Sunday, October 5, 2008



Lately, I have been confronted with a number of situations in which certain things became obvious. A common denominator in situations which appearantly have no real connection other then that I witness them.

Just the other day, a fight in a family and the woman ran off scared but not really. Someone saying: "If you don't experience happiness then quit the relationship". But fighting has it's advances, appearantly. It gives people a reason to tear down another one continually as a way of survival in what can hardly be called a life.

Another day, another conflict, where another people have another problem. Rights and respect are obviously two things which you sometimes have to fight for. They are not automatically given and so it can be that one person uses the humbleness of another person until that other person decides to fight for some right. A fight without end, obviously, as there is allways a situation to be found in which two basic rights appearantly stand eachother in the way and so: "if you stand up for your right then I will stand up for mine"...

A third day, and a third situation driving people away from eachother. Different definitions of concepts can go unnoticed for quite a while until the obviously different ends show the different means. For means do not justify, but surely exposes the goals!

And yet, a fourth day and another train of events. After close study of definitions one decides to make use of another one's definitions without neccesarily applying them in one's own philosophy. Philosophical, or even religious hitch-hiking can have it's instant and therefore temporal advancements as well.

Did you guess the common denominator? There are several, actually. Conflictuous situations, some of which gone pretty far in the effects on others. Selfishness and self-righteousness is another. And especially that last one is pretty important!

So there is one denominator and that is SELF LOVE. The LOVE for SELF. Oh, how many therapies and thing are currently running in the several "churches". How many people do actually think they have to love themselves as a commandment of JAH? How many therapies and seminars are there, all aimed at "learning to love yourself"? How many times do you hear the so-called "Christian Media" scream blood and fire about an appearant "lack of self love"?

It's all vanity and a root for needless conflicts.

The Bible doesn't say: "In the end times people will hate themselves" or "the fruit of therapy is love, etc etc...".

The Bible says: "In the end time people will be Lovers Of Self" and "The Fruits of the Holy Spirit is love, etc etc etc..."

And so you see, people loving themselves over truth for example. They think, that loving yourself is a commandment of JAH . They think, that "love" is more important then Truth and they do not realize how Love is happy with the Truth, as the Bible tells us.

How then, do we handle these situations as describe in previous paragraphs? How then, do we deal with the fact that people love themselves rather then the Truth and therefore do not even really love themselves as they do not want to hear the Truth about themselves?

We could start, by acknowledging that we love ourselves as a natural fact. We do not have to learn to love Self, because we allready do. For example: someone saying that she hates herself for being ugly. But if she would truly hate herself she would be glad that she is ugly.

Maybe we could then continue by acknowledging the Truth and not our so-called rights. We could grow by admitting our inabilities to love our neighbor as ourselves.

When we want to gather around JAH Throne, do we realize that He is GOOD? Do we realize, that He is The Truth? Do we realize that we are completely unable to rally around His throne?

For we are not good, as none of us can say we are without sin. For we are not happy with the Truth, as we have to admit that we are all Lovers Of Self and thus in no need for no so-called Therapist of Purpose Driven Philosophy to teach us to love ourselves even more.

Why don't we realize how that LOVE we all speak of so many times, is HAPPY WITH THE TRUTH (1 Cor. 13)?

Do we think we can rally around JAH Throne because of the great persons that we are? Then forget it. Why do we want to rally around His Throne anyway? For the ultimate kick?

Let's admit that we are and behave like we are: forgiven sinners.

I know that I am unworthy to rally around JAH Throne. I know I am unworthy to even write this Itation. and I thank JAH that I know this. For it makes me a gratefull dread, a happy recipient of the Grace of JAH.

For everything I am not but must be in order to be able to rally around JAH Throne, Yesus became for I. And for you as well.

For these words I give thanks.

(september 2005)

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