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    And I raised up of your sons for prophets, and of your young men for Nazarites. [Is it] not even thus, O ye children of Israel? saith the LORD. But ye gave the Nazarites wine to drink; and commanded the prophets, saying, Prophesy not. Amo 2:11-12

We often hear words like "Church", and "Holy". Those who know themselves to be dreadlock in this time according to the principals of Numbers 6, also speak about "Nazarites". In both Israel and in the Christian Church that was founded by the Jewish Messiah, we will find those who have either chosen or are told by Jah to be dread.

It seems like many have forgotten, just where these words stand for.

The name "Israel", means as much as "Jah Warrior". Nazarite means "seperated one", and "Church" means: "Called-out ones". And lastly, the word "Holy" means "seperate" as well.

There is one common denominator in all of these words. These words all describe Jah people, both "in the flesh" as well as spiritually. And they all indicate a seperation.

In this day and new age, it becomes clearer and clearer that this seperation is indeed a fact. It's not something whihc should be accomplished somehow, it's an establishment of a fact.

But what does it mean, to be a Nazarite? What does it mean, to be holy? What does it mean to be Jah Warrior and what does it mean to be part of a group collectively called out of somewhere?

When you look around you, chances are that most who call themselves of Israel, of the Church, Holy or even Nazarite, are not at all what they claim to be. And you can hear it right of their own mouth, that's the most striking element in this all.

Jah people, whether Israel or the Church, are holy. That doesn't mean that they are better, that doesn't mean that they are of a greater value, no, none of that. But it does mean, that Jah people are a seperate people. Jah has His people in the midst of people who have a different God/god.

In this day and new age of globalization and "unification", the true meaning of the words Holy, Israel, Nazarite and Church should be brought forward. For the spirit of the new age is calling to Jah People to NOT be holy.

Read the Book of Revelation. It is clear that we have there the Church of Yesus and Israel as well, both under heavy fire from the forces of the Antichrist. and why? Because Jah people are seperate. they are the persecuted, because they are seperate.

Why were the first Christians burned on the stake? It was because they confessed their holiness, that is their seperate-ness. But if you follow the line of the spirit of this day and new age, these Christians were burned because they wanted to be in unity with the whole world... Which they didn't want.

Why is Israel allways persecuted? Taken as slaves to build the shitties of Babylon until this day and new age? Because they are Jah people, a seperate people, and everybody hates that seperate people.

With Nazarites, the seperation goes even further. For a Nazarite is holy or seperate within Jah people even. A Nazarite is often even seperated from his own people in order to seperate him or herself unto the Most High Jah.

A nazarite of Israel or of the Church carries the mark of the nazarite, that is the dreadlocks. These locks makes the seperation between the nazarite and the non-nazarite visible, but the seperation is much more then the hair.

But we see a totally different thing...

We see "holiness" as some kind of "spiritual status", we see the Church commiting spiritual fornication with about every doctrine of devils. My Idrens in Israel tell me they are facing exactly the same situation. Those who know themselves to be of Israel and of the church face it in a double version.

And because Jah people do not know what it means to be Jah People, to be holy that is seperate, the Nazarites in both Israel and in the Church are being fed the (spiritual) wine which they are not supposed to drink and the prophets/preachers are told to shut their mout close too in order to make way for the spiritual fornicators who are initiated into Mystery Babylon without even knowing it.

Babylon means the opposite of everything we read about thus far. Babylon means "confusion". Confusion literally is a con-fusion, that is a mix up of things that should be seperate. Babylon continually says: "everything is one", and with that she literally denies every form of holiness...

In the Book of Revelation, Babylon is presented to us as a whore. Jah People are (spiritually) fornicating with Babylon. They con-fuse Jah words with other words that Jah has not spoken. They do so, in order to get acceptance of man. "Coming together", "dialoging" and all of that. You see it happenning. Those who are con-fused usually blame their confusion on the prophets and the preachers. they are considered "divisive", that is "holy" as we have noticed...

But in this day and new age, JAH Voice is still calling. "Come Out Of Her My People", is the word you can read in Revelation.

(january 2006)

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