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WWW, April 26 2010 - In my previous spiritual update, I shared how I was proverbially crossing the Red Sea. Of course, crossing that sea gets you into the wilderness as you march forward to Zion.

A report from the wilderness...

It's the title of the first tune of my first album called "One": A Voice In The Wilderness. Those who read their Bibles know that the phrase comes out of the Book of Books and it refers to John the Baptizer, who was announcing the coming of Yesus Messiah.

Everybody who follows Yesus, who know themselves to be truly born again, will recognize themselves in the story of John the Baptizer: are we not all in the wilderness, trying to get the Message through to everyone that indeed Messiah is coming soon?

So sure, I recognize myself there, too.

In the wilderness, you will only meet other people who for some reason find themselves away from the urban areas, the areas where most people want to dwell because of the comfortable state.

The Rejected, you could say. The ones who are not accepted by the majority. But also the ones who themselves have rejected Babylon System and Culture will be found in that proverbial wilderness: the place where the Konformed will never trod.

I see this reflected in my own spiritual runnings, more and more and more as time goes by. I'm not trodding the road of the Konformed. If I would, I would have been in some kind of established industry releasing my censored "music" or something like that but instead I find myself with a small axe doing the works.

I'm happy with this situation, too, for I know just why I cannot konform. I know why I cannot do what most people do as they search for Komfort rather than Truth. It's like in that movie "The Matrix" where most people live in a dream world without realizing it, many of them refusing to wake up even when they realize that they do live in that Matrix.

The wilderness is too heavy for them...

But it's in that Wilderness that we hear the Voice. The Voice of Jah saying that He is coming soon. You will not hear this voice in the Komfort-Zone, or should I say Konform-Zone, you will only hear it after discovering that the Truth is hated and those who speak Truth are rejected.

Strangely enough, it is also in the wilderness that we know ourselves to be fed by Jah. In the Konform-Zone, the life-style without Jah laws written in the heart, the (spiritual) food doesn't come from Jah and therefore the (spiritual) growth is null and void.

And so, I find myself in that wilderness. I find myself being fed by Jah, I find myself reasoning with others who have been trodding the same way out of Babylon, I find myself being guided and guarded by Him.

I hope to see you soon.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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