Sunday, October 5, 2008



There is a "Christian Code". It's a Code of behavior that goes very deep, even though most people will probably never realize it.

The reason for that is, that the Code has nothing to do with Christian Livity, and everything with Babylonian standards.

Most "Christians" who live according to the Code are not Christian at all. They're just good Babylonians in a good Babylonian state religion. Their "Jesus" actually is the god of this world order.

I found this out the hard way, and at a very young age. Both Church and State were exactly the same thing. When I went to school, I engaged the same thing as in the "Church".

Just like the steeples, pointing in the air like the judging finger of a hateful dictator, everything pointed out to this message: "Be a good Babylonian".

And we all know what a good Babylonian is: a mind-controlled slave, unconscious. When you ever saw the movie "The Matrix", especially the first episode, you know what I'm talking about.

Ask questions, Question Authorities, and you will engage abuse. You will be made fun of, as you're considered to be a danger to the Order. And everything will be done in the Name of the One they claim to follow: Jesus Christ.

When I was a child, these "Christians" would traumatize me. They would make it very clear that I was never to think that I would ever be a part of their group. They would make it clear, that "God" would never accept anyone outside of their group, too.

I carry the scarves on my soul until this day.

At a very young age, I made a conscious choice to be with Satan. After all, they had given me the idea that "Jesus Christ" was the god of this world order. And since I did not, and still do not, fit in that order, I figured I would than be better off walking with Satan, the outcast.

So I thought...

After listening to Reggae Music for years, I found out that the god of the order is in fact Satan! And when Jah put me in a position where I had to bow down for Yesus Kristos, I became a Christian myself.

Did anything change?

Yes, and no.

I changed. I am redeemed, I am freed, I am saved. I have a living relationship with the Living God, Yesus Kristos.

However, I am still being abused by others who call themselves "Christian". In fact, the abuse is even stronger than in the past! Especially, since I now consider many of these people to be my brothers and sisters. But this consideration is not vice versa, that has become quite clear.

I still break the Code, and so I will still face what I am facing all my life: a continual realization that I will never be a part of the World Order.

But the difference is, that I know the truth now. I know, that the "Jesus" of Babylon is in fact Satan pretending to be an angel of light. I know, that the mind-controlled slaves who live in their "Christian" matrix are the ones who follow Satan.

And the difference is also, that I know about the Code. I know, that it is good to break the Code. I know, that breaking the Code has nothing to do with being disobedient to the Almighty. In fact, obedience to Jah is to break the Code!

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