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When JAH is good, did He "create evil"? And is there something as "knowledge of evil"? Did Satan and the wicked Watchers really create beings, and how can he appear as an angel of light anyway?

A deep meditation about good and evil.

On our planet, we deal with daytime and nighttime. We deal with the Sun as the source of light during the day, which we call Sunlight. In the night, we usually deal with the moon. When we are romantic, we would speak about having a nice time in the Moonlight, for example.

However, not to spoil the fun here, but there is something wrong with this. No, nothing wrong with being romantic, at least not when you do it in a righteous way, but there something wrong, let's say, physics-wise...

Sometimes, when there are no romantic couples around, I will say: "There is no such thing as Moon light". After an initial chuckle, most will agree. For it is a matter of fact, that the Moon doesn't have any light, as it only reflects the light of the Sun.

Usually, we will see this "Moon Light" when we live in the dark, that is: in the night. The source of light itself will not be visible for us, while at best we will see a reflection of that light within the Moon.

As long as our side of the planet is faced towards the Sun, we will be in the light. We will be able to see what we do, we will be kept warm, as we absorb it's energy: Day.

When we move further away from the Sun along the day, we will see less and less. It will get dark: Night.

Darkness, in itself, is literally nothing.

Darkness is rather the absence, than the presence of something.

That "something" obviously being light. When the light disappears, we will see nothing. We will see, that nothing can grow. Nothing can exist, even. For the light is the source of life.

This is true on our planet, where we are being put to learn about the Creator. This is equally true in the Spiritual and especially the Eternal realms.

When we look to the physical nature of light and darkness, we will see a truth about good and evil that will help us to understand that evil is really nothing, but rather the absence of something.

Let's take a look and see...

Spiritually, our creation lives in a "State of Night". We live in a State of Night. We have moved from Daylight to Night-darkness. We have moved ourselves away from the "Sun", from the Source of Life, our Creator.

In this night, we do have some light, because otherwise we would not be able to see anything at all. Most light is artificial though, and is only taking energy that really could not have been there if there would never have been light in the first place!

In this night, everybody knows about light and darkness. For everybody knows they have to turn on the light in order to chase the darkness away, if they want to do anything at all in the night. Even Moonlight, if you will, is artificial.

Because we are in this night for such a long time, people try to make sense out of the fact that the light is never really there. They think, that darkness and light must co-exist together, as they would think that the light is not as strong as the darkness.

Others would point out to the Moon and call it the Sun. How would they know, as they never saw the Sun in the first place but they definitely saw the Moon!

Yes, there is a "Moon", too. A Shining One, A Reptillian or Nagash, who calls himself the Light Bearer or Lucifer. As this damned lizard is in the Presence of the Most High, accusing the righteous, he will "absorb" the Light of Jah and reflect it to the world in darkness. And that world in darkness is amazed by this Angel of Light, who is a deceiver and has no light in himself.

Ever wondered why he is called "the Shining One"? This is why!

Obviously, this analogy can go on very deep and so it should. It is not for nothing, that good and light are similar concepts within Jah Teachings, and that evil and darkness and are kind of similar too.

Darkness, is really nothing. It is the absence of light.

Evil, is really nothing. It is the absence of good.

How did we get into this night? Why, when and how did we move away from the Source of Life, and what did we think we would gain by turning off the Light?

Did we really believe that there was such a thing as turning on the darkness? Did we really try to fill up a glass with emptiness?

Yes, we did and it worked like this.

Just before He created Adam and Eve, Jah had wiped away darkness with His Presence. This is why, as some people wonder, there was light before Jah (re)created the Sun. We were created in the Light, in Stricktly Goodness. When Jah created us, He said: "it is good", it is "light", it is "positive", it is "constructive"!

We were created with the knowledge of good. We knew Jah, we were in His Presence. We were In The Light!

We had nothing to gain, but everything to lose. And we lost it when we thought we would gain, we turned off the light when we thought we could just turn on a little bit of darkness...

Yes, there was a tree in the Garden of Eden, called: "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil".

Yes, there was a serpent, or Nagash, meaning "Shining One", who tempted Eve and Adam into taking from the fruit. And nuff can and must be said about this fruit, but not here.

And so, many people think that there is such a thing as "knowledge of evil". Especially because it seems like there truly is a knowledge of evil: the "art" or "torture", for example...

But the actual truth is a little bit different.

Taking from the tree did not somehow "add" "knowledge of evil" to us at all! It only removed a lot of knowledge of good! The light went out for a large degree. It became evening, and night...

The first thing they did, was to cover themselves. Cover themselves, as darkness had covered them for an certain degree. Cover themselves, as darkness covered them!

They didn't gain anything at all.

The same thing happened, when Lucifer became the Devil or Satan.

He was created, full of light. He was even appointed to a high position within Jah Creation, A creation full of light, full of goodness. But according to the ancient books, there was a time in which "iniquity" was "found" in him.

Iniquity is another word for a growing pile of unrighteousness. Sins. Not doing what we are supposed to do. The absence of being good.

Lucifer turned off the light and "became" the devil.

But actually, he didn't become anything at all. He lost what he had to a large degree, and the only light that is in him, is not really in him at all. It is only a reflection of Jah Light.

He is a "shiney one", a nagash, a reptillian, and we know why reptiles "shine", don't we...

The things and beings he "created", are not "created" at all either. For evil is not a creation. Evil is a corruption of creation.

We know from ancient times, that there is such a thing as the "Serpent Seed". We know about the nephilim, the beings that came into existence after the wicked watchers made it with the daughters of men.

But look closer and see: all these beings are only there, because Satan or another evil one will take something from creation and corrupt it. Satan can't create nything at all, he can only take what is not his' and corrupt it.

Much can, and must, be said about the nephilim and the "seed of the serpent", as some of these beings are called in the ancient book of Genes-is.

Today, we know a lot about it as we research the many abduction stories concerning the UFO's and how the evil ones are buisy with genetic modification in order to "create" themselves another perversion, another abomination, another corruption.

When we study all of this closer, we will see how the evil ones have to modify what is already there and are unable to produce anything out of themselves. Like the moon, they have to take some light of the Sun (creation of Jah) and reflect it, shine what is left back to earth (us!) in the hope that some will be fooled into thinking that there is such a thing as Moonlight!

Lucifer will only reflect Jah Light and make some people believe that he really is the light. He will take something from creation and somehow corrupt it in order to make himself a thing to exist, and make some people believe that Lucifer really has a creative power.

Make people believe, that "evil" can be "created" in the first place.

But evil isn't created. Evil is the absence of goodness.

But wait a minute...

Does the Bible not say that "God created evil"?


Often, the word "destruction" is translated in the Bible for "evil", and this is how people think that Jah "created" "evil", where Jah "only" says that He also destroys things. Puts them out of His Presence, out of the light, in utter darkness.

In the utter darkness, meaning, in the absolute nothing.

If you want to call that "creating evil", well, I guess you can also speak about "putting on the darkness" rather than turning off the light, or speak about "creating ruines" rather than "destroying a building"!

In the darkness, in utter darkness, the ultimate nothing, there is nothing but decay. Nothing will come in existence, but rather everything that is will perish, will be as if it never was.

Yes, we live in the night.

We have artificial light, that is light which is being transformed into light but really is a taking from creation. We have the moonlight, that is the devil himself coming as an angel of light.

We have artificial religion, that is "truth" which is really transformed into "truth" but is de facto a taking from the truth.



More than we like...

We have fake "Christians", who when you check them out are nothing but Satanists who need to dress up as a Christian in order to exist but are de facto something really different.

They take what is created by Jah, and pervert it into their own abomination. Just shed a little light on them, and you will see.

We have fake "Rasta's", who when you check them out are nothing but hippies who need to dress up as a Rasta in order to exist but are de facto something really different.

They take what is created by Jah, and pervert it into their own abomination. Just shed a little light on them, and you will see.

We have the "creatures of the night": the "nephilim", the "serpent seed", who when you check them out are really not created but rather genetically modified beings, and they need to dress up as a genuine creation of Jah in order to exist.

De facto, they are abominations. They were never created by Jah. They are not "creatures of the day". Just shed a little light on them, and you well see.

They cannot exist when the Sun comes up.

When the New Day comes.

And yes, thank you JAH, this New Day will come!

Haile Selassie's life symbolically and prophetically pointed out to it. The ancient prophets foretold it too. Even Yesus Kristos, Who is JAH HIMSELF predicted it.

JAH will come Personally. The New Day will come, and the Sun Will Shine, the creatures of the night will melt away like wax before the fire.


One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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