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I think it is not a secret, that I believe to be born again in Yesus Kristos. A Born Again Christian, as they say. This is not a new thing either, as I clearly know the date in which I was born again.

It was the 6th of august, in the year 1985. I was in a 19 year old body, as I was born in november 1965. Today, I live in a time wherein I can gratefully state that I live as a Christian now longer then before that.

I am very gratefull that I can live the life I live. Before I got born again, I was a blasphemer and basically worshipping satan. I hated everything which had anything to do with "church" and so forth. Even though I will not excuse myself for such a thing, I know now that I had a very wrong idea about the Creator.

I was brought up in a Pentecostal church. I heard the preachers preaching, and I saw the church members doing what they do. I saw the political games, I got confused because of the contradicitonal message that often came from the pullpit. I saw how there was this system wherein the churches did their part to control the people. That system, I learned later, was the church-and-state system called Babylon wherein the church simply does it's part.

I came to hate the situation I found myself in. For some reason, the spirit of antichrist was able to fool me into the idea that the Real Jesus Christ was actually playing His part in this Chruch and State system, too. And until my 19th life year, I truly thought that the message was: become a good babylonian, or go and burn forever.

Naturally, I did not like this. I did not understand it, either. And so I did the only thing a child can do: I "rebelled" as they call it.

Then I heard Reggae Music. It wasn't even a spiritual Reggae Music, but when I heard Linton Kwesie Johnson's track "Five Nights Of Bleeding", this track demanded my attention. I know it too well. I never heard anything like that and I immediatly identified myself with the riddim of the drum and bass: I found a music I actually could feel!

Gradually, I heard more and learned more about Reggae Music and especially Rastafari. I remember, the first time I heard the Name JAH I thought it was just another word for Reggae Music. So it was kind of a shocker for me to find out how JAH is actually the Name of the God of Israel, the God of the Bible.

I now am gratefull for the fact that JAH has actually shown Himself to me that way.

For even though I hated the God I heard about in church, I now learned that this God was in fact the spirit of Babylon. I learned, that my Creator was not at all an entity playing his part in the church and state system that keeps people down and in slavery. I learned that JAH is actually going to put an end to the corruption and so forth!

Even though I came to learn about JAH, I was still very much confused. I was still blaspheming, using the Name of Yesus Kristos in vain to put it mildly.

I do not know why, I truly don't. But JAH did put me into a situation wherein I was forced to acknowledge my spiritual bankruptcy and I got saved after asking Yesus Kristos to take over and make me new.

I do not really like to talk about the specifics of the sitation. Especially not publicly. It was what they call a "traumatic experience".

Basically, my situation was that I knew I was going to die in an hour. Please allow me to not share the details. But I knew I was going to die in an hour.

I realized, that I was going to "meet my Maker" as they say and I knew very well I had blasphemed him. I knew there was no way in which I could see myself in the Presence of the Almighty One and I knew the alternative. I knew this all along, but because I was a youth I did not think about the fact that there is an end to life in this body. What JAH did was putting me in the situation wherein I was going to die in an hour.

It was on that day, that I finally bowed down for Yesus. I "gave my life to Him" as they say. I became born again. And I did not die physically either, which is nothing but a miracle. You don't have to believe it, I know it for myself.

I still know the words I said. They were still very arrogant, when I look at them now. I said to Yesus: "I want to try it with you Lord". I now laugh over these words. Me? Trying it with Jah? Oh man.... It was Jah all the while pulling me to Him. There is nothing I did do or ever will do that could do anything to get me into the Presence of tha Almighty.

I can truly testify that ever since that day, for me a very special day, august 6 1985, I have a new life. It is not my works, it is not my decision even, but I do notice that I am growing as well. I am learning to do Jah's will rather then my own, I am learning to see that Jah's insight is more then mine, I am even learning to hate sin. But none of these things I can attribute to my own. These are only the works of the Holy Spirit.

I do witness that the Holy Spirit is active in my life. I am witnessing it, because I am seeing it in my life.

I thank Jah the Creator for becomming human, I thank Yesus Kristos (Jah Incarnated) for His fullfilled works. He truly lived the life that I should life, He died the death that I should have to die, so that I can now life eternally. Not because I am anything, not because I am special, but only because JAH WORKS.

This was my testimony. I can testify that it is the truth. I am not ashamed over it.

(april 2006)

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