alive on a soul-conscious level.

Now, watch this.

This very same principal applies to our spirits, too.

Let me just speak about the situation as it applies to ones who are born of Spirit.

Our souls are not always, not fully, aware of what our spirits are doing. Our spirits, born of JAH, can not sin, will not stop praying, will work for JAH, will not have to learn anything.

When we talk about "we", when we talk about "consciousness", all of the above is very relevant to take into consideration.

For what do we mean with "consciousness"?

Which level are we speaking about?

Usually, we will be conscious on the soul level. Our souls will be conscious of the self-consciousness of our bodies, too, but only to a certain degree.

Just try to breath consciously in your soul, use your soul to make your body breathe, and you will know what I talk about here: there really is a self-consciousness of the body that we do not always have in our souls.

And this goes for our spirits, too!

I believe, that what we call "growth" is not as much that our spirits grow, but it is more that our souls become more and more aware of our spirits.

However, most people will not reach this level. And the reason for that is, that they are not able to discern between what is their soul and what is their spirit.

And I have seen this too many times.

People getting in total confusion because they do not know that what they think is their spirit in reality is their soul.

That's why I started explaining to people, how we have these three levels of consciousness.

there is much more to say about this, I hope that I could give your soul a little bit food for thought, I hope that Jah will use this meditation too...



A scripture: "The fool says in his heart, there is no JAH".

Are these just atheists or self-proclaimed atheists? I do not think so. I think that those who try to make merchandize out of the faithfull will also say in their heart that there is no JAH.

Atheists usually point to evolution. I do not know the details, but according to evolutionists the earth is too young for DNA to come into existance. In other words, they say that DNA is so complex it could never have evolved to what it is in the time they say the evolution takes place.

Evolution is "wishfull thinking". It is trying to find an excuse not to believe in the heart that JAH is there, or at least a Creator is there.

But to really, truly believe in the heart that there is no JAH, requires a faith so much greater than believing in JAH, a blind faith which even goes against the theory of evolution.

Many who claim that they do not believe JAH is there, which they cannot proof as one cannot proof a universal negative, only have indirect arguments. Like they will speak about the false christianity and so on, they will say "if Jah is love then why the wars" and all of that. Genuine questions, but not proving that JAH is not there.

I cannot really overstand why ones truly believe in their heart that there is no JAH. I truly can't. I have atheist family and they suprise me. They tell me that they are unable to believe in JAH. I wonder why, I never had that idea.

So I wonder why people think that there is no JAH...

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