Wednesday, October 8, 2008



A scripture: "The fool says in his heart, there is no JAH".

Are these just atheists or self-proclaimed atheists? I do not think so. I think that those who try to make merchandize out of the faithfull will also say in their heart that there is no JAH.

Atheists usually point to evolution. I do not know the details, but according to evolutionists the earth is too young for DNA to come into existance. In other words, they say that DNA is so complex it could never have evolved to what it is in the time they say the evolution takes place.

Evolution is "wishfull thinking". It is trying to find an excuse not to believe in the heart that JAH is there, or at least a Creator is there.

But to really, truly believe in the heart that there is no JAH, requires a faith so much greater than believing in JAH, a blind faith which even goes against the theory of evolution.

Many who claim that they do not believe JAH is there, which they cannot proof as one cannot proof a universal negative, only have indirect arguments. Like they will speak about the false christianity and so on, they will say "if Jah is love then why the wars" and all of that. Genuine questions, but not proving that JAH is not there.

I cannot really overstand why ones truly believe in their heart that there is no JAH. I truly can't. I have atheist family and they suprise me. They tell me that they are unable to believe in JAH. I wonder why, I never had that idea.

So I wonder why people think that there is no JAH...

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