Thursday, January 6, 2011

I symphatize with Norman Finkelstein

If there is one topic that arguably cannot be talked about without extremist ideologies and behaviour coming to the surface, it is the debate surrounding philosophies such as Anti-Semitism and (Anti-)Zionism. Fortunately, the Dubroom is not a place where too much thoughtless slogans go unchallenged, especially not concerning these topics. Probably every member of the Dubroom Message Boards who are interested in the matters, have a different view on it and that's more than fine.

When one wants to research these matters, it is extremely difficult to find material that is not tainted by either outright Anti-Semites or Zionists like this Aaron Gissin who says things like "With the Bible in one hand and the Gun in the other, we claimed the land". He could have walked straight out of a Christian Zionist (dominionist) conference...

In all of this, I think that Norman Finkelstein is at least a voice that needs to be respectfully heard. He stays calm, has a lot of thought, has every right to talk about the matter as child of Holocaust survivors, and yes he's Jewish himself too. What he has to say about the original American settlers rings more than a bell to me. Norman Finkelstein will not deny Israel's right to exist, but he will adress all the crimes that are being done surrounding the state of Israel.

What do YOU think?

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