Thursday, October 9, 2008

Spiritual Masochists: Don't You Want To Be Free?

Spiritual Masochists: Don't You Want To Be Free?

In the Kingdom of JAH, there is many mansions and there is many functions. One of these function is the spiritual warrior.

A spiritual warrior in the Kingdom of Jah has several missions, and one of them is to free up the souls of Jah Children. Souls in bondage by demonic activitey, or souls in bondage by tramua's.

I was blessed to see this many times. I have seen people getting free from bondage that sometimes was there since they were born. I am talking about victims of trauma-based mind control, for example.

Sometimes, it happens that people come to me with problems they have. These problems arise mainly in the psycho-social realms, at first glance that is. They feel captive by the ones who traumatized them in the past, or even today, and they will want to get rid of that feeling...

This is when they call in the help of ones they know to be spiritual warriors. Spiritual warriors go in spirit and fight down the spiritual entities that more often than not are at the core and roots of the problem that these people have.

I want to tell you a story that happenned to me throughout this last year. A thing that I have seen before, but it is also a thing I think I should share in public.

Sometimes, Jah sends me on a spiritual mission which takes a while. In this mission I go in spirit (meaning I make a conscious connection between my soul and my spirit) and I deal with the spiritual aspects of the matters that matter.

In this one particular mission, Jah sent me out to free up the souls of different people. I discovered a lot of filth, truly truly a lot of filth.

But there is no filth too filthy for Jah.

Or is there?

After I did what I had to do, which was to break down the chords around the people, I sent a message to the ones I had been fighting for. I told them, that they were now free to walk in the freedom because spiritually there was nothing that kept them in the prison they were in.

One person took this opportunity with two hands and did the non-spiritual things that were neccesary to walk in that freedom. I discovered two weeks later, just how much of an impact this had as this person could really move forward in life. A recent visit to this person was hearticaly confirming the joy of Jah Freedom to me.

Praise JAH!

Another person wasn't happy at all, though. The spiritual war I had to do for this person was fierce and intense, but in the Power of Yesus Kristos I did manage to break down the spiritual stronghold that slave masters put around this other person.

This person did not take the opportunity that was given. After I broke down the prison walls around this person and gave the same message as I gave to the other one, there was an initial joy. Ofcourse, for JAH Freedom has a beautifull sound and sight!

But Jah Freedom is not for the weak hearts. Is not for what I have come to identify as "spiritual masochists". You see, some people love to be bound spiritually. They love to be under the submission of Jezebels and other wicked ones.

They love to complain about what happenned in their lifes, they love to sit on their bottom and feel the abuse given to them again and again and again. Sure, they long to get what they see free people have, but they themselves refuse to step in that freedom.

Yes, I have seen this first hand and I am kind of shocked.

It was a huge lesson for me to learn. A huge, huge lesson. And I do not like to learn it, but on the other hand I have to learn it because I want to walk in truth and not in my own opinnion.

Somewhere in the Bible, there's a mention of "counting the cost" before you build a house. This principal does not only count towards building a house, but it goes for just about everything in the Kingdonm of JAH.

There is so much waiting for I and I and that kingdom, but we will not get it in the same way as Babylon and Satan "gives". For Babylon and Satan don't ask, they just impose. Impose their slavery, their trauma's and even possession of demonic entities.

Spiritual masochists?

Yes, they are there!

They -more or less- love the slavery and the bondage that satan gives them. They love the fact that they do not have to think for themselves, and they are pampered everyday.

On the other hand, they do see the freedom that others walk in, and so they will ask spiritual warriors to fight for them still. But when these warriors then start to fight and free up the souls of such spiritual masochists, it turns out that this was not the freedom they wanted.

What they wanted was a continuation of their situation, just without the bad feelings they will get every now and then. Feelings that make them realize how they will never be able to reap the fruits of freedom, because they choose to stay in what was known to them in the first place, namely their spiritual bondage.

Yes, I came to identify them as spiritual masochists. They refuse to be reformed by their new way of thinking, a way of thinking that Jah gave to them, they refuse to walk in freedom and build some thing, and it goes further.

I have recently came to know that there is actually people who pray to the Most High to bring them back in the slavery Jah set them out of. The story about the Israelites in the deserts wanting to go back to Egypt comes in mind and it is really, really true.

However, when you are a spiritual masochist and you call in the help of a spiritual warrior to be set free, just because you happen to have some inconviniences in your existance of being a spirutual slave, you are only making it worse for yourself.

It might sound harsh: but freedom is not free.
Freedom comes with a price.

And spiritual warriors only make the spiritual setting so that one can walk in that freedom. But the one who is being set free has to do the walking.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Then count the costs.

Leave Jah Business alone if you choose to walk in your weakness. Please, I ask you for your own sake. For if you call in the help of spiritual warriors and you are not walking in the freedoom they fought for, it will get back at you.


Freedom or slavery.

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