Thursday, February 10, 2011

Babylon Observer Video Report: Iraqi Christians Continue To Flee


WWW, February 11 2011 - Iraqi Christians continue to flee their homes as the result of heavily increased violence against them. As they seek refuge in the Kurdish part up north, they have nothing left but their lifes.

The Iraqi Christians hold America mainly responsible for their sufferation. In the video, the Americans are said to have financed and trained both sides of the Muslim extremists. The Babylon Observer watches and prays...


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Babylon Observer Video Report: The DEA And The Dutch

WWW, February 2011 - According to documents recently released by Wikileaks, the American DEA is conducting what they call "controlled drugs deliveries" within the country of the Netherlands. The Americans do this without official permission, which they call "unofficial" but could better be called "illegal". The Babylon Observer watches an item from Dutch public TV and in accordance with Fair Use laws, shares his observation...

In the leaked documents, the American ambassador in the Netherlands is complaining how the Dutch Justice department does not want to go into official DEA requests to conduct these "controlled deliveries of drugs". Apparently things changed in the end of 2005, because in the first half of 2006, there were already six of such deliveries conducted on Dutch soil and with cooperation of the Dutch police.

What changed?

A political situation, perhaps... Or something more sinister...

However, the Wikileaks show that the Americans are now very pleased because they found a way to bypass the Dutch Justice department by conducting so-called "police to police information", that is: information from one police unit to another.

As a professor in criminology, very much esteemed in the Netherlands, this is either done illegally by the police who doesn't inform the justice department or it is done illegally by the Justice department itself, because no official request is done in either case.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Icon of Christ in His Kingly Character

a spiritual meditation

WWW, February 2011 - Everyone who looks at the above picture (click for enlargement) will answer "Haile Selassie", when asked "who is this?". There's a little problem, though: this icon which was found in a church at Mnt Sinai was allegedly created in the 6th century. Is there a significance behind this fact?

Personally, I believe that the Ethiopian Emperor is an Icon of Christ in His Kingly Character. You could say, in short, a living Psalm talking about the coming reign of Yesus Kristos as He will end Babylon just like it is foretold. An icon is a reminder, a symbol of something or Someone. Just look to your own computer and it is very clear just what an ikon is.

Now, to this ancient painting...

It is evident that there is more than a similarity between the Ethiopian Emperor and this painting. Unless it turns out that this is abig hoax (which I doubt considering the fact that I came across this painting by means of a non-Rasta who posted it), it is a striking confirmation of the fact that yes indeed, the Ethiopian Emperor has this spiritual function of bein an ikon of Christ in His Kingly Character.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Dubroom Renovation Project (5): Studio Dubroom


DUBROOM, February 2011 - I've managed to renovate another part of the Dubroom, this time it is which is an artist/producer-only section filled with tips, tricks and downloads. Most of the material present is older but now the studio is ready to be expanded again. Some material has been taken off-line, though. These are parts which were hardly ever read or were surely not about to be updated even they they should. I hope that everything is more overseeable.

The different loops, samples, soundfonts which you can download now all have their own download page, from where you can also click to comment on the material, either via the blog or via the forum. I do plan to share some more material to download pretty soon but I cannot say when that will be.


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