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In the Kingdom of JAH, there are Spiritual Warriors. Some of them are known, others are not. But who are they, and what are they doing?

A spiritual meditation...

Spiritual Warriors of JAH, you know who you are. This is a meditation from the Ites of I...

Some of us are known and others are not known. Some of us are still waking up to who we are, others are growing into a deeper knowledge where they were aware of themselves.

Spiritual Warriors fight the good fight. Like all Spirit People, it has to do with our own trod in Christ as we fight down the sin in our flesh from our spirit by the means of our soul. Sure thing there. Yes, that is the good fight.

But there is more to Spiritual Warfare and it has to do with let's say the bigger picture. The picture that goes beyond our own lifes.

What is that big picture?

Well, in short: it is the story of the Creator with his creation. The Story of the Eternal One, seen from within the timely realms where we speak about a present, a past and a future. The Story of the Eternal One, in an understanding that JAH deals with things from HIS Perspective, not ours.

It is the story of mankind, fallen in sin. Creation, fallen in sin. It is the story of all kinds of beings, all kinds of warfare, as darkness is desperatly trying to find a different way to hide for the light than just to dissapear.

JAH uses angels, warrior angels even, in this war. No, not that He needs anyone to fight for Him. That would be foolishness to think. After all, He is the Creator. But He chooses to use created beings like warrior angels.

Jah also uses Spirit People in this. Spirit People, born again in Yesus Kristos and therefore born of JAH. Higher than the angels when it comes to their spirits, lower than the angels when it comes to their bodies. And within their soul there is always a lot of things going on as well.

Spiritual Warriors are ones who have learned by JAH, not in a book and not in anything other than the teaching of Yesus Kristos Himself, to connect between their soul and their spirit.

The spirits of the born again spiritual warrior, namely, is born of Jah and knows excactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Even why it should be done.

So there is no problem there at all.

When John speaks about that what is born of Jah cannot sin, does not need to be taught et cetera, John speaks about our spirits.

In our soul there is a different story.

Our souls are kind of like the nerve-center for everything. Even though our spirits and our bodies are self-aware, our main consciousness is our soul consciousness and therefore we do not always know in our soul who we are in spirit.

Jah teaches people to use their soul to listen to their spirits rather than the sin in their flesh, rather than their flesh even. We call this spiritual growth but actually it is a growth in the soul as it connects more and more with our spirits.

Spiritual Warriors are also involved in this process. Their souls and their spirits connect as their spirits, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of Jah, do spiritual warfare.

This warfare is manifold. But most of the time, it has to do with setting captives free. It has to do with chanting down strongholds which are like fortresses in the spiritual realms but they have also their localities here in this world.

The warfare also has to do with breaking down Babylon. Yes, that is right. The Queendom of Lucifer in all her facets, is falling. To many of us it seems like Babylon and the New World Order are like building things, and even reaching to their purpose and goal, but in fact Babylon is heading for her own downstruction.

Spiritual Warriors fight in the spirit. They will free souls that are held captive. Souls of possessed people, for example. Souls of slaves held in bondage by their slavemasters, under trauma based mind control.

Spiritual Warriors will also be on the offense. They will agressively chant down Lucifer and his soldiers, they will fight against beings that some call "aliens", or "spirits", or "duppies", these are all the same.

Spiritual Warriors will not fight flesh and blood. But this means, the flesh and blood of humans. Like the sons and daughters of Eve, the seed of the woman if you will.

When David slew Goliath, David was NOT fighting flesh and blood. He was fighting the nephilim BIGTIME.

But the difference between David and I and I in this dispensation is that our weapons are not carnal. We will never touch the body of a demon possessed individual, a Satanist, et cetera. We will not need a physical slinger to kill Goliath. But we will fight their spirits.

Our weapons?

Well, even the Bible speaks about it. The Bible speaks about "The Sword Of The Spirit Which Is The Word Of JAH". YESUS.

I and I only have one weapon. And it is the Power of the Trinity. The NAME of YESUS. As He guides our spirits in this battle, we simply use one weapon.

Yes the weapon may look like a sword, spiritually. In the spiritual realms. But it can also look like a lasergun, or whatever. Just a beam of light. That's not important.

Our Weapon is YESUS KRISTOS Himself!

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