Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Messian Dread Presents A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection (CD Edition)


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WWW, August 27 2014 - About a week after the release of the Net Album, here came the CD edition of Messian Dread Presents A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection. No less than 16 tracks, a special license for all DJ's and full high quality cover art: it most certainly transcends it's online version. On top of that, obtaining this physical product will show that you are not just serious in your support for (DUB) Reggae Music, but about your own record collection as well. After all, this is a selection of very special tracks featuring legendary names like U Roy, Prince Jazzbo and Dillinger.

Of course, when you're just interested in the music and satisfied with burning your own CD you can simply jump to the Net Album download page and get the CD Quality wave files from there. No problem. This is not a release to make money, this is not even a promotional tool for Messian Dread and/or Dubroom Productions, while most of the vocalists featured on the album absolutely need no promotion either. This is simply an opportunity to get your hands on a physical presentation of the 2014 developments in the Dubroom studio and the reasons to want that can vary.

The reasons for the creation and eventual release of this album didn't vary. It's a selection without objection, after all. A selection documenting the enormous improvement in sound and other quality when compared to pre 2014 Dubroom productions. One reason. A selection that deserves to be presented with the special designed cover art because it tells a story. Another reason. A very special way of saying thank you to all those who have been supportive in one way or another. More reason. A physical quality product that more than justifies the price because it is a valuable addition to any Reggae record collection. Nuff reason.

This is a high quality product like any audio CD. The full color cover art (including on the disc itself) is printed in superior quality and the tracks are exact duplicates of the CD Quality Master Tapes (16 Bit, 44.100 Khz). The album itself was created in a special process at called Create Space. The musical works, the cover art, getting a UPC number: it took several days of working, tweaking, and reviewing both at the side of the Dubroom and at Amazon's. The process was concluded when the physical review copy was sent to the Dubroom via very snail mail and subsequently approved before it went live at Amazon. In fact, Amazon is the only place where you can actually get the album. 

The price is set at $12.50, which is quite reasonable for 70 minutes of pure heavyweight Dubwise and since Amazon has all these special shipping offers, it's even possible to have it shipped to your doorstep for close to no costs. The CD and cover art are printed on demand exactly like the copy that was physically reviewed and approved at the Dubroom, so you'll have the sign of approval from the Dubroom. Since Amazon is responsible for creating and shipping the exact high quality duplicate of the approved copy, you will have all the Amazon guarantees when it comes to the quality of the physical product itself. In short: The Dubroom approves the album, Amazon certifies you'll get what we approved. 

A labor of love for (DUB) Reggae and the many vocalists present on the album. Purchasing it is an equal "labor" of love for the very same. 

Nuff said.

01. Dennis Alcapone - Dub the Dub you Dubwise (4:15)
02. Dan Man - Blaze the Dubwise (3:41)
03. Dillinger - Dwell in Love and Dubwise (3:45)
04. Trinity - Light of this Dubwise (3:55)
05. Kojak - Prevailment of Dubwise (3:43)
06. Messian Dread - Loving Dubwise (3:46)
07. Prince Jazzbo - Rastafari Dubwise (3:29)
08. Seamus Ikonya - Babylon Dubwise (5:15)
09. U Roy - Mash Down Satan Dubwise (4:00)
10. Horseman and Dan Man - Robber Dubwise (3:39)
11. Messian Dread - Crazy but Dubwise (3:43)
12. Lone Ranger - Rock and Come in Dubwise (3:48)

13. Messian Dread - His Imperial Dubwise (4:03)
14. Dennis Alcapone - Dub to be Conscious (3:54)
15. Horseman and Dillinger - Dangerous and Dubwise (4:16)
16. Dillinger - Dwell in Love and Dubwise (Extended Dub) (5:26)



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Radio Dubroom Extra Chapter 4: MD Presents A Heavyweight Dubwise Selection Without Objection (CD) by Radio Dubroom on Mixcloud


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