Wednesday, October 8, 2008



As we trod forward in what is usually called "Spiritual Growth", there is one thing that is kind of really important to know about ourselves. Or maybe I should say: three things.

In debates about the Trinity, I usually refer to the fact that we as humans are little trinities ourselves. I find the fact that we are created in His Image kind of relevant here, too.

How can it be, that we have the Father, the Son, the Spirit, all having a Self-consciousness and still One Person? Pages, pages, pages of debate...

As usual, we only have to look within to find many answers. We only have to look to ourselves in order to see how this "can" be...

Well, simple.

We are Body, Soul, Spirit, and all these three "aspects" of us have a self-consciousness.

Our bodies have a self-consciousness. We can find this out by simply realizing that our brains will tell our hearts to keep beating, for example. This is a self-consciousness of our bodies, that "we" are not always aware of.

"we"? Yes. Usually, when we talk about "me, we", we talk about that second aspect of us: our souls. In our souls we feel, we meditate, et cetera. In our soul, our personality can be found and every artist as well as music lover knows that the soul is very, very real.

We are not aware of the self-consciousness of our bodies. At least, not to the fullness. We would become crazy if we would have to keep our bodies alive on a soul-conscious level.

Now, watch this.

This very same principal applies to our spirits, too.

Let me just speak about the situation as it applies to ones who are born of Spirit.

Our souls are not always, not fully, aware of what our spirits are doing. Our spirits, born of JAH, can not sin, will not stop praying, will work for JAH, will not have to learn anything.

When we talk about "we", when we talk about "consciousness", all of the above is very relevant to take into consideration.

For what do we mean with "consciousness"?

Which level are we speaking about?

Usually, we will be conscious on the soul level. Our souls will be conscious of the self-consciousness of our bodies, too, but only to a certain degree.

Just try to breath consciously in your soul, use your soul to make your body breathe, and you will know what I talk about here: there really is a self-consciousness of the body that we do not always have in our souls.

And this goes for our spirits, too!

I believe, that what we call "growth" is not as much that our spirits grow, but it is more that our souls become more and more aware of our spirits.

However, most people will not reach this level. And the reason for that is, that they are not able to discern between what is their soul and what is their spirit.

And I have seen this too many times.

People getting in total confusion because they do not know that what they think is their spirit in reality is their soul.

That's why I started explaining to people, how we have these three levels of consciousness.

there is much more to say about this, I hope that I could give your soul a little bit food for thought, I hope that Jah will use this meditation too...

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